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  1. Shipwreck beta two has just launched and for once I can actually say I'm excited when I game actually did that. However I'm going to call it the shipwrecked Renaissance for I feel it's more appropriate and it sounds cooler. This thread's purpose is to gather suggestions for generally about what you want to see you fixed or added to SW thus far we know the original shipwreck left quite a few loose ends. for me I wish they fixed two things if that's possible For me I wish they fixed two things if that's possible 1 if you can only do one thing for each character besides the obvious and make Warly good just please give him a recipe alternative when he's in RoG(my rage is so strong with this one especially in adventure mode! 2 fix the lagging or memory thing that happens when you have jumped to a shipwrecked world it's really annoying to only be able to play for 30 minutes before your computer starts trying to break itself. Okay now you guys go!
  2. First of all i played game over 10hrs but i couldnt finish yet. if this game has backpack my bad if not im explaning now. Artist can make backpack this backpack can give extra +1 strength. some dungeons can spawn in maps with awards or loots ( so we need armor to fight :P) some ideas from me sorry for bad english.
  3. This thread will do similar to my balloonmancer thread. By thinking of tools Warly can use to give him power and be a little less terrible. Now this thread is only here to give him tools with changing little if anything about his eating mechanics. Butcher knife getting kills with this knife wil have a great chance of increasing the meat a mob drops. Merms will drop more fish and such another option will turn it into a tool where it turns meat into (2)morsels normal or fish. Because getting morsels can be rather tedious Pressure cooker a late game portable crockpot that halves the cooking time of any meal with maybe a 10% boost or something portable farm pots Basically farms that will grow in your inventory basically act as improved farmers but you might actually want these sea cage basically you bait the cage drop it in a shoal or pond wait a day and pull the cage to 5-8 fish with the durability of a trap That's all I got for now
  4. Hi, I have created a list of some of the ideas I have for the game. Multiple asteroids My first idea is that you could build a drill to get through the neutronium around the map and then build a rocket of some sort to fly to another asteroid, with the ability to select or put in the resource of your choice for the next asteroid. Some factors that limit or affect this are: Fuel for the rocket would be very expensive and take a lot of time and power to make; The asteroid you got to would be a random single biome e.g cold, with no deviation from that. You would only be able to take one or two dublicants over with limited resources and getting more from the previous one would be very expensive. You could get a galaxy or asteroid field map, and you could use that to see unexplored areas and navigate between your asteroids. Any anything else you can think of. Sea creatures My second idea is that you could have sea creatures, like electric eels or sting rays that when captured and put into a special container generate electricity or fish (Like the one in coal generator-tank-thing on the menu screen) that eat germs and give off sand or dirt or something. I think sea creatures would change the game a lot and could provide more structures to go to the animal control research tab, even maybe a new one, It could also make managing your liquids much more important. 'Zombite' infection This infection could be found in the ruins and could turn dead dublicants, if not in a grave, into creatures that spread the infection. This is probably the idea that fits the worst into the game. But it could still make for some interesting and difficult ruin exploration. The germs could be killed by most things but survive in dead bodies left on the ground. again this idea is probably my worst but it is just an idea. Mod support Everyone is thinking it, mods are great and after how many were made for DS and DST ONI would be a great candidate for mods. Mods would also fit so well with the game and could be easily created based on pre-existing things in the game. One of the problems with mods is that if Klei wants to add something to the game and then a mod comes out already adding that, it causes problems for Klei such as getting permission for the mod creator and things like that. But altogether I think the pros outweigh the cons. Surface to asteroid(s) If my first idea (multiple asteroids) isn't added to the game, and if it is, then this would be a good addition. A surface the asteroid could be could as then we would have to deal with things like UV rays from the sun (as asteroids don't have Ozone layers) and other things. This would improve the end game (which can get a bit dull as it is 'just survive forever') and this could really 'spice' things up. 'Super wires' Overloading circuits are just the worst and are really annoying to deal with. and making another 'special' material/metal, like neutronium, could fix this problem without having to make a million other circuits and not having to worry about the decor dropping to -1billion. That's all my ideas and I would love to hear yours and what you think of mine, Thanks for reading, Bloxing Games.
