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  1. It is a sandbox game and you can play however you you enjoy. For me, I am happy to have all the abyssalite sit quietly in compactors.
  2. not sure that is reason to stop. use sandbox to delete it if it bothers you that much.
  3. No wort or AETN help

    I never uses Aetn since they were never near where I wanted them. Weeze are convenient but they have given us so many other tools they are not required at all. A single slush geysers is way more powerful than all the aetn on a map combined.
  4. not sure I was expecting a 2 month hit though
  5. I had a small amount of hope we would see something this week but I think we can now assume there will be no preview/bug busting before release. It does not make sense for them to release with only 1 week to go...unless they delay it. I think this might go back to their slime lung incident that caused the three week delay earlier this year and that removed the 3 weeks needed to meet their deadline for release (assuming it was somewhat set in stone)
  6. definitely refine all copper
  7. Thanks...but the topic was specific to unrefined. but I should have clarified that. Of course, that could be another hint for the new players. Don't worry about refined and unrefined metal construction materials choices, they are all the same in use.
  8. The tool tips could be wrong, but everything is 75C with a modifier. Copper and iron have no bonus, gold is +50C, and steel is +200C. I have not confirmed in actual operation though. Over heat temp Copper and iron = 75C ; Gold = 125C; Steel = 275C
  9. Nope. Compactors are insulated now. But hopefully the regolith will still get used for deodorizers and maybe some dropped on the floor?
  10. It does pay off...... in optimal FPS
  11. Always use a arcade machine over the jukebox. It uses more power, generates more heat, and only entertains 2 dupes instead of up to 5 which are all great traits. Also, since the game has been out for 2 years, use google and watch 2 year old you tube how to play videos....not much has changed.
  12. ???That is what you ARE supposed to do
  13. We can string along hope through next Tuesday but by next Thursday, I will need to agree with your sad conclusion.
  14. I have never said my way is superior. If you re-read my post I said "but yes people are free to cool if they want, I was just saying you dont need to. " "You dont need to" is very different than what you are trying to put in my mouth with your words.