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  1. gassy moo asteroid seems like one of the least useful asteroids out there; why would you even go there?
  2. Still, 80 trips to be the same as a single compactor in a nose cone. Just silly low capacity.
  3. 250kg payload? LOL! Still better to take infinite in the nose cone
  4. a game setting to give us back food quality like originally implemented (yield a function of temperature range control) a game setting to give disease back the way it was originally a game setting to restore morale and jobs to mean something .....
  5. I had an even better one. Sent in pilot with rocketry and had same error message you show. Then sent a dup (for trailblazer) without rocketry and then the condition was satisfied. However, the rocketry dup was the one who deployed leaving the non-rocketry left on a rocket he could not pilot. So doublely broken.
  6. I still ended up with enough glass at 25kg per panel section in the portals to make 6 solar panels
  7. I was using them for grub-rub of bog plants...not directly for meat
  8. Not sure why grubgrub are being removed from the map? 1% egg chance with no way to improve from sweeties means grubgrub are basically not in the game.
  9. Mop the floor. Honestly, you seem to want to play hard but have an easy time. You suggest that map gen adds more food to swamp when playing hard, which would not be hard. All things you list are meant to be hard. Maybe you should play moderate on the maps you feel are "not balanced" on hard settings? I tried the 100k map on hard and had to switch because liquid CO2 on the floor was stressing dupes out. I did not feel the "map wasn't balance for hard". Difficulty should vary by map type.
  10. The problem is that "hard" is not hard. It is "slower start". The game does not really provide a significantly different game play on the difficulty settings because 1. food: fewer dupes or much bars (which apparently is what you are trying to affect. Note, if you stick to three dupes I think you will be fine for food on swamp....but you will have to play slower....not harder). 2. stress - non issue 3. disease - non issue So I think you are going after the wrong things here. "Hard" is not difficult and once you realize that, then the world gen really is meaningless.
  11. and we discussed it in the other thread. You can't balance a map for both normal and hard (the way they do map gens). It is balanced for normal and hard will vary depending on the type of map and the random factors on top of that (hard ardio being different than hard oasis and several oasis being more or less hard)
  12. If you can't make a round trip to the one tile away planet with the sugar rocket anymore, I am not sure that rocket is viable. Basically, they are saying they want you to cheat and carry the sugar in the capsule, but why not let it go in the engine like it is supposed to.
  13. If you add a new dock and request a suit to be delivered, dupes will grab a suit from an existing, equipped docked. This results in musical chairs as they keep grabbing from an equipped dock.
  14. If they did not do this, the water would freeze if the brine/salt water was below that would be bad