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  1. or just have a tank in the loop and a single bridge works fine.
  2. and BBQ is better morale food than omelette
  3. Yah, instead of running around with 50 morale and needing 30, you can run around with 70 needing 30 but requiring more dups to make up for all that time spent on these machines.
  4. Space scanners

    rocket scanners do not need any view
  5. What's worse is the park will "delete" the nature reserve effect immediately so it always just takes the last if you have dups going through reserve each day, delete your park!
  6. hmmm...I was wrong. I think they used to but quickly tested and they no longer stack. So just +6 max
  7. I forgot the most important "furniture"; the park sign! +4 park and +8 nature reserve cost zero power and have infinite dup capacity and are instant. Put a park in front of your bathrooms and make the exosuit area a nature reserve and you get +12 morale for basically nothing. Edit. It is +3 and +6 and apparently my memory was wrong and they do not stack so just +6. Still free.
  8. First, this post is about using the morale buildings for morale. Obviously, end game you can build whatever because it looks cool but this is not that discussion. Also, you actually never need any of these if you do not over promote dups but let's assume you need a little bump due to terrible food and decor etc and want uber dups trained up. Here is my take: Good * Water cooler (+1): Best way to get a quick great hall. If you have the water, leave it on for +1, otherwise turn it off and enjoy the huge morale bonus for great hall. * Jukebox (+2/960): Not bad option early game as a coal gen/smart battery is enough to power. Has high capacity of 5 dups and is very fast. * Soda machine (+4/480): Better than espresso machine (same power and less resources) and even deletes a bit of CO2! Takes double the time of jukebox for double the morale but costs more per dup in power. Best +4 option. * Surfboard (+2): A mini pump under it means it fits in 4-tile high floors. Not terrible power usage compared to jukebox but probably too long usage time vs jukebox if you have available power supply. Not great, not terrible * Espresso (+3/480): If you are farming peppernuts for high end food or PW disposal/heat deletion, you might have extra so not a bad option. Despite being hot coffee, it does not destroy food poisoning (otherwise it might be promoted to good category). * Beach (+5 / +8/960): Not convinced the high lux is worth it, and the time it takes is horrendous, but highest morale option if you over promoted your dups, otherwise I would skip it. The low lux might be OK trade-off for the long use time. * Juicer (+4/120): Not sure why you would have lice, berries and mushrooms all available but if you do, this at least does not use much power. Not something I will ever use but might make sense in narrow use cases. Terrible: * Hot tube (+5): Too small an operating window and takes way too long. Needs bleach stone so dups will likely drop sometimes and cause chlorine in your base. * Wind tunnel (+4/1200): Too big and takes way too long and costs huge power. * Sauna (+2): Second worse option in the game. Takes steam so more complex design to avoid condensation. Takes way too long for +2. Surfboard is better compared to this. * Arcade machine (+2/1200). This is the worst thing in the game. Compared to the jukebox, it takes more power, produces more heat, and only has 2 dup capacity. You should never use this vs the jukebox, ever. Honorable mention: Just add extra break time to the schedule. Costs nothing but dup time and get a quick and easy bump up to 5 squares. Great option if you over promoted and suddenly have a dup above the limit. What are your thoughts?
  9. actually tubes are faster but dups prioritize poles. if a pole us there, they will not take the tube
  10. Hottub and sun bathing take a ridiculous amount of time. Given how easy morale is to get, and how easy it is to control how much you need, there are several of the new rec machines I would put in the "never use" pile.
  11. 3 morale for shower seems way easier than 4 morale hot tube with a tight operating window base heating, and need to temper the water.
  12. I actually made a post about that but seems the sarcasm was missed by most.