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  1. Unless they plan to add back a lot of water geysers, no way you can feed those 6 wells.
  2. When yuu have small amount of water on top of polluted water, dups will try to fill a bottle at the liquid bottler and fill an empty bottle over and over (3-4 times) and then give you. You can't get any PW from the liquid bottler.
  3. someone on reddit reported that after spending the 5kg/s water on a well, they were able to generate a whopping 200 kw from the resulting petroleum. So the idea of a 2KW generator is kind of off so.... EDIT: 200 watts net
  4. on rooms

    as laughable as the debuff for eating grizzly food only lasting the 10 seconds you eat it!
  5. on rooms

    but I assume latrine bonus lasting all day is a mistake?
  6. Manual generators take dup time. I was focused on the dup labor needed for petroleum refining.
  7. on rooms

    +1 for food quality lasting until next meal. Silly that you get a -10% debuff while sitting in a room with +20% buff (portraits, snazzy suit etc). It has zero effect. But I don't want to hijack my own thread so....
  8. Stay away from PO2 is main thing. As to your specific question, 1. Build a tank in ice biome, fill with PW (and if you want a small amount of water on top to stop PO2) (Below pic I had too much ice/snow melt in the tank causing it to over fill; no need for this much water) 2. Put in trash compactors covered with the PW. I have one set for slime only (stops slime from making PO2 and kills off slimelung). This one is set to 6 priority so slime is picked up to prevent PO2 generation in the dig out area. Rest have all components in slime biome set to sweep (sandstone, gold, algae, etc). Just sweep it up when you want to. After a while, empty out the compactor and repeat. I just let the resources pill up on floor inside the tank. Just don't have any compactors in your base set to those components (at least, when actively digging. You can "transfer" them from the tank once all the slimelung is dead if you want; just make sure those base compactors are full to avoid mistake loading of slimelung there) The cold (-5C) will quickly clean all contaminated ore,
  9. But how is more power per generator useful vs just building more of a coal or nat gas generators? There is an efficiency arguement but you are spending dup labor to run the thing.
  10. on rooms

    So it does seems silly to me now that for a large dorm room, you just leave a single square in the middle for a door to break one large room into 2 smaller ones (with doors on either end). And then open all the doors permanently like they aren't there.
  11. I do not like the current polymer production chain in therms of benefits. First, crude refiner takes dup labor to run. So using this for petroluem generator seems to be worst choice over straight nat gas gens. Plus it has waste nat gas which I would probably put in my fertilizer room, but then, I have enough nat gas anyway so.... Then you make the polymer in a second production chain. Both refinery and polymer machine have "non-piped" waste (nat gas and steam) which require additional placement/engineering/power to manage. So lots of power usage and complexity. I love a complex production chain, when it gives you something in return. What do you get for your efforts? Cozy bed: A cot with a portrait seems just as good Ladders - By the time you could replace existing ladders, your dups are likely 20+ level so zipping up and down regular ladders just fine. Polymer tiles? Disinfectant property would be nice early game but you won't need late game since your exo-suits allow you to fully ignore slimelung. Traps? I would like to use on hatches but you will have already dealt with those by the time you have polymer up and running. So this is a niche usage for those who want to exotic animal farm (puffs, orbs etc). Nice but not really core to game. (As an aside, I am intrigued by prospect of a slickster farm for low energy CO2 disposal. They seem fairly OP right now for this roll so you could make an argument for petroleum-->pet gen-->CO2 to slickster as infinite power loop. However, this does not address polymer usage/need). Edit: Seems you need 60 slickers for a single pet gen so never mind about power loop. Just use for low energy CO2 disposal.)
  12. Polymer press has all resources, power etc Turn it on. It makes one block of polymer; shows in inventory upper right Then the block of polymer disappears; pres keeps running, emiting CO2, steam etc but no more polymer ever comes out Disable/re-enable and it repeats
  13. also does it for snazzy suits. They drop them when doing to bed I believe
  14. on rooms

    learn something new.....Thanks