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  1. Ethanol means we have to have...

    Mushrooms Maybe with alcohol lice could be useful again, making a lice whiskey. balm lilly, while rather useless now, could be used as well for Lylli wine or somthing. Reed vodka also
  2. Dirt production

    they ar ebroken now it seems and do not excrete anything
  3. Dirt production

    Fertilizer Synth. requires dirts to produce fertilizer, so you basically. 65 dirt to produce 120 fert. Which means that after cooking it will be 60g of dirt. You are actually wasting dirt here
  4. Seriously, it's been since forever and causing constant mess with sensors and ranch operation. Why do we haveto count eggs as critters?
  5. What is the most effective way to produce dirt? Latest patches made it clear that dirt will be one of the most valuable resources and due to so many things requiring it there's a danger to deplete it fast. Aside from "dig more dirt", what are the ways to get a stable sustainable flow of dirt now?
  6. New Wheezewort

    4 kg\cycle phosphorite is a logical change for Wheezewort? Yes. Would that change make Wheezewort viable? No.
  7. Okay, I suppose I will be ready to further conversation once you mature a bit. My advice for you is to drop mentor tone, lamentations about current generation and a habit of explaining to people what they actually wanted to say.
  8. The point of this post is that a lot of buildings need IMPROVEMENT and adjustment to have their own role and significant place in the game, not their removal. No building should become "obsolette", where you never touch it after some research - they should have their niche, viable even in the late game.
  9. 5 KG of refined metal is more valuable than 99 t of coal
  10. Manual Airlocks - sometimes when I build and lock forever. Switch - never. Clock, athmo etc. It is just not needed. Microbe Musher - only for the first 10-20 minutes as an insurance against some food shortage emergency. Deconstruct and never touch after first stable harvest. Mini Pumps, Germ Sensors - mini-pumps sometimes to drain plastic factory or something like that, but could replace it with normal pumps anytime. Useless. Fertilizer Synthesizer - never. Fertilizer is so useless that it is not worth power consumed. Nat gas output is negligable and irrelevant. Algae Distiller - The amount of slime it consumes is huge, even several puft farms could not fill it's demands. So never build it. Slime better spent as Mushroom fertilizer. Massage Table, Tasteful Memorial - never ever. Dupes die from some bugs in behaviour, like delivery or oxygen loops so I reload. And try not to go beyond stress limit Lamp, Sculpting Block, Corner Moulding - A waste of space. With existing alternatives it is ALWAYS better to spend space on something more valuable. Power Control Station - 5 Kg of refined metal and a dupe operation to get a bit more power? Never ever. Not even going to touch it even if it'll consume raw metal. Because it is never worth it. Farm Station - build until starting biome fertilizer will not expire, then deconstruct. Stable farming is more important than temp growth boost+building additional installation for fert. synth. Ice-E Fan, - Buildings with no role. Manual operation means I will never build it or consider some installation in my base. Just no. Thermo Regulator - In the curent build we are forced to have Steam+Aquatuners for cooling so why would you need thermo regulators? They are super-ineffective. Duplicant Checkpoint - may be useful for some roleplay bases, but never build it because never had any situation where it could be useful. Sight-Seeing Module - it was, is, and I suppose will be single most useless module for rockets.
  11. Ore Scrubber - the building completely misses any meaning. Remove germs from the ore? Why? This is so ineffective that you barely need to do it. Even germs in the water are not dangerous. In all my plays I noticed that I could easily ignore Ore Scrubber completely. Planter Box - becomes obsolete within first 10-15 minutes. You research farm plot and...why do you need planter box anymore? To have gas flow beneath? Runspeed? They are both negligable factors.
  12. Pushing up is not that hard, it is pushing down that is problematic. With new mechanics is it still not possible to push morbs down?
  13. Slime puft. Irrelevant?

    Yeah, pufts are not viable now, even with morb swarm thye produce about 2 kg per cycle at best. And morb swarm reduce FPS A LOT. I run puft ranch but mainly to get dense and squeaky pufts and some slime for change. As a sustainable source of slime they are horrible, given slime evaporates on its way to storage,
  14. Wild planting

    Yeah, at least then planter box would be useful because now it is obsole once you research farm plots, which meant almost instantly. Plus it will have its use and remove the annoyances as players will always find a way to wild plant anything. Just you don;t have to make 999 storage compactors with 1 kg limit and seed selected.