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  1. You're not wrong, but given how ubiquitous steam turbines already are, I think I'd rather see a dedicated nuclear reactor produce power (in addition to heat, radiation, and radioactive waste).
  2. That looks so relaxing. I want to be able to build windows looking out into space in my dupes' bedrooms.
  3. You had me at hello sneak peek of the upcoming content pack.
  4. Maybe, maybe not. There are always going to be bugs. And like it or not, at some point Klei has to consider the return on investment they're getting on squashing more bugs vs developing new content. Bug fixes are welcome, of course; I just don't think they're as vital to the game's success as some of you make them out to be.
  5. Can we get Tame Only and Wild Only checkboxes on the egg cracker? I'd like to the ability to automatically process tame eggs[1] without obliterating the wild hatch populations I like to keep in various biomes. [1] I know this can be achieved via automation (quite easily, in fact), but the egg cracker's animation is too cute not to use.
  6. Long ago (before diseases were nerfed) I pitched an idea for the ONI equivalent to the common cold. The idea was to have it cause sneezing, meaning the germs could be airborne, and would necessitate either judicious use of sinks or quarantine to keep afflicted dupes from spreading germs to everything they touch. This was back when Slimelung was lethal, so my idea was for this new disease to be much milder and easier to spread by comparison.
  7. In addition the problems you mentioned, a custom asteroid created in such a way also looks off. Different biomes have different hues to them, so when you tear down a slime biome (background hue of green) and build an ice biome (background hue of blue) in the same spot it looks off.
  8. There's nothing wrong with form over function. If aesthetics are you thing, then lean into it and make the best looking, centrally located warehouse/storeroom you can make. Of course there's nothing wrong with function over form either, so if efficiency is what you're after then strategically placed storage compactors near buildings that consume specific materials is a good way to go. Doubly so if you can use shipping and automation effectively.
  9. Since we've run out of things to data mine I propose we go Ocean's 11 at Klei headquarters and do some next-level data mining. I can be the getaway driver. Is anyone here flexible enough to be the contortionist?
  10. We have ourselves a murder mystery to unravel. Meep, donning his deerstalker, will be along to question potential suspects all shortly.
  11. I'd still like to see a rocket module in which we can store materials to be dumped in space during missions.
  12. You are correct, and thanks for digging this stuff out.
  13. goboking

    Joy Responses

    I haven't seen any balloons yet, but I have seen stickers. They were placed behind buildings, so they were hard to see (I actually thought it was a graphical glitch at first) and disappeared after a fair few cycles.
  14. I feel like my dupes are about to shoot a Corona commercial.
  15. It's been on my radar ever since you first unearthed these assets.
  16. Come on nuclear power! Show me nuclear power! /crosses fingers
  17. You're not thinking outside the box. A rec room doesn't have to be a flat morale boost. It could, for example, double the duration of the various morale bonuses, meaning your dupes would get the same mileage from half the uses.
  18. I just want to point out that this is a great opportunity to add a higher-tiered rec room (perhaps a spa?).
  19. Maybe some of these are intended to used in conjunction with designated "Vacation" schedules for dupes who are particularly stressed?
  20. Oops. I completely forgot about insulation. Thanks for the reminder.
  21. I wonder if this means we'll be able to grow gas grass below the asteroid's surface.
  22. For what it's worth, metal tiles have an opportunity cost. Refined metal is used in a lot of building projects, whereas reed fibers are relatively useless after clothing and canvases are made.
  23. Squee! My daily F5 has finally returned the good news I've been longing for!