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  1. This was one of the best DST updates in a very long time. Appreciate all the work and thought you guys put into it, especially during the beta. Must have been a headache sifting through so much feedback.
  2. Possibly a series of underground pathways all connected to the ancient gateway? I figure that's the case since the fissures radiate light based on the nightmare cycle, the latter of which seems to be controlled by the gateway considering you're able to lock the underground into a permanent nightmare phase using the portal key.
  3. I'm re-testing it right now, but earlier today when I assessed my pumpkins' happiness, they went from "good health" to "2 stressors" when one of my pumpkins turned giant. @Electroely Alright, now it's working as you mentioned. But several hours ago, this wasn't the case since my pumpkins' happiness went from good health to 2 stressors; I'm so confused right now.
  4. Does this mean the "overcrowding" stressor and "weed" stressor are one and the same?
  5. In terms of feedback from this beta so far, I absolutely love it a million times more than the old farming mechanics and unrewarding Horticulture meta. It's been intrinsically rewarding playing around with these crops and theorycrafting ways to optimize food production. I really like the self-renewing rotted plants mechanic; makes the lazy approach to farming much more viable and manageable than it already was. I'm indifferent to the 9-10 crop spacing nerf. Some have mentioned the issue of fitting 9-10 crops per plot if the farm plots are adjacent to each other, but you can just get around that by spacing out the farm plots by 1 square; they don't have to be next to each other. I was a bit annoyed with how the tilled soil would be replaced if you tried to till soil too close to the previous one, but someone in another thread mentioned that you can get around that by planting before further tilling, so I'm fine with this minor issue. A couple of things I hope do get changed though involve the stressors. Currently, if a plant fully grows, it no longer counts as part of the "family"; that doesn't make sense to me and guarantees that 3 of your 4 family plants will have at least 1 stressor point. Additionally, the happiness-assessment quotes are still not fixed; Wickerbottom still says "two different stressors at once" even when there's 1 or 3 stressors.
  6. I notice a lot of discussion in this thread is over the lack of viable combinations with the new fertilizer values. Imo you don't need a "perfect" combo of crops where EVERY single crop turns giant. You don't need to make every single crop giant because not all crops are created equal. Instead of trying to perfectly grow every single crop on the plot, you can aim to grow a specific crop and use the 2nd crop in the combo as fertilizer. For example, pumpkins give the largest amount of hunger by far, and currently, they consume 4 compost. So all you really need to do is pair it with a crop that produces 4 compost, like onions or pomegranates. You'll get giant pumpkins (2.75 pumpkins per giant pumpkin) for massive amounts of hunger, and you'll also get "bonus onions" to use as filler or the valuable-but-uncommon Warly moquecas; all of this accomplished without thinking about the math all that much or even touching a single piece of fertilizer.
  7. The paragraph you're responding to was about the Horticulture nerf rather than the new farming mechanics. Unless I'm missing something, basically the complaint is that Horticulture is a heavily relied-upon tool for megabasers who want a large amount of structure-related resources in a short amount of time, so a nerf to that means a nerf to the megabasing process.
  8. I'm cautiously optimistic; I really like the Horticulture's cap to plant growth as a way of nerfing early/mid-game food production, and from what I've read on the forums so far, that aspect of the nerf wasn't controversial. It's more of the cap on non-food plants like trees, grass, and twigs (i.e. the plants used to build bases) that people are discussing. Whatever happens to the new book, I hope the nerf on food production through Horticulture doesn't go away at least.
  9. Oh that's interesting. So the hutch is just missing one line of code. For sure, that code doesn't give any clues about intention. I'm only suspecting that this is unintentional because I find it odd that Klei would purposefully single out bunnymen as boat-incompatible whereas other mobs like pigs and spiders are boat-compatible. Why bunnymen specifically?
  10. It has everything to do with what you said (specifically the "working as intended" comment) because for some reason, when pigs leave their house in the morning, even when the boat's moving, they ALWAYS end up properly on the boat whereas bunnymen DON'T. I want to know why the "bug" of exiting the home onto the water affects only bunnymen but not pigmen. Also, I don't think we're on the same page; why do I need to kill the pigs?
  11. If it's working fully as intended, why doesn't this affect pigs though?
  12. For some reason, if you place a bunnyman hutch on the edge of the boat, there's a chance that the bunnyman will instantly drown as it leaves its hutch during dusk and then NEVER spawn in the hutch again.
  13. I'm just wondering; does an "empty" boat mean like a boat with zero structures on it, or does it mean a boat with zero people on it regardless of structures?
  14. Not trying to throw shade, but eye don't see rot's so scary about this. Wood someone explain?