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  1. dont clean it...use it for everything except cooking and water coolers. save starting water for those or sieve pw from slime biome if needed. there is never any need to remove disease from water
  2. not really. the first level of lowered immunity this works fine too. for hardest, you really should not be caring around slime through your base regardless.
  3. regolith wont melt. igneous does. ceramic or obsidian are good options too.
  4. I would like to see them go back to the wider map...assuming they fix the horrible locked game autosave each cycle thing
  5. just sweep the solid gold into a compactor in a small pool of water. Not much heat associated with that gold
  6. T junction pipes

    One of the best things a newer player can do is learn to use bridges. They are not about how to have two pipes cross. They are great to split flow (without losing 50% capacity) but they are much more than that. They allow you to prioritize flow, manage excess flow, and all kinds of designs arise from proper bridge use.
  7. I am playing 1440p
  8. why put batteries in a vacuum so you then need drywall, h2, weeze cooling? it is easy to have batteries inside, no cooling and a short heavy watt tie in
  9. Save File Editor

    if testing shows some improved fps by mass moving lose material, I would do it. if testing showed 10 fps improvement by mass deleting lose material, I would pay that price too.
  10. steel trivialized almost everything except lh2
  11. look at post 1. Oct 18 2018
  12. add a second, launch the rocket and you are back to 1....
  13. This is one planet...there are two images but clicking on either one highlight both. Sending a rocket to one counts as the other.
  14. plus showers give a great morale boost
  15. yah. lock that astronaut in there forever and no gantry needed again