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  1. It should occasionally! That way it looses durability. Good idea.
  2. agreed. I think the trinkets need another purpose too.On the character balancing:Wilson: no changeWillow: I like the idea of fire power/lighter. Everything about Willow should be about fire :-)Wendy: Can summon Abigail at will for half a day but with a cooldown effect (maybe one day?). She should also be able to make friends with other ghosts! ghosts from graves follow Wendy around like pigs do!Wolfgang: keep him as strong (or double his current strength as a special ability with 2 day cooldown effect). but make him be more hungry as the others (he is working out a lot) and lower his sanity level (small brain)Wx: I like that rain can hurt him; but once you have an umbrella it is quite useless? Snow should hurt him too! (It's still water after all)Wickerbottom: make her brain bigger! (more sanity). Her ability: she gets a part of the crafted recipe back after she made it! What part should be random though! (she is clever enough to use less material)Wes: This one is important to me: The" invisible tools with 10% durability" idea was great!He needs some kind of ability. I am going to say it again here: Don't leave him as he is. I know hardcore players want a challenge and that is ok with me. But give me ONE reason to play as Wes. One little thing that makes him unique to the others. That gives all the (non hardcore) players a fun reason to play as him. Just making him weak is not fun. He needs an appeal.???: I haven't played with him... so yeah.
  3. Make the naughtiness level based on in game days... so Krampus will be summoned more easily in late game. New players can still kill massive amounts of bunnies but this should not be the method on day 50+.Similar to hound attacks but based on naughtiness. There is no excuse for being nice when having a bad ass base up by day 50+.Krampus buff!
  4. Nerf rabbits...

    this. I can live with luring rabbits into your traps by chasing them but leaving a trap near a rabbit hole to go around in circles like lobster farming... is just wrong.:disgust:hanging the respawn rate won't make it better because there are places with 20 rabbit holes around. They should stay inside their holes and maybe even be all frightened when a trap triggers...PS: Can't wait to kill that rabbit King down the hole...
  5. I really hope for desert/ jungle and beach biomes! I also would love to see that hairless bear in the woods :applause:Maybe we will find the rook (fire breathing turtle anyone?) hidden in the caves of the kingdom of the bunnymen...
  6. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    1. nasty bug: Sometimes on the King of Winter level bunnies trapped in the traps don't appear in my inventory. Just an empty trap! --> Very nasty because I had to catch 5 rabbits before I could finally get 2 to make my earmuffs. 2. bug: a spider kept screaming at the hound mound never stopping 3. bug: holding down spacebar while cutting a burned spiky tree will let Wilson perform an unnecessary last cut in midair --> whats with the invisibility lately? xD
  7. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    Not know if it is already mentioned:Bug: cooked mushrooms are invisible when lying on the ground! Somehow the sprite is missing?
  8. Surprise! Weekend Edition

    1-A cold reception2-Moderate3-teleporting day 74-getting past the thin passages of pigs or level 3 spider dens. the sanity wasn't really a problem because there where plenty of flowers around.5-finding new stuff around (2 bee mines and a beekeeper hat; which I did not really use but where cool). and going back for chester which could not keep up with me running around.6-I found chester so I wanted to give him alle the pieces to have maximum storage for myself. As I found out that he is slow as a snail I decided to leave him behind and come back later... When I found the teleporter I left all my pieces there and went back for him.7- I like that chester is much slower now! But I don't see the point of him beeing slow without having any items in him? would't it be more fun when he is slow when he is carrying items inside?Also: I think the cold reception level is the easiest of them all; take away some flowers in the world and the sanity will hit the player eventually. I could keep mine above 120.1-King of Winter2-Moderate3-diying on day 3-4 by tallbirds (lots of them^^)4- keeping warm; I could not catch two rabbits the first day to make earmuffs, also 3 Mctusks and these tallbirds at the end. The divining rod told me to go there but I could not find the piece. :-(5- Beeing able to survive 3 days^^ and I never got to chapter 2 before6 - liting trees on fire on my way to the pieces. laying the stone beside them to heat up. in the end the enemies killed me though not really the cold7- I wanted to say that it is good that some chapters are easier than the others! It keeps (new) players encouraged to try adventure again because they achieved something (got to chapter 2).A last question: How many possible adventure levels are in the making? I hope it isn't only 5, because that way you never know which 5 chapters you are really going to get in the end. As a player I would really love to have that feeling of "beeing lucky" to not get a level that I can barely manage (the king of winter for example) and have the lucky chance to meet maxwell at the end :-)Keep it up! The game is shaping marvelously.
  9. Will the backpack also decay now? Would make sense to be honest because you never have to craft one again!I also like _Q's idea of needing charcoal for the crockpot. I mean it is not that hard to get some for every 5 meals or so.
  10. agreed! Wilson should say:" I am too hungry to sleep!"
  11. Poe's Plethora Of Plushies

    I think Chester is easier to make than the Koelephant. So make Chester! :-DMake him so you can open him and find his eyebone in him If that is not to hard to make...
  12. You can lure a Koelephant to your base and simply tramp him between hay walls for free manure every day. He can also serve as a nice meat reserve if needed. why that??
  13. agreed. Bunnies should die after a few days.. just let them turn into morsels (and then rot). And the finished crock pot recipes should definitely! They are exposed to air and therefore should spoil.
  14. He has 2 meat effigies without any health penalty... I don't like cheaters