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  1. Man I wasn't on the forums for 1 day and all this happened
  2. How would one go around to joining the bacon church?
  3. It's a creature that's a mix of a Warg and what? Most monsters it's easy to tell, Deerclops is the mixture of a cyclops and deer, Bearger is a bear and a badger etc. So what creatures is the Varg a mixture of? Is it just a Warg with a V in it's name for no reason?
  4. I thought I was the only Australian on here! And there's a fellow Melbourner awesome!
  5. Feel free to add a very dapper shark with a monocle just swimming through the waters of the Don't Starve (that may or may not feed on Pengulls/ People etc)
  6. Yes but that's if you know this, most players will just try to run making him use his charge ability, so it makes the inexperienced players have a very hard fight. Especially if he spawns near your base and uses the AOE attack to destroy your base and uproot plants etc
  7. If the devs wanted weather to affect caves (which I doubt, they're probably just too busy to fix it right now) maybe it should on affect the caves and not the ruins. It would have the trade off of if you want to get away from the weather you have too go somewhere very dangerous to do so, and it would make sense since the first part of the caves seems to be only roughly 4 meters below the surface while the ruins are far far deeper.
  8. I think it should be used to freeze food, like the ice box but make it last a LOT longer but it won't restore as much health,sanity or hunger. So you get the trade off of getting food the lasts ages but doesn't give you as much
  9. I think they should keep the meat effigy recipe universal as it is now, and just change the visuals since just changing how something looks is easier than changing the recipe, testing to see if what you changed it with is balanced etc
  10. YES WEEBBBEEERRR!!! (and hopefully they fixed the Deerclops attack animation!) someone quickly find the puzzle!!
  11. Wait does this mean there's gonna be a puzzle?! Can't wait
  12. I'm just hoping there's Autumn hounds that drop orange gems (who knows maybe they could be a giant variant of hounds)
  13. So guys do you think that all the new Giants (I'm assuming there's gonna be a few since it is called reign of Giants) will be considered boss monsters like the spider Queen, Tree Guard etc or just tougher enemies?
  14. I wonder if these new trees will have a Tree Guard variant like the Lumpy Tree.