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  1. By the time you reach said temperatures you will also reach liquids fitting to work in said temperatures as well.
  2. But we are talking about the problem that is already trivialized to maximum - liquid airlock prevents that very gas transfer with such negligable drawbacks, that everything else pales in comparison. - zero tech tier. No research needed. - Occupies next to no space - Costs nothing but 1t of water
  3. They could add something more compact that people WILL use. It's like yuo don't have to power mech doors for automation to work and noone actually powers them most of the time.
  4. By this logic we shouldn't have - Robo-Miner because we can dig it with dupes. - Conveyors, because dupes can move things manually. - Sweepy because dupes can sweep manually - Pumps because dupes may use pitcher pump and deliver bottles etc. Automation in a game with the goal of automating everything and everyone is natural. It's like arguing about being able to drag select units in Starctraft instead of ordering units one by one manually.
  5. And cannibals, slavery, human skin jackets, human skin pants, human skin hats and grinding son to meat paste to feed captured mother.
  6. It looks like additional critters will start to appear after cycle 50. But if your shine bugs died out they will never reappear.
  7. Just linking three reservoirs in a chlorine with ZERO automation will still bring adequate results. Why make it 10000 times more complex?
  8. I switched from killing slugs on sight to my personal slug Aushwitz, placing them to starve in a small room. They start with 300 w and then gradually go down to 40w. They will produce an egg so I'll just dropit to hatch and forget it. As long as slugs eat metal they are worthless to me. Even if I will have hundreds of tonnes of metal I will not touch them simply because they eat renewable resource.
  9. Ok, before, printing pod added new materials\eggs\creatures etc. upon discovering them. With several asteroids it is no longer works like that and if you discovered a slug on second asteroid it is not guaranteed to be available on printing pod. Sometimes. And sometimes it is. So how eactly does it work? You must have a dupe on second asteroid for original printing pod to be able to print items discovred on the second one? Also, it add certain items after some some time but I don't know exact cycle.