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At the moment they are only a nuisance. But I had a funny time watching a war between a pig, three mosquitos, a frog and two tentacles.... They even drop nothing. But we will see what the future brings.....

I witnessed something similar when a bunch of spiders were aggrod by mosquitos... It was fun to watch and I hoped for some drop from either party. I love this moments in the game and I hope they will add more mobs so that they all interact in funny ways.The island feels more alive for every new enemy that comes :D... also caves...:abnormal:
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Ah-ha! What if you use the blood extracted from all different types of mobs by mosquitoes to do specific things? Also I couldn't help but remember Wilson using his own blood for the machine that lead him to this world, maybe he needs some to get back, thus using a mosquito? Maybe I'm pushing this idea too far, who knows!

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