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  1. If the Dupes caused the catastrophe in some kind or fashion, maybe it is there to prevent their return from exile. ^^
  2. Dupe-A-Day!

    There is one infinite thing in the has somethng to to with dupes and the insides of their brains
  3. Dupe-A-Day!

    Jetpack Tech may lead to a heavy impact on Dupe fitness
  4. Yeah, probably we get Wall-E Human dupes. Hovering around in chairs and such ^^
  5. Looking at those solar panels...maybe there will even be satellites and or probes? To cartograph the space before we send our brave Dupestronauts up there. ^^
  6. Oxygen Not Included Reveal

    Now very early 2017 still no early 2017
  7. Aileen Rose's Don't Starve Stash

    I would like to have a wilson like this sometimes,too XD
  8. Just me scribbling

    Just Me Scribbling Art by the Merm Jockey Paper Don't Starve - Appartment Puzzle , Puzzle thread Ongoing Discussion 1. Knock Knock 2. Quiet 3. Illuminate 4. Perplexing 5. Curiosity 6. Trapped 7. Introrsus Due to archiving of my thread a big chunk of Artwork got unavailable for audience. I will re-post some samples and give again my DA adress which is also in my signature. Here is a link to the ol' thread full of wonders The veterans, if you remember a specific piece you want to see again please tell me. There should be everything sleeping on my pc. ^^
  9. Just me scribbling

    One could say so ^^ Mostly, Harlekin wants to give Klei the monees and play the game as soon as possible!
  10. Just me scribbling

    Happy 2017 my fellow forumers! ^^
  11. Just me scribbling

    Staying alive, staying alive
  12. Just me scribbling

    Thanks ^^
  13. Just me scribbling

    Xerxes will start the return of the art train
  14. Just me scribbling

    The Newspaper reads: Beard gains World Domination XD
  15. Just me scribbling

    Of course I'm all talk and no time.... o_O I need some serious rump kicking to start some kind of reliability again XD At least I'm still doing stuff, at least I should ... something I did in my graphic design class...I will try to simply start making art here again too
  16. Just me scribbling

    I say thank you! ^^
  17. some art :D

    Well, doing stuff. A little bit rough on the edges but overall I'm fine. And I would like to be around again. Making stuff and such
  18. some art :D

    'ello Willette! Everything alright with the art and the smart? ^^
  19. Just me scribbling