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  1. Now fix plant matation to be useful, instead of absolutely supbar option
  2. So far it is the most useless skill. You build canvases paint them and then the skill is a ded weight,you can scrub and respec it. Yet the simpliest solution to make it useful is obvious - allow top\middle entertaining machinery to require an operator. Add morale buffs to compensate for automation loss or even better - allow it to work without operator but with reduced efficency. For example, juke box, could be operated. Because now decorations is a stillborn skill.
  3. Ok, I'll explain it with picture; Three times more options to click. Three times less scrolling. Zero effort.
  4. I don't understand why we don't have hgh-tech buldings that could deep freeze food. I mean, humans could do it for a hundred years now and we are talking about a game about distant future, teleports and lasers but still have no machines that could freeze food to -20. Make it power consuming with some other stuff maybe as additional consumable but allow us to do it, without creating installations that exploit game mechanics.
  5. I was not talking about UI scale but about how much you could fit into it. Egg selection interface is horrible enough but it gets worse with metal forge
  6. The UI show isabysmal, it shows 3 options mostly and with quite large menus and tabs huge, huge amounts of space is wasted and you are forced to constantly roll mouse wheel. There are mods for this but they are constantly broken with updates. Almost every menu could be expanded, like, twice or thrice and save us from constant scrolling
  7. Overall implementation of Space Research is alwful. You pile plastic and just launch rockets to research some vital researches to research everything as fast as possible. It is awful and one of the most artifical and tedious hardcaps in the game. It is literally "launch several times and never touch it again" thing and obvious bad design.
  8. For me that readiaion reqirement is like air critter lure or fish trap - I will just never ever use it because they lack function. Any sane human being will just wait for egg and hatch it rather than to bother with critter movement. Rad requirement means I will never even consider creating mutations. They are not worth it.
  9. 99 of this mutations are worthless. Minimum radiation and on most of them? Just setting up conditions for their growth alone is not worth the hassle. I will just grow several normal ones. It's like Syringe situation once again. Nobody used wolframite syringes because even waiting for slimelung to end naturally was easier.
  10. I cannot imagine playing with small asteroids. They are empty, devoid of everything but two water gesyers. You dig to water and then beeline to mass solar arrays, then are forced to mess with rockets, deliver stuff from other planets and other ****. I hated Spaced Out small sasteroids and were very happy when they brought normal one back. Will never touch mini-start again.
  11. It is empty. You reach that two water sources and you know that there is nothing else but three volcanoes on this rock and to get more content you have to play a waiting game by building a rocket and get some seeds\critters from other planets. It was a boring quagmire of a game, not even close to "classic" fun..
  12. Previously, the only item that allowed morbs to be "dropped" was gantry. With its removal dropping them became troublesome as they ignore opened doors and walk over them. They could be dropped via 3 doors, opening and closing one after another and pushing them gradually down but that is a hassle and I am looking for simplier solutions, but with gantry gone I can't seem to find one.