  5. Anyone else notice that a gas despite the temperature always has the same max density per tile coming from a vent? e.g. 20Kg per tile (in a 5x5 enclosure) at 20 c and -150 C seems odd but maybe intentional
  6. I find myself playing ONI way too much after the update, and anyone can agree that it is a well-thought out game. Here are some suggestions that I think Klei should add: Creature reproduction system: Every few cycles, the mob will lay an egg. If you hover your pointer over it, it will say the time till hatch and the survival rate (35%?) The egg can be used for food. Incubator: New building: Dupes will put reachable eggs in the Incubator, and the survival rate will increase to 95%? Gas/Liquid Temperature Filter: Only the gas/liquid between desired temperature can pass, others will be separated. Hot tub: Improved shower, takes up more space and water, but decreases a large amount of stress and improves hygiene. Infinite world selection: Map goes on forever. Trapdoors: One tile horizontal airlocks Space Benedict: New food that includes eggs
  7. Here are my feedback and suggestions on the Oil Upgrade. Exosuits I love these things. They are a bit oxygen-hungry, but they are a great addition to the game. Them being made from metal doesn't make a ton of sense from an immersion point of view, but I understand why they need to be available before plastics are obtainable. One suggestion I have is looking at how the Grimy debuff works with the Exosuit. I had to lock those of my dupes working in suits out of my latrine because they kept running back for showers every time they got dirty. Rooms Another home run, in my humble opinion. I've built my bases in ways that resemble places real people would live and work, so I'm already working with tightly organized rooms. Getting a small bonus for sacrificing efficiency for aesthetics is a nice reward. I'd love to see this idea expanded upon with new rooms (laboratories, recreational rooms, workshops, kitchens, warehouses, etc). I would caution you guys to keep the bonuses for rooms small so that they are a carrot and not a stick, though. I would also recommend labeling anything that qualifies as an industrial machine as such in the tool tip and changing the "one bed' to "one or more beds" to avoid confusion . Medicine I'm happy to see the Apothecary back in the game. It is a bit weird that it uses Tinkering instead of Medicine. Using the latter skill would be both intuitive and a means of leveling Medicine before we're called upon to care for sick dupes. I presume more medicines will be added as more diseases are introduced to the game. We still need a way to sweep and store medicine. I suggest some type of medicine cabinet that can be placed in Medbays without disrupting the room bonus. It would be useful if we could choose who works the Apothecary in the jobs menu. I do understand how bloated that menu will get if you include an entry for every machine in the game. With that in mind, perhaps a blanket "Fabricate" job could be included for the Refinery, Apothecary, Textile Loom, etc. We could then use door access to sort the rest. Sink Another great addition. Plumbing for a Wash Basin seemed like a natural progression. I would like to see it also function as a bottler for whatever liquid is being piped into its intake valve. This would allow us to have to move away from the manual pumps altogether if we so desire. The prospect of a fully functioning kitchen is an appealing one. Oil I may have missed it, but digging a tunnel from one side of the map to the other through the oil biome revealed no oil reserves, meaning I was unable to test the Well Cap. If these aren't guaranteed to spawn on every map, then oil - which I suspect will be very important to the eventual end-game - will be finite. I'm not entirely sold on the numbers (water, power, etc) involved in extracting and refining crude oil, fabricating plastic, and managing heat and other outputs. As is it is a lot of effort to squeeze out a bit of plastic and petroleum. Admittedly I haven't played around with it long enough to question the balance of the numbers on any solid ground. I'm also unsure if manually running an Oil Refinery is the best way to go. It's a huge machine that outputs a ton of heat and unbreathable gas, so naturally we'll have it tucked away in the bowels of our bases. Anyone working in such a place is bound to hate their job with a passion. Miscellaneous Thoughs * Making the Comfy Bed three tiles wide wrecked the layout of my sleeping quarters, which are naturally designed around beds that are two tiles wide. * I hope the graphic used for the Plastic Ladders is temporary. Right now the disjointed look is weird. * This is a personal preference issue, but I greatly dislike the new beeping sounds for clicking and un-clicking objects. It not only pierces the ear, it doesn't gel with the sounds already in the game. * The Animal Traps being made of plastic means they're coming into use long after they're desired. I imagine most players have their Hatches (and other animals) sorted by the time they're refining Crude Oil and fabricating Plastic. That's all I've got for now. I'm having a ton of fun with the Oil Upgrade and look forward to what you guys have in store for us next.
