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  1. Just give us compact airlock because all workarounds mean people will still be searching for workarounds. Like a shortcut where everyone walks. You can add fences but people will still move there -better make it a normal road
  2. Problem is - bottles and polluted dirt expires, and morbs are permanent source of PO2
  3. morb outhouse farms seem to be no longer working so I am looking for alternatives. I recall someone used polluted water for offgasing but can't find it
  4. I noticed that with standart setting my dupes can, at best, eat and go to toilet, and usually they barely manage to do it. So, how many free time blocks dupes require to attend at least one recreation station?
  5. Can anyone please post a picture of compact aquatuner+steam turbine cooling loop design? With automation. Topics got buried quite fast and search is not helping much, Thank you
  6. Because literally noone is using lures as it is MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to dig to some egg and hatch it, rather than lure critters somewhere. Especially when you have enclosed room. Especially due to critters' tendency to fly away right after eating a bait.
  7. Yeah, this sucks. It, kinda, breaks the whole point of EA because now players were beta testers who paid for it and paid MORE. And got nothing in return.
  8. I still ask to rework selection UI and massive wasted space, given now we'll have to hover mouse cursor over to see about egg. And that eggs are easily distingushable to anyone who plays the game more than 1 hour. UI could use space more effectively