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  1. Cooked fish restores 40 Health (nerfed from 50) and they are pretty easy to catch.Just don't try fish at night, those mosquitos are annoying.Also hunting down the Koalefant is pretty good, 8 Meat + Trunk. Trunk Steak restores a lot of health.
  2. Someone has to maintain the balance, there aren't many bunny-eating predators in this world you know.
  3. Damn I get shivers when I hear them, I hate mosquitos (when they fly close to your ears and wake you up, brrr... that sound)
  4. I really like this update, finally not everything is free for you to take and exploit.Too bad I underestimated MacTusk and died.That bastard shot me in the back after he destroyed my armor and I attempted to run.
  5. A lot of other stories have little girls with twisted minds and adultlike behaviors.That's what makes them strange/creepy.Wendy will always be a creepy little girl to me, because I like strange kids with an adult personality.
  6. I used to be scared from the sound when the trees grow.It was a sudden noise, and I didn't know what it was.When I realized the trees made that noise, I thought monsters will jump out of the trees or something.Even when I realized it's the trees growing, I jumped a bit every now and then. :)Sadly the game is not really scary anymore for me, but it's very athmospheric nonetheless.
  7. If you can't kill a monster, you must hide and run from it. Also if it could sense your fear (can't hide from it, when your sanity is low), that would be pretty damn scary if you ask me. Just throw in some nice sound effects, and you wet your pants.I'm all for more scary things/monsters.
  8. The pond itself spawn the frogs and the fish. Even if you burn the plants down, frogs will still spawn.I used to make my camps in swamps, and ate frogs, fish and spiders (before the new mapgen).
  9. I used to be adventurer like you (maybe a bit more extreme... I literally explored the whole map before I decided where to make a permanent camp), however in the latest update I started following the roads because you usually find good stuff. I have plenty of time to explore later, and who knows I might not even need to explore the whole world to survive.I think I like it this way better, I can set up a base sooner.Maybe it's not in a perfect place like it used to be, but hopefully good enough.
  10. Probably a bug, my first test world had no Pig King either. Looking forward to my next world. I died on Day 40 trying to kill 2 Queens at the same time.