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  1. What sort of frame rate are you getting with 35 dupes?
  2. My laptop used to be able to start a new colony with 60 FPS right out of the gate and hold that for at least 50-100 cycles. Now it doesn't even get 50 FPS when starting a new colony. This is going from QoL Mk3 to launch. Opening some of the overlays does indeed drop FPS by about 10 or so (temperature, materials are the two big ones), although that's not my biggest concern. Again, I highly encourage you guys, if at all possible, to play QoL Mk3 on your end as I'm assuming you have that capability, and compare it to performance in launch. I don't know how powerful your workstations are but my performance has definitely dropped and I have a core i7 that's only a few years old. I've uploaded my latest save file to gauge performance once again. Perhaps other people could play it and compare? I'm getting just below 30 FPS when panning around my base now. Seems way too low of a frame rate for a base with just 16 dupes. Hiigara .sav
  3. What are your system specs? Most important is the CPU.
  4. [Game Update] - 358267

    Thanks a lot for fixing the stuttering issue with rockets, just launched a steam rocket and there was no hitching! YAY!!!!! I'm gonna keep observing the general frame rate though to see how the game runs, I believe you guys can further optimize the game and have the skills to do so. But so far, great work. The gameplay of ONI is solid; one of the best simulations I've ever played so although my criticism can sound harsh at times, it's only because I want this game to be the best that it can be.
  5. Guess I should have clarified. I'm inquiring about this specific CPU because it's within my budget for upgrading. Not willing to spend extra on a more powerful CPU.
  6. With all of the hubbub about performance and people posting specs that are superior to mine posting better FPS, I am wondering if anyone is running this game on a Ryzen 3600 or something similar and what sort of FPS they are getting in the late game.
  7. @Ipsquiggle Here you are, the information you've requested: Specs: Core i7 6700 GTX 1070 16 GB RAM Game's installed on a Samsung EVO SSD. Hiigara.sav is my main save file right now, and you will find out very quickly that the game is stuttering right off the bat without even having launched a rocket yet. Unfortunately the launch bay doors still need to be hooked up with automation wires and I ran out of time tonight so if you want to launch the rocket you will have to get the dupes to finish building the wire. The Inspiring Paradise.sav is my QoL Mk3 save file, and is an attempt to showcase the poor performance in the launch release. During QoL Mk3 I was getting about 10 FPS higher in this save than I am now. I am hoping that you are able to run this save file in the QoL Mk3 version on your end and compare it to the launch version. Hiigara .sav DxDiag.txt The Inspiring Paradise.sav
  8. To be honest, I don't think they were even aware of the performance issues, they were so focused on launching the game and making sure all of the other major bugs were patched. Plus, it was a long weekend here in Canada so they probably took today off, they should be back tomorrow and hopefully we'll hear something from them regarding the issue within the next week or so.
  9. Ok, but jet suits are just a small part of the game. When the performance of the whole game takes a step backwards it's hard to ignore, plus rockets, as of right now, are currently unplayable because there is so much stuttering when you start launching them. Rockets comprise a much more significant part of the game compared to jet suits. Well rockets only started adversely affecting performance recently I think, I certainly don't recall having performance issues with rockets six months ago.
  10. Except this time it's different because the game was actually running decently during QoL Mk3 and now performance has worsened. Has there been any other point in the game's history where performance actually took a step backwards? It's one thing if the game has been running poorly from the get go but in this case performance improved, then regressed right back to square one again. That's certainly unprecedented.
  11. I have confidence in Klei's abilities to restore the game to its state of performance pre launch. The game ran very smoothly, even in the late game, during Qol Mk 2 and 3 and I think they can get back to that level of optimization without having to revert the bug fixes. That being said, they can only do that if A) they are first made aware of the issues and B) they're given as much info as possible to help them troubleshoot.
  12. That's been the case for as long as I can remember though, I don't know if the issue you're describing is necessarily related to the rocket issue, although it is no doubt another problem that falls under the umbrella of performance.
  13. If the game ran better in the past, it can run better in the future as well. There are no excuses for optimizing the game further and fixing the glitches that currently make the late game nigh unplayable, such as rockets causing immense stuttering for example.
  14. Yes... I hadn't read that post yet. This doesn't make sense when you look at how rockets are performing right now. A number of players have reported that launching rockets causes immense stuttering and FPS drops that make the game unplayable. This is not natural in any sense of the word, it's a glitch and glitches can/need to be fixed.
  15. Well actually, my laptop with a dedicated GTX 1060 and integrated graphics runs the game better on dedicated vs. integrated, it's about a 10-20 FPS difference. Whoops, read this after posting.