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  1. pepper bread is soooooo much better than spicy tofu. there us no comparison and klei should be embarrassed by the bean balance as it stands right now
  2. not on Arido. But there you can take water gifts from the POD and pour onto the floor and then insulation keeps it cool. OP: Add to my list POD gifts which spawn at -30C. Water and brine are valuable cooling.
  3. sorry but no. I did not even use ice biomes for cooling back when we only had one map. There are easy ways to get cooling for mealwood early game. Two regulators or aquatuner cooled by polluted water from a slime biome. You can dump a lot of heat into caustic or slime biome tiles so just recycle the PW over a large number of tiles. Won't work forever but enough to get an aquatuner/steam gen running for long term solution.
  4. Smart Desalination

    use aqua to cool water for berries to help increase uptime
  5. I have never understood difference between cramped and overcrowded and this thread is a good example of why
  6. I use steel for wires and automation in the 4 tile rocket travel path and 4 bunker tiles where it lands. obsidian for ladders near by. still get weird things melting but never the rocket parts. being entirely in vacuum helps but tall rockets often have a portion that has non vacuum background which might contribute?
  7. Correct. I did not include the qualifications but did mean an open world tile not room. I have not had to remove the eggs from said pool though.
  8. nope. you can have them all on one tile and they still lay o e egg before dieing
  9. no change to pacu. I know I had a die off once and then found a compactor set to all maybe that? otherwise wild should always give an egg
  10. the fan takes a lot of dup labor and only cools the gas. Using ice shift plates gives cold water which is very effective in cooling the floor tiles and the gas. the dup labor to mop is much less and the cold bottles continue to chill the area. never use fans and remember the ice makers delete almost no heat.
  11. I have 2 of 6 dups that a permanently having the "lit workplace" condition and get the buff whenever working without lights.
  12. No, it will not get done over many cycles. It shows "not permitted" and if you immediately cancel the building, and issue dig orders, it works. I could live with buildings needing to have an open space but floor tiles and ladders are impossible because you have to limit to two tiles at a time. Just drags tiles will never get built. I loaded an old game and did not see the behaviour. I trained a second dup to dig hard materials and they do get assigned. So Turner is bugged? Turner is allowed to dig. Has skills for superhard digging. Has Priorities as two up arrows on dig. He shows "not permitted" whenever the dig order is associated with building.....and he is not constructive. Editing original post to clarify.
  13. Placing a building over undug tiles results in "not permitted" for the digger, even though they have the skill to dig any hardness but are unconstructive. This prevents anything from happening (cant build because tiles need dig, but dig is not permitted). This occurs for any building type like floor tiles, ladders etc. If the building is removed, Turner happily dig the tiles. Turner is unconstructive. Even though Turner is unconstructive, he should be able to dig but this is being blocked whenever the dig command is issued by placing a building,
  14. Seems that placing a building over a hard to dig tile results in "not permitted" for the digger, even though they have the skill to dig everything. This prevents anything from happening (cant build because tiles need dig, but dig is not permitted). (If the building is removed, Turner happily dig the tiles) Edit: OK. So if your digger is unconstructive, he will not dig when it is associated with a building. I do not recall this being the case in the past.