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  1. The small storage of water inside the carbon skimmer is heated/cooled to match the temperature of the machine (or its surroundings, according to some). Edit: When I noticed something strange happening the storage of the skimmer was rapidly oscillating between something near the input water temperature and building/area temp about 15 degrees higher. I attempted to reproduce the issue that I am trying to report. Attached is my simple test rig. I am NOT able to reproduce this. Replace the oxygen in skimmer box with co2 to start and bring back oxygen to stop the thing, The original map I was playing is also not repeating the behaviour I am trying to report. If I ever see this again there will be screenshots. Citadel.sav
  2. I just went through the list again and noticed this bit. Was it really that hard to check what tile the duplicant is standing in and shoot us a "toxic!" notification, then start burning the poor thing like "scalding!"? Are you going to remove explosive? I always just hope that digging anything in an "explosive" gas will blow things up.. Is this coming back at some point?
  3. *obligatory golden shower joke* Sooo.. you're solving the problem of limited/non-existent gold on some asteroids by making it fall from the sky.. Hmm.. Is this a stop-gap or permanent solution?
  4. We want to suffer properly. I was so bummed out after finding I had around 400tons of water on volcanea...
  5. You yanked out the catheter? Finally! Thanks.
  6. *Mrau!* Damn Klei, you're really serious about this whole release thing. Thank you.
  7. What does this emoji mean? So I was trying to find a common ground between "Well that's done." and "Your move, creep." (vide Robocop) but I couldn't quite get it. And then I had a moment of clarity: This is the thousand yard stare a military courier gives the officer at a forward outpost while handing them a slightly singed envelope. No, they aren't saluting or standing at attention. This isn't even their commanding officer. They know that the contents of the envelope are maybe quite important, but was it worth it to send them through an active war zone to bring it? So after sneaking, dodging, fighting through hordes of enemies, getting shot at, mortared, hit with sticks, covered in grime, soot, blood (both their own and the enemy's) they finally get to hand over their task.
  8. Condolences to whoever came up with a cool name.. and then applied it to a building that does the exact opposite. You tried, You failed, You admitted it. Sleep well tonight, friend. Yaay. Thank you. *sits back and enjoys people's realization of just how much matter was being converted in even the simplest of bases*
  9. But.. wha? The machine does not amalge.. amalg.. amalgamate.. it DEamalges (algs, gates, whatever!). Yes! Matter conversion and liquid duplication are finally fixed. Took me a moment to realize you're being extra snippy. For a second there I thought you guys were speaking in illuminati code... Carry on...
  10. Just a quick question about the current state of trees. I found a tree that I must have forgotten to set to auto-harvest. It only had 5 branches, all of them ready to be harvested. the two additional branches that were missing (I'm assuming the update simply deleted them) were not growing. The tile didn't even have "arbor tree" in the contents when highlighted, just oxygen. Are we now limited to 5 branches? From what people said before the other two should start growing when the 5 main ones reach harvest?
  11. *snort* *facepalm* You so funneh... Thanks for fixing the trees, that was so annoying.
  12. Um, er.. wha? Huh? You did some rebalancing and expansion on the whole wood/ethanol system. I get that, I'm looking forward for the flowchart and math folk to do the numbers on the new version of that. But what is the point of growing 5 of 7 branches..? You want to keep the look of the tree when it's fully mature but give us less wood? Lowering wood output per harvest would have totally sufficed. Don't know what to think of this one.
  13. Just my luck. An update that I would like to check out comes out during week when I can't play the game. Why oh why do I have to work for a living. Keep it up Klei, despite my general negativity I do want you to do well. The only thing I'm not sure of is the pipe change.. speaking of which.. @Saturnus a single pulse on a shutoff should let one packet through. let it rest at the end of pipeline, might need bridge/second shutoff. once the packet reaches single pipe segment after bridge demolish bridge. build next single pipe segment, bridge to it, pulse shutoff again. if I say the words "immutable temperature regulator pipeline disjointed pipe segments" will I be close to what you are using this for?