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  1. I think I saw on the wiki that his skull was literally just Wilbur's which is weird, you know that cutting corners thread? Maybe that should be there.
  2. I mean, maybe them is the player from ONI that'd be pretty cool, right? It sorta makes sense if you look at the log entries
  3. naught a balance problem, more about immersion
  4. lol imagine the reaction of some people if they were added to klei rewards for like 300 points each
  5. Not either of those things piss off. And I never said that it was. Those are two separate names that the game generates!
  6. I think it is a zany sort of continuity, especially since Wanda exists
  7. Duh it's Wickerbottom, but other than adding a mana bar I'm not sure what they'll do with her, other than her dying of old age. The problem is that it's very unlikely since Wanda already took that feature.
  8. I haven't noticed anything Cadence related though
  9. And by the way, if you think this is a stretch then look at this and you'll surely change your mind:
  10. Klei has always had a reputation for dropping very subtle hints about their games that we might commonly overlook, but this time? I might have JUST made a substantial discovery! In terraria, after going through a day with an extra house and no new NPCs currently available, the game checks a random chance of if the party girl will move into the vacant home. And if you haven't played Terraria before you might not understand who the party girl REALLY is. Yeah, that's right... Quote from the Terraria wiki: "Redigit and Cenx have stated that the Party Girl was inspired by the character Pinkie Pie from the Canadian-American children's animated fantasy television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.[3][4] The names Sparkle and Trixy are likely references to the characters Princess Twilight Sparkle and Trixie from the same series." But why would I suspect that the party girl might be coming up into Don't Starve Together? Well, and this is a very exciting discovery for me. KLEI REPLICATES THE NAME REFERENCES IN DST!!! Anyway, you still might not believe that the party girl from Terraria is actually Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, but I also have another character to bring up, too. And a small feature in Terraria that may just prove that they aren't who they say they are. There are also two Kitcoon names that I never got to, and they might be the key to a massive question... So that leads me to believe that the mysterious "Them" DS has always referred to are none other than But I haven't said who the Princess from Terraria is supposed to be. And this might sound weird, but I think she is the character Rarity from MLP! This is mostly because she sews her own dresses, she might've left Equestria and changed her identity to live the life of a princess, which has always seemed to be the kind of thing this character would want. Here are some quotes from Terraria that help with my case: "The stars at night remind me of glitter on a beautiful, black dress. I shall soon have one made!" "Like my dress? Gee, thanks! Just sewed it." "Mmm! This place could use a makeover, for sure. It's not quite fit for anyone, let alone royalty!" This just might be the reason Klei got sold mostly to Tencent, because Tencent has worked with Hasbro (company that owns MLP) and that might get them closer to achieving this kind of thing they had planned! Also, the money might help with negotiating royalties. https://company.wizards.com/en/news/wizards-coast-and-tencent-announce-partnership-bring-magic-gathering-arena-and-future
  11. Maybe you're right, but at least for now I can't see there being any kind of event that would let wheeler or woodlegs meet the other survivors
  12. It's already edible by Wigfrid and her quotes in singleplayer and together say it's close enough you know what change is really needed though??? wormwood sanity drain from killing butterflies, it'd be funny
  13. Then I think that Walter should be replaced by Rallo from the Cleveland show