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  1. Yeah, this is because, in my experience, dupes only check for new tasks every x time no matter how fast the game is running. Change it from fast to slow or medium and they will respond a lot faster. Needs to be changed...
  2. This bug report is regarding the inconsistent heat transfer of abyssalite to solids versus liquids. The thermal conductivity for abyssalite is listed as '0.000'. In sandbox mode, testing, 100kg of 272 Kelvin ice above 1000kg of 1500 Kelvin abyssalite, no visible heat transfer occurs. If I change the ice to 100kg of 274 Kelvin water and unpause the game, the water instantly flash boils and the temperature of the abyssalite drops randomly by ~60+ Kelvin. For bonus funtimes, note this 500C abyssalite with a layer of 1C crude oil above. Unpause, and the crude oil converts roughly 33% of its mass directly to petroleum, and the abyssalite drops to 400C. Abyssalite Temperature Transfer.sav
  3. My dupes are refusing to build farm tiles that I place. If I place the farm tiles, save the game, and then reload the game, they will build all but two of the farm tiles. And they always refuse to build the same tiles. All of the tiles have the same, default priority. If I set the two tiles to a higher priority, the dupes suddenly realize they exist and build them. Once the farm tiles were finally constructed, I assigned mealwood to them. The dupes fertilized all but 5, despite the fact that they have plenty of dirt to fertilize all of them. I changed the priorities to 6, and the dupes suddenly realized the plants exist, yet again. Edit: It seems the dupes are refusing to build any farm tiles, period. I drew some abstract art with farm tile designations and the dupes ignored every single one. ... The Outrageous Paradise Cycle 6.sav
  4. Awesome, thank you. My dream of my starting 3 dupes with 8 learning each can finally come true. And did.
  5. [Game Update] - 277680

    It may not have been obvious, but my post above implied this I've always used one transformer per KW needed on the downstream side.
  6. [Game Update] - 277680

    .. huh. so that does work. just tried it in the cosmic update. it's not intuitive at all, though. I suppose we need a dial-a-yield transformer, and set the output to what we want on a circuit.
  7. [Game Update] - 277680

    Transformers have only been able to supply 1kw as long as I've been playing. This is the norm for me. So I don't really understand the point of that patch note.
  8. I think the first word should be 'The'.
  9. What happened to the patch that fixed that? I distinctly remember a patchnote that said that eggs on the ground would no longer count towards stable population.
  10. According to a quick google, four of the six commonly recycled plastics have a melting point above 100C. One has a melting point of 260C. So, not that unbelievable. I like this change. Maybe I'll actually start producing plastic now.. never bothered with it before because of the low melting point hassle. e.
  11. The dupes are complaining about being hungry when they still have 2700 calories remaining...
  12. It's bad enough that this thread was pointlessly necroed, but did you have to encourage them, as well?
  13. [Game Update] - 273263

    What does this mean? Wallpaper can no longer be removed? If so, that doesn't sound desirable.
  14. I assigned a dupe to harvest a 100% wild Bristle Blossom, but it did not give a Bristle Berry. A shine bug moved away from the Blossom just as the dupe finished harvesting it.. perhaps a bug related to the live/dormant animation?