Any unknown mechanic to share?

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Blunderbuss    393
21 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

512D5E85-1405-445B-BBF7-67B8BBCBE651.thumb.png.474ec55864a9c270aef3fe245b0adfef.pngI Present to you: The most Unknown Mechanic Of all time... A lot of people have heard of and maybe even played as Winona, But most of them pick her long enough to build her craftable structures and then they never bother playing her again.

Winona..! Who is Smart enough & a skilled enough mechanic to fix a portal after it explodes, but not smart enough to build a new one & help everyone escape the Constant.

took me a while to get the joke 

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Mike23Ua    10076




Use it like I do to Kite Bearger or Deerclops through a forest till they spawn Treegaurds to help you kill them.

When you play DST Solo- since there’s no compromise on enemy health.. ya gotta get creative like in the spoiler tag. :) 

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Well-met    5750

Batbat leeching depends on the amount of damage dealt, so it's a way better item when used with warly buffs or wolf/wig

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meowswing    222
On 11/16/2019 at 8:29 AM, Well-met said:

That sounds rather like a "do this if you're insanely good" rather than a "unknown mechanic"

Don Giani guides showcased this on youtube with woodie, but he didn't put it in backpack, instead he just dropped it before the spore cloud disperse.

Well, not something new, and this is a cheat: if you are on god mode on a boat and the boat sinks, you become jesus. You can walk on water, fight crab king, mine sea stacks and salt.

Things that can be spawn on seawater in that mode: voltgoats, gobblers, clockworks, beefalo, tentacles, mactusk

Things that will drown if spawned on seawater in that mode: pigmen, bunnymen, merms (and they will surface on nearby land and fight each other to death).

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emin61    755

If you have a sea fishing rod and cast on the ocean, immediatly change the bait or lure. now you can change to different items like axe,boomerang or umbrella.

Edit: nothing major but it looks funny imo

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