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  1. Decor

    false. not capped. to OP, hanging plants are highest i for 2 tiles crown molding for 1. then metal tiles for floors.
  2. that is a leaky fissure geyser. different thing. you need to use the ones in the oil biome without neutroium base
  3. polymer press does not over heat if you do it right. make out of steel and have it sit in the water it makes and it runs fine even in hot 60c environment. just have mesh tile to its side to drain. steel makes everything trivial. even aquatuners can run in air inside of needing immersion.
  4. sure but dups wont harvest either.
  5. I believe it is what @Grindthisgame says. It is getting larger and larger because of the cycle reports. Hopefully they just stop saving 100's of reports we never read
  6. I would never order my dups to build cities like that. talk to the overlord who thought was a good idea. maybe they need a vacuum tile instead which is easier than all that reed fiber.
  7. I think will just avoid putting living spaces within one tile of active volcanoes instead
  8. Intel is sold out; they won;t be dropped price; this is why they increased prices (make same amount on less units). In fact, Intel is moving to auction come CPUs to integrators....
  9. not a great use case given the amount of effort to produce versus just building a short pipe run.
  10. I run O2 and H2 in a loop back to the tank so it drains
  11. these have nothing to do with the start of cycle save delay. your examples are lag not locked game
  12. ceramic has work fine for me but it is in vacuum
  13. there is little benefit to insulation vs ceramic or double igneous insulated. the pw water cost is prohibitive but even if you ranch for the fiber why bother?
  14. agree. at first I assumed it was a large file but it is tiny. hdd would be fine. someone said they encrypt it so it causes huge lag spike...mine is about 8 seconds per cycle which seems low but feels terrible since the game us locked up
  15. Farm helps for wheat so you use 50% dirt. I stopped using them for berries when the made the dirt/fertilizer change