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  1. I think Chester is easier to make than the Koelephant. So make Chester! :-DMake him so you can open him and find his eyebone in him If that is not to hard to make...
  2. Could this be a wickerbottom only bug? I get this bug too and I think it is because you don't need a science machine for some recipes?
  3. But that's the whole point... taking risks and making sacrifices to survive... BUT I am hoping they are adding these "treasure chests" Kevin talked about soon! Any words on them? It would be awesome to find random items in these chests and if you are really lucky like a dark-sword or something .. or just a bunch of wood
  4. I witnessed something similar when a bunch of spiders were aggrod by mosquitos... It was fun to watch and I hoped for some drop from either party. I love this moments in the game and I hope they will add more mobs so that they all interact in funny ways.The island feels more alive for every new enemy that comes ... also caves...
  5. I would not say "useless" because the game wants us to suffer hard... Every source of food will come with a cost and thats good. Fishing was way to easy before winter...That said I am still not sure how to handle the issue now^^ ... I think plot farming will be the best option for now... untill winter of course /-)
  6. good luck handling the mosquitoes... they killed my froggy friend and took over the pool party. No fishing because there are just to many... pretty tuff little suckers
  7. Love the posts in this thread. Hilariously funny stuff going on here. But seriously winter at day 11 killed my but off... and pigs are OP now xD. Still love the action going on... It's so intense now.
  8. Exactly! This must be a bug maybe? It was a bit of a shock for me aswell. And anybody noticing the snow during the FIRST night? I though OK they are making serious business here.Died on day 11. The game is stepping up guys!
  9. Great Ideas - I want something like this SO BAD!!! Please devs you promised us the best singleplayer experience you can make; Make it happen! 0.0
  10. I don't mind adjusting myself to upcoming differences but it does take some magic away when you are beta testing the game and only getting little "appetizers" on the way. You loose the big picture somehow which is sad.I had that effect when beta testing "Incredepide"... I was very hyped for the release but testing all the buggy things and experiencing "half" the product didn't felt very good.DS is a bit better in that regard; The game evolves very closely attached to the community which is great.I think beta testing has its pros and cons... I mean we are contributing to this game and all the gamers here and the developers are really supportive so I enjoy the stay and the decision to "get into beta".
  11. Mc Tusk: "Hey Krampus I have a very very naughty boy on sight; Want to join the party?"Krampus: *puts sack on shoulder "Locked and loaded!"Son: "But Daddy..."Mc Tusk: "Shut up son! It's the perfect time to hunt for your first human beard."Let the party begin!
  12. would be nice ... but I really need sleep here... but I want the trailer first... sleep... trailer...sleep... TRAILER! 0.o
  13. You probably moved in some way... just bad luck. I think it's still cool how she is playing out. There still that tiny chance that you could get hit which makes it a bit more tense surviving the night^^Just had another thought: What happens to her during winter nights? Maybe she can keep herself warmer than others?
  14. hahaha love how this is going on and on! Screens when finished pls!
  15. :applause:Yes! I would give this whole theme another chance. Okay Krampus was hated for destroying everything and he was not really balanced but the idea was still nice. As Kevin stated he was hyped to much and the psychology behind it was a bit unfair...Try it again with the bear! Everyone wanted a bear either way. And there is no "personal attribution" on having a bear eating your honey. People will say "OK it's the bear wanting to eat" and not "I did something bad..." (Krampus).Go for it devs!
  16. So about the honey. --> Bears. I think it's pretty straight forward... If you have to many bee boxes/ harvest to many honey/ leave the honey unharvested/ leaving food on your crockpots (hmm that smell...), leaving food around etc.: This will attract bears (or let us call them "scavengers"). These nasty enemies are after your precious food sources: There should either come in hordes (like rats) or as one big mob maybe (bears) to destroy your crockpots and bee boxes. this will keep the player cautious and lets him think twice before building massive farms, 10 crockpots, to many beeboxes etc because this will increase the chance of scavengers coming! After all this is a dangerous island full of monsters and stuff; It is expected to get "visitors" from time to time! Things to keep in mind: Don't make them be another easy food source (Gobbler) Don't make it to easy to keep them away from your food Don't make them easy to kill (make them quick and shy or strong and dangerous) So what do you think? Problem solved? ;-D
  17. I would love to hear the preview video sound in game . I am pretty sure they will ad it in. I made a few ideas on the grave digger items... the buttons should be used to craft a (special) snowman...!
  18. Thanks!I opened a poll for it... How does this make the game easier?.. except for the marbles the item effects are quiet "low powered".
  19. Yeah that would be really cool if they implemented this as another play mode called "maxwell's card-deck of evilness". the replayability would be pretty epic. thanks for sharing
  20. You call that strategy?? http-~~-// PS: I would subscribe to that guy... he makes some real good bug tracking/exploit videos there! You should honestly pay him as an play tester... Look at his videos I'm serious!
  21. Yeah. i think the auto saving thing is a bit weird... and you should be able to save at will and not have to start the day again if you quit before dawn. That's what I suggested here.
  22. Why the autosave? It allows players to "cheat" very easy... You only have one save file so: What about a similiar saving option like in FTL? Where you can save and quit at will as long as you are not in danger (as long as there are no enemies around or the "fight music") ... which makes perfect sense for a rougelike permadeath game... Why isn't that in Don't Starve then?
  23. I mean seriously... people are suggesting meat effigies for every character and making multiple lives an easy convenient. This is not what this game is intended to be guys; You are ment to die! Many responses the devs are getting are from people having a super base at day 100+... We are missing the "starting over" aspect of this game a lot this way! Shouldn't this be a core aspect of the game? There should be an instant death at day 100 or something preventing the player to build up an empire of effigies... And allowing them to start over again; give them a bit of a push Now die already and start over... nuff said
  24. Yeah! It does not make sense if he ignores the backpack but steals your stuff lying around....
  25. very nice idea... but we have limited food sources right now. the three things we eat the most are morsel, meat and seeds... Its difficult right now: still a good consideration