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  1. I have had games where I had to turn off the gen tuning just to stop h2 from backing up. of course, that was before rockets which require a large amount of power and require h2 to be liquid instead of burned so double wammy
  2. enable sandbox. use reveal to show upper part of space sandbox a single row of bunker tiles long entire map at the edge of space turn off sandbox enjoy the game
  3. you can mine coal to last your first 200 cycles. same for algae. h2 from electros us often enough for me until large power hogs like plastic, steel, rockets. so mine and dont have high demand is my answer
  4. you need a rocket to get materials to make a better rocket which allows you nothing. Right now it is more like factorio rocket. A goal to set but no real game. Even the advanced materials serve no purpose since your base needs to be sustainable before you start on rockets. I was sending h2 rockets to bring back methane for power but it was costing more to make lox and lh2 than I was getting back. there is not really anything useful out there to bring back.
  5. Data bank

    I have been running a pet rocket with 5 research modules to each planet. I thnk I have got one recharge with about 1/2 the planets explored.
  6. speculations

    fix buggy rockets
  7. having it in a player reported bug forum post is not the same as developer solving it. I had hoped for a fix but it looks like we have to wait 5 more weeks and then see
  8. I did not say it was impossible to cool the miners. My point was either make everything generate heat (telescope, solar panels, detectors etc) or none. If you want players to come up with clunky cooling fine. I just don't get why they purposely made solar panels not generate heat but the robo miner, specifically designed to deal with regolith in a vacuum, does.
  9. known by players...not sure about the dev though
  10. I am not questioning irl physics. I just look at fun factor and sweepers with are annoying but not fun having to rebuild every 50 cycles due to slow death overheat most players wont even know why
  11. for same reason solar had heat gen removed....meant to be used in vacuum and game mechanics not well suited to cooling easily in vavuum
  12. electros and deoxidizers do NOT put disease into the air
  13. I did not try to replicate because of all the crashes from rockets but I cancelled a rocket mid flight and it returned with cargo full anyway
  14. suits will melt even when in exosuits if too hot environment like lava
  15. ...and you need robo miner before sweeper will have anything