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  1. Just give us compact airlock because all workarounds mean people will still be searching for workarounds. Like a shortcut where everyone walks. You can add fences but people will still move there -better make it a normal road
  2. Yeah, this sucks. It, kinda, breaks the whole point of EA because now players were beta testers who paid for it and paid MORE. And got nothing in return.
  3. I still ask to rework selection UI and massive wasted space, given now we'll have to hover mouse cursor over to see about egg. And that eggs are easily distingushable to anyone who plays the game more than 1 hour. UI could use space more effectively
  4. I have 500 hours in the game I know how things work here. And I know when they stop being fun. I'd rather not waste my time and see if devs will fix this mess and game won't be this horrible in the next update.
  5. Leveling dupes past job1 is now sub-optimal, because stress. Growing mealwood is now sub-optimal because stress and heavy load on work Most stress reducing builds are sub optimal because of insane power requirements. Almost everything gives you stress. I'm done with Oni until devs will fix Epressive Update mess. Game is no longer fun, it is now boring and tedious.
  6. Game is still unplayable due to stress overflow.
  7. Every time I've seen a horrible update or mechanics I see people here always telling the same "You haveto cope with the changes" And when devs change this awful mechanics they are always silent, not complaining about this mechanics they loved so much being changed. I bet if devs will make food being available via microtransactions only those people will still say that we have to cope with the changes.
  8. One of the worst updates. Just stopped playing because it is no longer fun. No reason to promote dupes with jobs as they will be in massage tables 90% of the time. I have 500+ hours here and will not touch it until game will reach at least somehow playable state. Maybe next update will change something.