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  1. I also hope a cooking rework idea comes to fruition. I cherrish meatballs as much as the next guy, but there are just so many recipes that get taken for granate that it's hard to berr the thought of this kind of wasted potential. It's food for thought, I guess.
  2. I'm still a Wicker main, but I've been seeing a WHOLE lot of utility from Wendy ever since her rework. She can single-handedly keep the team from going insane through the sisturn, can single-handedly protect the team from hound attacks, can kill spiders for meat/health more quickly than Webber and without the risk of spiders eating the monster meat, and can mass-farm butterflies for filler with Abigail on autopilot while simultaneously taking care of other nearby things like chopping trees down.
  3. Gotcha; thanks for clarifying. But why did those people need to be referenced?
  4. Discussions, especially nuanced discussions like this, SHOULD NEVER boil down to what you seem to be implying to be a straightforward and tribalistic "are you in this camp or that camp?" I certainly do believe that, if we had the power to situationally lump games in the same franchise in one category to benefit the dying category on Twitch, doing so would be GREAT. However, my position is more nuanced than this because I don't agree with a few of the points being made to justify lumping the games into one category, and I'm very pessimistic about the viability of the merge itself being successfully implemented given all the things I mentioned in the previous replies about Twitch. I did say that I believed this merge would help streamers in my very first reply in this thread, and I even encouraged Jazzy to justify the solution with a different approach because I was very much open to this solution but unconvinced by the OP. Regardless, whichever "camp" I'm in doesn't and shouldn't matter unless I'm totally fine with letting my natural biases in favor of "the people who agree with me" skew my views on this topic. Consider me in an entirely different third camp if that helps. Part of my argument is that the games ARE definitely separate games, which is what a good chunk of the conversation on page 2 carrying over onto page 3 was about. It's part of why I don't have faith in this solution actually becoming reality, and it's something that I disagree with as one of the OP's justifications for this merge happening. Absolutely; there are games with tag filtering. However, I've yet to see separate games from the same franchise being merged into one category and then being tag-filtered. Again, as I tried to emphasize in the responses where I asked questions, if there is a precedent, please share it, and I'll be 100% on-board with the solution from the OP, including encouraging Klei to take action. Otherwise, I'm very much unconvinced.
  5. How does that quote from me imply that my argument had anything to do with confusing people? That statement was a direct response to one of Misuto's complaints about streamers spending "countless times every single stream answering whether this is DS or DST or does this also work in the other or how do I do X in the game you aren't even playing". I was saying that the solution presented in the OP, if anything, would escalate those questions. I'm looking back at your response, and I'm not quite sure how you interpreted my "previous paragraph" as me taking any stance on confusing people. All I'm basically saying is "hey, if anything, people are gonna ask you MORE questions about whether you're streaming DS or DST if you lump the two games into one category", if the paraphrasing helps. Don't get me wrong; I'm 100% in favor of minimizing confusion and being as honest with the viewers as possible. However, in a situation like this where both streamers and viewers want to engage with each other more through single-player DS content, even though you can't completely eliminate the confusion on the viewers' part, you can still stay honest by clarifying the game in the stream title. Either way, this part of the conversation was not part of my central argument about issues with the solution in the OP and what I believe to be a more realistic solution.
  6. The difference between the two situations is that one requires going out of your way to either systematically change Twitch's guidelines or systematically change Twitch's game categorization system to allow separate games from the same franchise to be lumped into the same game category. This is why I was asking those precedent questions in my previous replies in the hopes that maybe you can lump separate games from the same franchise into one category and call it a day. If there is a precedent, GREAT, let's get Klei to ask Twitch to do just that; so far though, I've seen no examples of this. What there seems to be a precedent for, however, assuming the accuracy of an earlier reply, is streaming older games from the same franchise in newer game categories. I don't think it's dishonest or nefarious to stream DS in the DST category and then clarify that it's DS singleplayer in the title of the stream, especially given that viewers look for DS content in the DST category according to earlier replies. I absolutely agree that streamer suspension is possible, which is why I asked if there were any old-Pokemon-game streamers or DS streamers who were ever suspended for streaming on their respective new-game categories. If there aren't, I don't see any problems with streaming a different game from the same franchise given all this context about the dead DS category and Twitch's grey-area, non-rule guidelines.
