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  1. [Game Update] - 365655

    It's called unit testing. You make a map that's full of different stuff that you expect to work correctly, then you load the map and run a custom script that ensures everything is working as expected. The Factorio devs are really good at doing this.
  2. I object to your 'set up wrong' reasoning. For instance, if one builds a steel pump in lava to pump it to a tank for reasons. It can fill 1.5 tanks before needing repairs but dupes will happily feed 40kg of materials to it every time it ticks dmg.
  3. No, it's just that the devs coded priorities really poorly. Bad game design. Dwarf Fortress works better than this.
  4. If it is, why not provide a helpful link instead of asking others to just take your word for it?
  5. And had them do this again. Ended up with food poisoning contaminated meal lice. Devs, please give us better control over where new resources are (not) stored...
  6. Gate charity

    I love that care package. Don't take my care package away from me >:(
  7. Very hard badlands seed

    You read my entire post, correct? If you did, you quoted the wrong part.
  8. Very hard badlands seed

    Nope, buried objects are fixed. I've started the same Rime seed (675482) about 5 times now with different worlds and the buried tile directly to the left of the printing pod is always a hatch. And since you made me curious, I started the world a few times with sandbox on and revealed all the buried tiles around the pod and of about 40 buried tiles, the contents were the same for those tiles.
  9. Gate charity

    Then turn care packages off when you create the world. It's that simple. If you need rare materials unavailable on the map, get them from geysers or space later. Then turn it back on to change skills and turn it back off again. This isn't as hard as you make it out to be.
  10. To start, 2 Dig/Build/Supply and Research/Build/Supply. Tri interest for optimal skill point gain, since dupes gain 50% more skill points when doing a task they're interested in. After that, Farm/Build/Supply, Operate/Build/Supply, and a +7 rancher (since the critter groom bonus outweighs any skill point gains in off jobs). Why Build/Supply for all 5? because I typically need a LOT of building and supplying and this ensures all dupes are gaining skill points optimally. Yeah, once I discovered Duplicity, my ONI life got a lot better. No more spending hours rerolling for that perfect starting set. Now I can just roll for the base duplicants I want and start.
  11. @NetherousPlease post your save. I'd really like to take a look at it (and so would some other people, I imagine).
  12. Might want to bug report this as "Cannot prioritize tune ups on certain generators".
  13. Cave/mine exploration

    Hmm. Somewhat similar to the Delve minigame in Path of Exile? Sounds interesting.
  14. How difficult would it be for something like this to be created?