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  1. Dealing with steam is a huge pain, because it cools down and breaks pipes. Petrol is infinite and could be delivered safely. But anything is better than steam.
  2. Salt Water purpose

    The fact that it comes in 95C means that you should build a cooling installation around them and, well, I prefer not to bother with it.
  3. subj, do participating in a test build disables achievements?
  4. Puft slime production

    Tons of morbs or tons of po2 offgassing. PO2 offgassing have advantage of not reducing FPS
  5. So far it seems it could be leveled via lullabying an egg, but simple ranching chores not contributing anything. Any other way to level it, other than establishing incubator lines?
  6. Check the world for good seed via debug, then remove debug file and restart the colony with your good seed. Anything could be bypassed
  7. No it is exactly the opposite - some traits should never be taken because everything else is preferrable to them
  8. Anemic - never ever. It is a guaranteed deal breaker. Noodle Arms and Slow Learner - anything skill related is a deal breaker but this one are somewhat not as horible as Anemic. Irritable Bowel - -50% toilet use speed is somewhat negligable, plus it produces more p.water it seems. Small Bladder - same, more water but overall toilet perka are quite bad as they hog dupe time, so it is always better to discard it. Biohazardous - could be ignored because illnesses are not that dangerous and only hog your time until you organize germ-killing rooms. Bottomless Stomach - horrible because it is not addint +500 kcals but subtracts 500 kcals meaning dupe is not easting more but eating OFTEN=more time lost=never ever take it. Mouth Breather - could be ignored because oxygen production is easily optimized Narcoleptic - absolutely never - wasted time, dropped items. Not worth it. Loud Sleeper - not an option early on, but could be ignored once you have plastic beds. Flatulent - can't even imagine a situation where I could take it. It could not produce enough n.gas to be useful for...anything, it pollutes environments, by pockets of gas, it disrupts farms etc. Absolutely worst trait rivalling Anemic.
  9. Narcoleptics

    I always decline narcoleptics. It is like flatulent - trait that i will NEVER take
  10. Airborn Critter Lure

    Hatch eggs to some place. It is easier than making a chain of lures.
  11. Airborn Critter Lure

    It is exactly the both function and uselessness
  12. It is stated that it has "seed chance 10%" but so far in all harvests I never ever encountered a single seed harvested from arbor tree. All my seeds came from printer pod. Maybe it is a bug and seed chance applied to the tree itself but not the branches and thus no seed collection is possible
  13. Would appreciate aquatuner water loop designs to prevent with mechanisms to prevent pipe damage due to water going below 0C P.S. of course realistic ones, not sandbox or debug ones