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  1. I don't think that's what Joe meant, though that interpretation is definitely understandable. He said that very rarely will a given idea in its entirety will be brought into the game exactly the way it was originally presented. That doesn't mean some version of the idea is less likely to enter the game; just that the original idea word-for-word is not likely to enter the game. Based on Joe's clarification that "their value is generally far more than just the original suggestion, but the thoughts and ideas that come from the conversation it brings", I think this interpretation was what he was going for.
  2. A dedicated player made an extremely detailed guide on biomes some time back in June (coincidentally close to the time I started playing this game), and it was super-helpful for me personally back in the day. https://gameplay.tips/guides/4291-dont-starve-together.html That being said, I think both the OP and the guide that I linked missed a particular set piece called the Queen's Gathering. It's a rare alternative to the Spider Quarry set piece where a bunch of tier 3 spider dens spawn in a ring formation inside an evergreen forest. I wish I could get an in-game picture of the set piece, but sadly, I was stupid enough to delete this world. This picture was taken several days ago when I was experimenting with Webber, and I didn't anticipate this thread being made :/ The wiki implies that the Queen's Gathering is a single-player set piece, but I've confirmed that it also exists in DST. https://dontstarve.fandom.com/wiki/Set_Piece#Queens.27_Gathering
  3. I did read the entire post, and somehow that specific part went over my head, so that's my bad. That being said, I see huge holes in this hypothesis. You were saying that Abigail is alive but Wendy is dead; by that logic, Abigail shouldn't even be in "purgatory" at all. On top of that, it completely contradicts established lore, specifically the fact that Wendy mourns her sister's death.
  4. How do you explain Abigail's existence in the Constant? If the idea is that every single survivor died in the real world and is now living in purgatory, why does the ghost of another dead person exist in a place where originally-dead people are supposed to be alive?
  5. Cookie cutters are actually fairly easy to kite if you just completely ignore their attack animation. All you really need to know is that as soon as you whack them once, they will stop drilling and swipe at you immediately. Just dodge that one single attack, and you should be able to finish it off. Cookie cutters only have 100hp, so you can either straight-up kill them with 2 hits using a fresh ham bat/tentacle spike/dark sword, or you can hit once with a spear, dodge, and then finish it off with 2 hits. I went ahead and did a brief recording to show you what I'm talking about. https://streamable.com/v7c8o
  6. There are plenty of resources you can use to understand the subtle but HUGE amounts of lore this game franchise has. On top of shorts located on the Klei Youtube channel, there are old puzzles that give plenty of visual clues; I personally recommend looking up the William Carter puzzle and the Metheus puzzle. You can also find plenty of verbal clues in the form of character quotes or vignette descriptions within the game itself. I recommend taking the character quotes with a grain of salt though because Klei deliberately structures these quotes to fit with the characters' personalities and biases; the vignette descriptions, while more vague than the character quotes, are a much more reliable source of objective lore info.
  7. Dumpster for Lore

    I made a lore megathread/essay quite a while ago if it's welcome in this lore dump thread. Technically, part of it is lore while the other part is literature, but hopefully something in here will help with interpreting bits of lore that's heading our way.
  8. I'm on the fence about all these morbid Abigail-related speculations.
  9. Bearger is male

    I know this entire thread is supposed to be a joke, but when people are meme-ing the same joke over and over, I can't help but feel like there's some serious message being communicated.
  10. What is WX's Gender

    This was also briefly talked about in the previous WX gender thread, but 'they' doesn't automatically imply nonbinary gender. Singular they's can be used to refer to anyone whose gender is unknown to the speaker as well as nonbinary individuals.
  11. I dunno. "No season for me is hard, because I'm a god at the game" sounds like a pretty hard season.
  12. Deerclops is a she?

    I would personally not use physical appearance as evidence for most arguments let alone this one. Also, your parenthetical point about males referring to their possessions as 'she' is contradicted by the fact that Wurt (the person who calls deerclops a 'she') is not male. I also want to reiterate that all of these seemingly contradicting pieces of evidence pointing to the deerclops being of a specific gender is completely explained by the argument that the deerclops are a whole species consisting of male and female variants. There's supporting evidence on page 3 of this thread for the species argument; it's a very quick read if you want to check it out.
  13. I'm not sure what the argument is here. If anything, being a multiplayer game makes all the more sense for there to be a progression system past year 1. Where did I suggest for there to be a Deerclops that can destroy your base from a distance? All I'm arguing for is unique mandatory challenges past year 1 (i.e. a survival progression system). The fact that this is a sandbox survival game as opposed to a boss speedrun is all the more reason to add a progression system past year 1. There is plenty of content, but unfortunately, a lot of it is optional and has very little to do with the core survival challenge. I just think it would be great if that can be expanded on by adding new seasonal challenges in a way that doesn't hurt people who're still learning. Just off the top of my head, you can have a snowstorm event happen in 2nd winter that accelerates heat loss and encourages people to use more than just a thermal stone to survive. This obviously isn't a perfect or even fleshed out idea, but it is an example of new mandatory content added to the future years in which no mandatory content is deleted.
  14. I like this idea a lot; I also do think that it would take a ton of work considering the fact that entire biomes would have to be redesigned with these elevations in mind. I think it would be awesome if - just like with creating turf - you could create a platform-turf that juts out of elevated land kind of like IRL wooden ocean-fishing platforms. It's obviously an extra element of complication to an already-complicated coding predicament; just throwing it out there as a silly idea that I came up as I was typing this comment.
  15. I'm a huge fan of this idea. I think a progression system like this where more unique challenges are introduced after year 1 will satisfy the veterans looking for more challenges and content without hurting the newbies and intermediates who're still learning how to survive the seasons. Klei can go absolutely crazy with this idea. New bosses, new seasonal obstacles, and maybe even new monsters that appear after year 1, year 2, etc. would entice experienced players to stay while luring in new players looking forward to eventually progress to that content.