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  1. I screamed like a little girl now my friends are making fun of me. As soon as I heard he can ride his pet like a beefalo I already know im going to love him. He also generally seems like a really strong character while still having interesting gameplay mechanics, so excited.
  2. I dont really see why everyone thinks winona is so bad. Yea she is boring but she can farm basically anything in the game and has no downsides. I feel like wurt is much worse then winona
  3. A webber rework would be awesome. I think having perks related to spider queens would be the best option. Maybe make them befriendable or maybe just maybe allow them to be tamed like beefalos. They would probably have to make beefalos angry at him for some insensitive to tame queens but it could be cool imagine having a summoner queen who spawns spiders over anything, maybe a battle one and who knows maybe even one that can harvest. Spider queens dont run and are slow normally so thats the main reason they probably wont become tameable Also for night vision maybe make it a consumable item and it would be like moggles that would be very cool. I dont think klei would just flat out get rid of a game mechanic for a certain character. Imagine them making a character who doesnt need to eat.
  4. I hope webber gets it. Not only does he really need it but it could be cool. I hope it has something to do with spider queens, maybe even taming them
  5. You can bundle wrap four warm thermal stones in winter and whenever you get cold take them out, overheat yourself, apply winter clothing and re-bundle the stones. They stay warm while bundled.
  6. This is really really nice thanks guys. In a combat scenario 99.9% of the time ide rather rely on my self rather than a ai, not to say the ai is better now the two will be working together. Also wanna see how the petals are gonna affect damage seems nice so far.
  7. I got the alchemy engine skin but I was new so I unraveled it. :,(