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  1. Well, well, well, look who is still worshiping bacon, long time no see my good bacon lovers.
  2. I also have had this happen to me. Came back a week ago and then yesterday, no rabbit holes. I am sad because I though it was a corruption in my save game or something so I deleted my world and created a new one. Still no rabbit holes. Now I am a bit sad because my first world was a great start, and I can't use my rabbit trapping strategy because I can't see the rabbit holes. ;-;
  3. I have a feeling that a new better amor is going to be presented in the near future.....
  4. Forgot to say it would make it interesting to have rain interfere with fire so it goes out a little quicker. But if this were to happen I guess it would once every five to ten days.
  5. Just wondering if anyone knows when rain would be added? Because it would be really cool to have days were it rains, like it snows in winter. Also I was thinking maybe rain might lower your sanity because your all wet from the rain and the straw hat stops it?
  6. they probably jump out of the ocean and run across your island and back into to the ocean on the other side. (they need a way across anyway)
  7. I only remember seeing thison TV late a night a while a go, made my mom chuckle. Funny enough she is addicted to this game.http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eusMzC7Rx7M
  8. This would make hanging out with pigs more mysterious though I would think they would speak jibberish so no one can understand and will make you comefused on what they are saying
  9. I tried using a bee keeper hat near mosquitos but it didn't repel mosquito bites, I would think it would? This way I can fish in peace!
  10. Has anyone else noticed that Klei has given Wilson some lines from old Tv shows and songs?Examples:Examining wood Wilson says: Its big, its heavy, its wood! - Ren and StimpyExamining chest Wilson says: Its a tickle trunk! - Mr. Dress upExamining hammer Wilson says : Stop! It's time to hammer thinngs! - Mc hammer - Can't touch touch thisAnd excetra!If you find anymore of these please tell me!
  11. Kevin said something about winter starting at lest 30 days in the game or lasting at lest or something about that?
  12. Same but I only died once and it was because I acciedently catched a angry bee and let it go when I was low on health
  13. I think you have misjudged Kevin, He can never be trusted! He has messed up on the files before. A thread talked about character skulls and Kevin lost them way back, they were never ment to be added! he can just lie that the stuff is in the file and change and added stuff to the file. Why else does it take so long for him to update!