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  1. I Want to play Weejay! Nice job on the horns and ears.
  2. Wakiko is the cutest! I love how you did her one big eye. Is she related to the spikes?
  3. You have a Brain in a jar... A BRAIN.. in .. a .. jar. That is so awesome!
  4. I like how you drew Ashley the Artist. Lol less sanity.
  5. Awesome!!!! That thar ain't no doodle. That be a right good portrait. Seriously though, you drew him so much scarier than he is. I'm shaking in my boots.
  6. Because its your character, it doesn't have to start with a W. Post it!
  7. Winter has really caused a big push towards constantly being on the move. My first time through winter, I survived by traveling a bit each day planting a campfire so I wouldn't freeze (I had absolutely nothing to protect me from the cold) Then I would pick the land around my fire clean of resources, I would periodically return to unfreeze. My main priority was to get food and wood so that I wouldn't starve or freeze. I was close to starving several times. I think winter successfully made it impossible to turtle at least during that season. So now the player has to change strategies between the seasons. I like the level it is right now. I eventually want to have a berry/honey/whatever farm and a home base. I don't want to be perpetually stuck in a cycle where I am barely able to eek out an existence on day 200, if I live that long. That would be like being on day 1 every day. I don't want to be on day 1, I want to be the King! This is why I like the custom map. You can make it harder or easier depending on your preference. Unfortunately it seems like if anyone suggests something that would make the game less "difficult" or quicker there are many plays that complain it won't be challenging enough! "We want challenges because we're real gamers and you must be a noob if you want it to be easier." How about fun, like riding Beefalo.
  8. Thank you! While this game is addictive and interesting in the variety of ways a person can die, I can't wait to have a story, so that it feels like there is a point to all this, beyond making the best of a bad situation.
  9. I know, its absolutely terrible. Utterly unforgivable! How can I desire ease in a game made to shed blood sweat and tears. And yet here I sit, comfortably, in front of my monitor, eating chocolate-covered donuts, and wandering the vast, winter wasteland as my simulated self suffers from frostbite and a grumbly tummy. jk Yeah, the extra map icons and possibly being able to toggle the icons off and on are what I am most interested in. The other things I just thought would be fun. Yup, I try not to leave any found pieces where they are, because they are not marked on the map. I almost(but I don't) wish for a map that I could put notes on, or write on. Zelda Phantom Tracks anyone. I would be writing things like oh Noo Spiders! or Tentacle Hell. Actually that would become a problem real quick.My goal in Don't Starve is to explore the entire island, and then become King and bend nature to my will. I will have a castle and all creatures will bring offerings of supplication! Mwaaahhaaha.... wishful thinking.
  10. These are my suggestions.1.Map Icons I would like a backpack locator icon on the map. I lose backpacks a lot when I equip armor and run for my life, chased by a den... or two of spiders. I forget where I dropped it, and then i lose valuable loot. Also Chest icons would be good too. I randomly make chests to store loot when I'm in an area far from any of my camps.I think Pig houses also should have a map icon, just like the beehives do.And perhaps an icon for the location of a group of Beefalo. Now which yellow patch were the Beefalo in? I like to explore the map, so it starts to get complicated and difficult to remember when I have 10 yellow patches on my map and I haven't visited the Beefalo in a few days.Perhaps you might think this will make the map to cluttered, so I have another suggestion that could help. In map view you could toggle on and off Resource icons, Creature Icons(Pig Houses, Beefalo Herds, Tallbird and Spider nests, etc) and Item icons (Backpacks, camp fires, Science machines, farm plots.)2. Beefalo Riding and Beefalo CareI once had a pet Beefalo. I was very sad when he up and died on me. I would like to be able to feed my Beefalo so that it likes me. You can do this with the Pig men and have them fight with you. I would like to be able to feed my Beefalo and continually harvest its hair, because they don't live very long, so feeding should extend its life span.I want an item, like a harness, so my character can ride the Beefalo, allowing the characters to travel faster around the map.3. I have a suggestion for the backpack slot. Make a separate slot from the armor slot. We should be able to wear the backpack over the armor4. It would also be nice to have more armor and on hand weapons like tentacle spikes.
  11. I like Mallory, and I know you can draw her, cause shes in your icon. Do it. Do it now! lol Also I want that hat.
  12. Well know I really want to make mosquito grenades.
  13. That would be even creepier if Maxwell responded and told wilson good night.