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  1. Whaaaa..? And they patched it out? KLEEEI! WTH! So now it's two fun things that used to be in the game but are gone, the other being duplicant entombment. SRSLY, what game maker sees an emergent behavior like that and doesn't simply standarize it? (Meep is sleeping on the floor? OHMNOMNOMNNGGGHHHHUFF! 20 kg of coal!) Narcoleptic duplicants would be suicide mode. Disappointing. To make myself feel better I'm imagining @Saturnus having built that cathedral specifically so that his duplicants can worship Nurgle.
  2. The small storage of water inside the carbon skimmer is heated/cooled to match the temperature of the machine (or its surroundings, according to some). Edit: When I noticed something strange happening the storage of the skimmer was rapidly oscillating between something near the input water temperature and building/area temp about 15 degrees higher. I attempted to reproduce the issue that I am trying to report. Attached is my simple test rig. I am NOT able to reproduce this. Replace the oxygen in skimmer box with co2 to start and bring back oxygen to stop the thing, The original map I was playing is also not repeating the behaviour I am trying to report. If I ever see this again there will be screenshots. Citadel.sav
  3. You still have some water, you could save this. Mush bars are the way to go if you're running out of food. As for heat death of crops (and crops are usually the only thing that you need to take care of), you can get a quick ice maker setup, build an insulated 1 tile channel under your farm tiles, put a storage bin on one end of it, set it to like 20kg and only allow ice in it, priority 9. Some way of removing excess water at the other end of the channel is also useful. The ice maker itself should go into an area where heat won't cause too much of an issue. When the temperature has dropped to around 15-20 degrees you should be done insulating the rest of the farm.
  4. You mean to say the crank on the side is an internal pencil sharpener? I did not know that...
  5. Should I be concerned that none of you seem to know about soap? The real exploit is washing your hands and still flushing free germs down the pipe for use elsewhere in the base.
  6. OMG, don't blame this on a bugfix, we'll never get anywhere if we keep doing this. @mathmanican You hold up that Better Game Torch damn you, it's getting dark in here again.
  7. Lumber cooling?

    I think this is because items on a conveyor are basically debris. if you run it right above a tile then the game constantly creates and destroys a chunk of debris laying on the tile every second. They would have to re-implement the whole thing.
  8. I am hoping for exactly that, trees should be ridiculously powerful as cooling mass even without the bug. I won't be building this thing for several days, maybe even a week (can't play too much currently :/ ) so here's to hoping they fix it.
  9. Tutorial Shorts!

    Those are funny, what they are missing is a voiceover, vide Fallout.
  10. And here I was, hoping to one day have enough duplicant labor and resources to prototype and execute a chill 15C arbor farm to produce sweet sweet 15C lumber by the ton, cool stuff with it and so forth... and it turns out to be another of them fridge exploits.. life is cruel...
  11. The point is that the sopping wet animation is two rounds of the shaking-water-off cycle. It wastes time, which is why it has been added.
  12. Are you kidding me? I would totally play that!
  13. Yeah, no, you CAN test things in survival, I've done it. I don't even know how debug more works. In fact what you learn from the experience is that it is okay to shred anything if you have the resources to rebuild it, that sunken time is in fact a fallacy and needs to be fought in your head. Open up to the harsh world, embrace it and suffer like you're meant to.
  14. You're probably right. I've had a similar situation once and it worried me that even without alerts the task of saving a friend gets overruled in priority by fussing about a corner lock. The base dying because a duplicant randomly decided to appreciate a fellow red alerter is ridiculous.
  15. I think the top temperature for a 5 port turbine is 220, afterwards you're just bleeding off heat and not getting any power from it.