  7. When did I say any of this? The solution I was suggesting was to stream DS content under the DST category instead of trying to change the Twitch guidelines, which themselves aren't even inherently concrete rules to begin with. My argument had absolutely nothing to do with "confusing people", nor did I advocate streamers to straight-up lie to their viewers "about what game they're watching".
  8. Steam doesn't treat the Black Ops game modes as separate games, though. https://store.steampowered.com/app/42700/Call_of_Duty_Black_Ops/ Having separate launchers doesn't inherently make those game modes separate games; if anything, from what you're telling me, it sounds like those separate launchers are there specifically for those separate statistics being tracked. At the end of the day, you're still playing "Call of Duty Black Ops" when you hop into "Call of Duty Black Ops single player campaign" or "Call of Duty Black Ops multiplayer". In contrast, DST was released as a sequel and an entirely standalone game from DS. https://store.steampowered.com/app/219740/Dont_Starve/ https://store.steampowered.com/app/322330/Dont_Starve_Together/ Whatever similarities and differences in content exist between the two games past or present is irrelevant to whether they are separate games or not. I personally believe DS and DST are wildy different games in content for the reasons I explained in a previous reply, but it still changes nothing with regard to whether they are or aren't separate games. I agree that the similarities are irrelevant, but whether the two are a game or a game mode is VERY relevant because the OP's solution is merging two separate games from the same franchise into one category on Twitch. From what I've seen so far, there is no precedent for that, nor do I see an incentive for Twitch to make these changes, nor do I see a path for these changes to happen considering Twitch's negative reputation with regard to making systemic changes in response to feedback from the Twitch community let alone our little sub-community. Also, keep in mind that merging the two games into one category (i.e. making streams more ambiguous) will, if anything, force streamers to clarify more often whether the game being played is DS or DST. To me, the best option would be to stream DS content under the DST category much like what the Pokemon streamers are currently doing, and if people actually do get suspended by Twitch mods for doing something so harmlessly common-sense and clearly grey-area per the vague cop-out guidelines, we can by all means climb that insanely arduous mountain assuming the thing at the top is worth the climb.
  9. It's not false equivalency; much like how Sims 2 and Sims 3 or Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and the rebooted Call of Duty Modern Warfare are separate games, DS and DST are entirely separate games that belong to the same franchise. I feel like you're trying to make the argument that DS is really "Don't Starve's single player mode" and DST is really "Don't Starve's multiplayer mode" when that is not the case at all; they are separate games, not separate game modes. Even excluding the clear differences in gameplay and game content, I don't know how you'd think that these are the same game in the first place, especially when DST is a direct sequel of DS. You certainly can talk about CoD single-player and multiplayer, but that would be false equivalency since those are game modes, not entirely separate games. You wouldn't call Halo 3 campaign mode and Halo 3 online mode separate games, would you? As I previously stated, making Twitch straight-up change their "rules" to specifically accommodate a sub-community like us is a mountain to climb, which is why I suggested this workaround as a solution. I put "rules" in quotes because at the end of the day, there are technically no proper rules and therefore no proper solutions because Twitch mods have all the power when it comes to making and enforcing their guidelines, which is why I called the paragraphs preceding the guidelines a "cop-out" on Twitch's part: "To protect the integrity of our community, as the provider of the service, we at Twitch reserve the right to suspend any account at any time for any conduct that we determine to be inappropriate or harmful". There is no solution that exists that will prevent a Twitch mod from coming down on you for having a bad day based on these loose non-rule rules that are entirely interpreted by Twitch and merely serve as something to help the streamers and viewers stay out of trouble.
