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  1. There's a reason why quite a few IRL food items say to refrigerate once opened.
  2. If it was 1/100th strength, I'm gonna assume that means 10% + 0.05% = 10.05%.
  3. Great, now for the next patch, please let us disable delivery to Algae Terrariums again. Maybe give it a UI similar to the Coal Generator so we can select what level of contents to deliver at, instead. edit: Klei, please.
  4. so what you're saying is there's no option to have the liquid vent ignore automation signals? seems like lazy design
  5. what? why? That was situationally useful for the algae terrarium... sometimes I want it to use up its resources without dupes delivering more. why ever remove useful functionality
  6. What the hell, why would you want this? Metal tiles are fancy tiles. Carpeted tiles should be super fancy tiles.
  7. It's called unit testing. You make a map that's full of different stuff that you expect to work correctly, then you load the map and run a custom script that ensures everything is working as expected. The Factorio devs are really good at doing this.
  8. Not a dev, but I believe that the empty pipe tool is only designed to work with pipes, hence the 'pipe' part of the name. For conveyor rails, you need to deconstruct them. Perhaps a suggestion should be made to change the Empty Pipe tool into an Empty Conveyance tool instead.
  9. So, this bug has been known for over 2 years. Are there any plans to fix it? Especially since the game has been 'released'...
  10. In the attached save, I have a manual generator and 4 wires queued for construction. Stinky is carrying 300kg of metal to the build area. Despite that, the manual generator says it has insufficient materials for build. In addition. it seems to be reserving the materials twice, as I have 50kg of metal on the ground but my resource display says I have 0kg available. lacks resources.sav
  11. Does this mean I can plant a bluff briar and have a cycle 5 great hall?
  12. What sites would you consider to be the frontpage of the Internet?
  13. I would pay real money for a functioning careful planning feature similar to the RimWorld mod and the builtin version in Dwarf Fortress. So much wasted time rerolling dupes on the embark screen before I start.
  14. Thank you for reverting this. It really didn't make any sense. Awesome
  15. I was just made aware of this thread. Is it intended behavior that the pump detection area and pump absorption areas are not the same? And for the mini pump, this just looks weird. The detection area should overlap the pump, not be diagonally adjacent... MiniPumpTest.sav
  16. Why? Just make (temp out) = (temp in), perhaps raised by 2-3 degrees, and that's it. There's no reason for this artificial minimum temperature. It's outrageous illogical heat addition.
  17. I rolled my dupe Leira with Digging, Supplying and Buff. I just checked her stats and she has +6 to strength and +3 to Husbandry. ... ?!? I reloaded the initial save and the stats are the same. How did this happen? Intergalactic Paradise Cycle 3.sav Intergalactic Paradise.sav
  18. I think this should be 'saltwater'
  19. Can confirm. Try Oceania seed OCAN-A-333470047-0, has both Geodormant and Geoactive.
  20. Yeah, this is because, in my experience, dupes only check for new tasks every x time no matter how fast the game is running. Change it from fast to slow or medium and they will respond a lot faster. Needs to be changed...
  21. This bug report is regarding the inconsistent heat transfer of abyssalite to solids versus liquids. The thermal conductivity for abyssalite is listed as '0.000'. In sandbox mode, testing, 100kg of 272 Kelvin ice above 1000kg of 1500 Kelvin abyssalite, no visible heat transfer occurs. If I change the ice to 100kg of 274 Kelvin water and unpause the game, the water instantly flash boils and the temperature of the abyssalite drops randomly by ~60+ Kelvin. For bonus funtimes, note this 500C abyssalite with a layer of 1C crude oil above. Unpause, and the crude oil converts roughly 33% of its mass directly to petroleum, and the abyssalite drops to 400C. Abyssalite Temperature Transfer.sav
  22. My dupes are refusing to build farm tiles that I place. If I place the farm tiles, save the game, and then reload the game, they will build all but two of the farm tiles. And they always refuse to build the same tiles. All of the tiles have the same, default priority. If I set the two tiles to a higher priority, the dupes suddenly realize they exist and build them. Once the farm tiles were finally constructed, I assigned mealwood to them. The dupes fertilized all but 5, despite the fact that they have plenty of dirt to fertilize all of them. I changed the priorities to 6, and the dupes suddenly realized the plants exist, yet again. Edit: It seems the dupes are refusing to build any farm tiles, period. I drew some abstract art with farm tile designations and the dupes ignored every single one. ... The Outrageous Paradise Cycle 6.sav