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  1. a game setting to give us back food quality like originally implemented (yield a function of temperature range control) a game setting to give disease back the way it was originally a game setting to restore morale and jobs to mean something .....
  2. Hardly a good design by devs to have to go to that sort of extreme. Broken mechanic IMHO I was wondering about autosweepers. But do you still need to select "deliver suit" manually ? Or does it sweep to any empty dock?
  3. Yes, this bug arrived sometime around the DLC or maybe one patch before that. Dupes just keep moving existing suits between docks instead of new delivery. The bigger issue is that repair now makes that a continuous, unplayable battle versus something you fight once but eventually get working. I think another issue/bug is that the auto deliver after repair is broken by a second dupe dropping of their suit to the dock that called for a replacement resulting in another dock becoming empty and requiring manual deliver, which then starts the whole dance again. Even if they fix the dance, you still have to manually deliver every repaired suit which will be not fun.
  4. Not quite 4. If another dup returns with a good suit, it returns to the dock and cancels the request that dock had. Now you have to manually request delivery to another now empty dock. (This is because docks empty and fill from closest to exit).
  5. having to manually re-click suits to be delivered is game breaking. You loose "hands off" sustainability and it is plain not fun. Gives jobs to dupes is my job, not Klei giving me jobs. luckily, there is already a mod for this (to either makes them break more often or not at all)
  6. current implementation is another example of a placeholder becoming lost and forgotten by Klei
  7. I believe @Cairath is still around and would update his large library of great mods at some point....
  8. but how important is speed anyway? If you scrub dupes, no stress, I assume you have some food and O2 there. Does it really matter?
  9. at about 400 cycles, dupes start the one task shuffle. Walk up to multiple dig commands, dig one tile, start to walk back to base maybe 10 tiles, turn around, and come back and dig another single tile, repeat. Very annoying.
  10. OK. But why? What do they need to do on the other worlds, after you have mined what is needed? .
  11. You can only really have colonies on the first and teleport planets due to shipping water or O2. Plus the other ones are small and you can just travel once after robo miners strip mined them, and bring back everything in one trip. I think you end up with one colony on what is now 1/3 of the map size. You get a neat mechanic that you only use a few times....
  12. except infinite vs 600kg I think I would cool it down locally first. Bottom line is that for all the asteroids except starting one, send some rovers to strip mine, then send one rocket to bring it all back, then never need to go back.
  13. Without geyser water, I am not sure you should have any base on anything but the main rock and the teleport rock anyway