  10. But these are game modes that are all part of the same game, right? What's being suggested in the OP is more akin to merging all the Call of Duty games or all the Sims games into one category. Are there any instances of something like this? I feel like you might've just found your solution right here. If Twitch isn't punishing these Pokemon players who aren't streaming Sword and Shield but are at least streaming a Pokemon game, couldn't streamers just do the exact same thing in the more popular DST category and then maybe switch over to the regular DS category if Klei releases another single-player DLC that revitalizes this category? I also took a look at the Twitch guidelines page, and as much of a cop-out as this is on Twitch's side imo, this is what they said: In addition to our Terms of Service, we provide the following guidelines for our community. These guidelines fall under a common sense philosophy and apply to all user generated content and activity on our services. This is considered a living document that we regularly update based on the evolution of the Twitch community and service. Additional guidelines or specific exceptions may be applicable for certain services or properties under the Twitch Service. So in the first place, these are "common-sense" guidelines, not black-and-white, cut-in-stone rules that are enforced with the strictest possible interpretation. And well, if there's precedence for streamers who understandably do the exact same thing without getting punished, I feel like that's a reasonable grey area that falls under common-sense. That being said, I'd like to know if there actually are any Pokemon streamers or DST streamers who did all of this stuff and got banned because of it because if there are, the solution I suggested is completely void.
  11. Right, but is there any precedence for Twitch merging games from the same franchise into one category (e.g. merging a game and its sequels into one category)? I ask because if there isn't, then the request being made in the OP essentially boils down to getting Twitch to rework their categorization system, which sounds like a giant uphill battle, especially when you consider that this merging option would have to be allowed for every videogame franchise. I think it would help to avoid ad hominem attacks in these kinds of discussions. DST streamers could be greedy terrorbeaks out to make the world a terribler place, and that wouldn't change their argument that merging DS and DST into one category should be done because it would make the single-player version more popular. Being a streamer doesn't validate nor invalidate the argument. Also, undercutting streamers in such a blunt way doesn't really help you both rhetorically and logically, especially considering that by this logic, the most popular gamers would include people who don't talk, show their face, or interact with their chat whatsoever. I have to disagree with the premise of this statement. This change involves both the streamer streaming DS and the viewers who watch DS content; both are affected by the outcome. I hope the implication here isn't that being a streamer with high "stakes in the outcome" alone inherently makes the streamer's take any more valid. I personally would also like single-player DS to receive more attention, especially as someone who really likes the unique mechanics in Hamlet. However, the argument in the OP to me isn't very convincing; it boils down to the ends (DS singleplayer being more popular) justifying the means (getting Twitch to merge two game categories) and the idea that the two games are so similar that separating the two games is pointless. I think you should approach this assuming that they are very different games and look for precedence with regard to Twitch, a website that I've heard takes a very long time to address any concerns in their community let alone sub-communities.
  12. In my view, they very much are entirely different games. I understand that many players play solo worlds in DST in such a way that the gameplay is almost identical to DS RoG, but it would be extremely misleading to say that the two games aren't all that different. From minute mechanical differences like the dragonfly and how armor works to drastic differences like the fuelweaver, all of the Return of Them content, and most importantly, the ability to play with other people, the games have plenty of significant distinctions that the "quick and easy answer" alone doesn't really do justice. I completely agree that merging the two games into one category would benefit the DS singleplayer streamers, but I could make that same argument for people who stream The Sims 2 instead of The Sims 4. Yet, these remain two separate games on Twitch. Is there any precedence of two games being merged into one category on Twitch?
  13. To keep with Don't Starve's themes of arrogance/ignorance, I think the ones who deserve to escape are Willow and Wolfgang. It's implied from their vignettes that the two of them deliberately wanted to escape the horrors of the real world in the first place whereas most of the DS cast were forcefully pulled in and punished for their careless pursuit of knowledge. The last person who deserves to escape imo is Wilson. As seen in the Turn of Tides short where he and Winona are easily seduced by the Gestalts, I don't think Wilson has changed much at all from the Forbidden Knowledge trailer, and unlike many of the survivors who searched for knowledge that would help OTHERS (Winona, Warly, Wendy), Wilson did it for himself. I hope he does get some good character development in future shorts though (e.g. his eventual rework).
  14. I always keep music on because I like the accordion ocean travel music, spring cleaning, and dragonfly boss music.
  15. Wagstaff is inside the Constant. He is officially confirmed as the person with the yellow glove Winona tried to save in the Next of Kin short. https://jeffagala.tumblr.com/post/615031573046296576/winona-tries-to-save-wagstaff-from-being-sucked