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  1. rocket solar panels and rocket battery for a nice vertical power generator....
  2. I have never had to cool H2 or Nat Gas geyers....ever. Just dont insulate around them. I do agree with the two many niche things are so OP they become "they only way" food storage exploits as an example. For me I like the concept of planets but the implementation is not good. You end up jumping around too much and having to micro manage food, mess table and bed assignments, deal with CO2 in the nose cone, and other annoyances that do not add fun.
  3. replace metal tiles with weight plates to control amount. How much heat bleed from the water side? I suppose if you go with the OP 1g pressure, none.
  4. wack-a-mole. Klei sets up stupid rules on food and the work arounds are easy. If in vacuum, use food temp. If not, use gas temp. OK. I will use 1 g gas. Check-mate.
  5. gassy moo asteroid seems like one of the least useful asteroids out there; why would you even go there?
  6. Still, 80 trips to be the same as a single compactor in a nose cone. Just silly low capacity.
  7. 250kg payload? LOL! Still better to take infinite in the nose cone
  8. a game setting to give us back food quality like originally implemented (yield a function of temperature range control) a game setting to give disease back the way it was originally a game setting to restore morale and jobs to mean something .....
  9. I had an even better one. Sent in pilot with rocketry and had same error message you show. Then sent a dup (for trailblazer) without rocketry and then the condition was satisfied. However, the rocketry dup was the one who deployed leaving the non-rocketry left on a rocket he could not pilot. So doublely broken.
  10. I still ended up with enough glass at 25kg per panel section in the portals to make 6 solar panels
  11. I was using them for grub-rub of bog plants...not directly for meat