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  1. There seems to be a visual glitch where the indicators for the fuel amounts on the rocket tanks will appear in random places, image and save file attached: Sethdora.sav
  2. The sound effect of a tile being completed no longer plays, the end.
  3. I mean, the new buildings seem cool and all, but they're also kind of unnecessary? My dupes are constantly sitting at 30+ morale on the hardest difficulty settings, morale hasn't been an issue for me for a very long time. I've got more than enough leeway for additional skill points too if necessary. Here's hoping to more morale demands in the future or something that necessitates having to build these amenities. I like when assets have purpose in games; right now they're just decorations.
  4. The sound effects for the desalinator have been reduced in volume too much. It used to have a nice, satisfying "GRRINND" sound but now it sounds too quiet in comparison to other machinery.
  5. Thanks a lot for fixing the stuttering issue with rockets, just launched a steam rocket and there was no hitching! YAY!!!!! I'm gonna keep observing the general frame rate though to see how the game runs, I believe you guys can further optimize the game and have the skills to do so. But so far, great work. The gameplay of ONI is solid; one of the best simulations I've ever played so although my criticism can sound harsh at times, it's only because I want this game to be the best that it can be.
  6. Hey there, you're not the only one with this issue, there seems to be a bug where massive exchanges in temperatures (i.e. the launching of a rocket for example) drops FPS immensely. Reloading will solve the problem, but only until you launch another rocket or it lands. I'm going to be starting a thread in the general discussion section to consolidate everyone's reports, please feel free to post your information there. I want this to be an urgent, top priority matter since it is currently making the game unplayable.
  7. Can confirm, every time I reload a save file my memory usage increases by about 1 GB. Almost maxed out my 16 GB after reloading a few times for testing purposes.
  8. The ethanol distiller looks blurrier like it was enhanced poorly or something.
  9. Hello, The eating sound effect does not play when dupes add table salt to their meals. They are mute when eating with table salt.
  10. Hello! Again, I don't know if this is intended or not but in case it isn't, there are currently no sound effects for the jet pack suits or their charging docks.
  11. AFter a rocket takes off, if you quit the game and reload, some of the rocket parts will still be visible on the scaffold even though the rocket isn't there and you can't actually interact with said parts. It's just a visual glitch really, but one that I figured could use your attention. Pictures for clarity.
  12. This has been an issue since rockets first released, but if I decide to move my cockpit on my rocket to a different location, the space scanner no longer recognizes that it's connected to a rocket. Deconstructing the space scanner doesn't fix the issue, only a reload does. If this could be changed, that would be much appreciated.
  13. Since the latest patch, the FPS seems to drop quite significantly when opening the temperature overlay. Normally I am getting about 30-35 FPS when playing, with the temp overlay open it drops to about 20-25 FPS. I don't recall the performance being quite this bad beforehand. Attached is my save. Could it just be this particular save file? I also am experiencing FPS drops and stuttering after launching a rocket, which doesn't occur in other people's save files it seems. Dwelling.sav
  14. Pretty sure they mean July 2019, seeing as how the game was originally supposed to launch in May of this year but then got pushed back due to dissatisfaction with the state of the game.
  15. You guys are holding the lid tight on the release date, that's for sure. Though it looks like we're getting real close since the recent patches have been mostly bugfixes and polishing (hint*checkout the micro nutrient fertilizer bug on the bug tracker, it's still present).