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Found 4 results

  1. I'm not active here, so apologies if this is known or repeated. I just wanted to post a couple helpful tips/workarounds I observed for the current game build. Wire Bridges overloading: I was having the problem of Wire Bridges overloading when they crossed Heavi-Watt Wires. I searched to see if this was a bug and found a number of other mentions (ex1, ex2, ex3). A solution I saw mentioned which currently works (build AU-221865) is to put the Wire Bridge on the Heavi-Watt circuit, rather than the regular Electrical Wire circuit when they cross. It seems like the Wire Bridges take their max power rating from their attached wires, so this works and the bridges don't overload. Heavi-Watt Wires through walls/tiles: Since Wire Bridges can currently be placed over tiles, I realized this might be a way to pass Heavi-Watt lines through floors & walls, and it works! Of course you can only run through a 1-tile thick floor/wall, but this makes power layouts much cleaner. A couple other notes on Wire Bridges & wiring I encountered: You can place a Wire Bridge so one (or both) of its power connections falls on top of another object's power connection, but you still must place/build a wire on that single square to make the connection. And a small annoyance which I assume is a bug - if you're placing Heavi-Watt over existing regular wire to upgrade it, the build priority you set doesn't apply, and it defaults to priority 5. After placing the build commands, you'll have to go back with the Priority tool if you want to change it. And a request/suggestion to devs: I hope you either leave this ability to have Heavi-Watt lines cross tiles using Wire Bridges, or alternatively/additionally create a new tile type that allows Heavi-Watt to be built through it (perhaps make it resource expensive and/or low decor). It's very inconvenient and also seems unrealistic to not have any kind of tile/barrier that Heavi-Watt wire can run through.
  2. Mosquitos

    What are they for what is there purposeI've noticed when they attack the red thing gets bigger.What could this mean?When its full do we get the blood they had stored?WHat could the blood be used for?
  3. Hello the following are some Ideas that might be interesting to see developed into the game.Hair - this is an idea i was thinking of in which all characters can cut hair to create a meat effigy i.e. Willow/Wendy can shorten their hair, Wolfgang can shave his mustache, Wes can cut ear hair (for humor) etc. now although this would get rid of Wilson's special ability he could be given something in return such as faster hair growth than other characters, or takes longer for starvation etc.Bridges - this could be a new structure the character can build (like walls and can be built with different materials as well) to reach other areas not easily reached through other means (have been stuck on an island before, with only way off is to loose sanity from wormhole).This one is not a suggestion but a problem I have with walls, When trying to build a wall near edge of land (where water meets land) it seems impossible/near impossible to build the wall.I hope these are decent Suggestions/problems that you perhaps like and implement into the game and perhaps in the future i will have more suggestions to try and help the game.Night
  4. Heyho, i decompiled the .lua files and played a bit with them. I deleted the traits, making tools a finite tool and also added a new drop to the grass. (It's just a proof on concept so please don't critizise what i'm doing) local dig_up = function(inst, chopper) if inst.components.pickable and inst.components.pickable:CanBePicked() then inst.components.lootdropper:SpawnLootPrefab("cutgrass") and inst.components.lootdropper:SpawnLootPrefab("seeds") end inst:Remove() After this i get the following crashlog at booting of the game LOADING LUA SUCCESS...e_Make_Steam_Package\workspace\data\scripts\main.lua:152: Prefab file doesn't return a callable chunk data/scripts/prefabs/grass.luaLUA ERROR stack traceback: =[C] in function 'assert' I did not recompile, since it did not work for me, also they told on the forum, you don't have to. Thanks in advance for any usefull hints etc. Erast P.