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  1. Can confirm, it only happens off screen though. Seems some optimization that simplifies dupe behavior off screen has caused them to be.. too simple.
  2. Can confirm, it only happens off screen though. Seems some optimization that simplifies dupe behavior off screen has caused them to be.. too simple.
  3. When you build a Heavy Watt Wire first and build an Airlock on top of it, you can basically build a HW Wire through a "wall". Whole process is shown in the below video, as well as things that don't work while this one method does work. Here's the video. The process to do it starts at around 1:30.
  4. Huh, it seems Klei needs to keep quiet about closed test branches in the future. People seem to get really offended over this concept that's been around for years, if not decades.
  5. Short answer: yes. Long answer: Anyone who had the game linked to his Steam account before the update hit is eligible for the free game/DST pack.
  6. @Tikigit You act as if Klei promised 100% unrestricted access to every single bit they do. They never did, they gave you access to the alpha builds and just because you don't get daily updates doesn't mean that they don't deliver what they promised.
  7. Basically what the title says. I have uploaded a video to YouTube for you to see the bug, you can see it first at the 8:24 mark and a bit after that. Here the full video of the process, after the character creation and tiny bit into the game. Attached are the output_log, the save file and the DxDiag. PS: Yes, in the video you can see a graphical error with both water and the background (Gasses). This is a bug related to my recording software and has nothing to do with the bug I'm reporting with this thread. output_log.txt Citadel.sav DxDiag.txt
  8. I'm very sure that Klei intends on overhauling this. Right now, all pumps do is adding gas from the environment into pipes. From there, the "packet" searches for a path to all the possible "inputs" through pipes and moves. That's it. It's very basic and actually, in my opinion, too crude to be acceptable. I'm sure they will add pressure, but right now the system works and the focus is on other topics.
  9. Are you alive?

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      That's great. I'm kinda alive too! How you doing?

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      I'm fine, I suppose. And you?

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      I'm fine, relatively. Tumors still couldn't win over me so I guess I am happy.

  10. Soo.. What art has been artisticly arted over the year?
  11. Hello, I am the old grumpy guy from the ancient times of this forum, sometimes showing up to tell kids to get off his lawn.
  12. I would post about the ancient history but I've become too detached and grumpy about how different these forums are now.
  13. I know this will get downvoted but I really like bacon.
  14. I like first world anarchy. Bonus anarchy.