  8. Amphibious duplicants give very little benefit (that I can tell). Perhaps reduce stress impact for wet feet and/or soaking wet =-=-=- The liquid bottler allows liquids to pass through its platform. This makes it difficult to keep a pure water cistern, and if polluted waters get in, there is no way to apply a filter to the bottler. Would it be possible to be able to build the bottler so that the platform is in tiles (and/or build tiles over the bottler platform) =-=-=- When a mechanized airlock door has no power it still opens just as quickly as it normally would. Devaluing the normal airlock door. An unpowered mechanized airlock should open just as slow as a normal airlock. When an airlock door is rotated sideways, it is sometimes hard to tell which way is 'left' and which is 'right' - in the graphic allowing you to set duplicant direction to pass through the door. Could the arrow be changed to a diagonal, up-left and down-right? (or whatever is appropriate) Side Note: My desire for symmetry finds the off-center rotated airlock distasteful, and I would rather have it either only one or three squares wide - (I am probably in a minority on this) =-=-=- It would be nice to have tiles etc appear different based on materials used for construction. =-=-= Cycle Switch A power switch (much like Atmo Swith, etc) that can be set to enable or disable power only when 'night time' or other periods (this might require defining the cycle into several sections - for example 'Early Bird' would apply only during 'Section I' dawn, etc. And the cycle switch would allow toggle of power on/off during each section of the cycle. =-=-=- Rooms I like the new rooms Future ideas, certain rooms could require lighting conditions, or decor requirements (eg 1 statue, 2 paintings, 1 potted plant) certain rooms could require other rooms be in the base =-=-=- Continuous tasks Make it possible for an Electric Grill to cycle through multiple 'continuous' food options =-=-=-= Robot Printing station Requires learning skill to operate print a robotic duplicant - Robot duplicants would work similar to regular duplicants except they require power (recharging station) instead of food and the player could custom pick their skills. Or perhaps select from pre-defined types (Digger, Builder, runner, etc.) and have a chance to have random negative and positive traits (a higher learning skill by the duplicant printing them affects the chances of these) Or perhaps robots could only be used for delivery and/or sweep tasks (using robots to deliver solids similar to how pipes deliver gasses and liquids) Robots would require metal/Iron, plastic, and oil to print Robots that take damage or break down would need repairs Robots could have higher tolerance to heat/cold (but could still overheat/freeze) and would not require O2 Robots would not be able to activate the bioscanner to enter ruins Robot 'recharging stations' would consume power and might consume oil or other resources. Robots would output heat Robots could take damage or negative effects from Chlorine (which reacts to certain metals) Robots could take damage or negative effects from liquids and should not perform mop task =-=-=- Ice Shaver Currently if you have a huge amount of ice, it takes forever to melt because the game assumes you must raise the temperature of the entire mass in order to reach the melting point. While there are ways to manipulate this, it is tedious. A machine that takes ice and instead of raising the temperature of the entire mass, shaves 1 KG and then only that amount of ice is, over time (based on ambient temperature), converted to water (which would drop out of the machine) The machine then shaves another KG of ice as long as its supply is filled. Basically instead of looking at how much heat energy is required to raise the temperature of the entire mass of ice, it looks at how much is required to raise 1 KG, allowing a large mass of ice to be slowly reduced. (I hope that makes sense)
  9. Mechanic change proposal mods

    Version 0.1.0


    The purpose of these mods is to provide some proposals for change in mechanics to the developers, help with balance, take up some part of balancing to allow the Klei developers to focus more on other things, while at the same time letting other players out there test the mechanics of these mods to see how well they like them, as well as get feedback to further improve them. Any mods within this file will stay for so long as a certain mechanic is not in place. Whether any of these mechanics are applied to the game depends entirely on the Klei forum, and of course, the Klei DST developers themselves. You can play-test any mechanics from these mods to give feedback on how well you like its contents to help with the process. The mods within this file are created for Don't Starve Together only, therefore most of them may not be compatible with the single player version. You should take in mind that some of these mods were created while A New Reign sequence of updates was still in beta, so be careful with the installation if you cannot access this content in any shape or form. The content of this mod was created using a DS software tool called Sublime and on Windows 8.1 operating system. Any issues in regards to other platforms and operating systems I may not be able to help with. Mod contents Desirable features that are not in the current build of this mod file WARNING: The methods in which some of these modifications have been created involve creating copies of existing files and then editing them. To my knowledge, these mods are compatible with each other, but may not be compatible with other mods out that that use the respective edited files within these mods. Enable with other mods out there with caution, if you so choose to do. The reason a large part of the code is done this way is to keep it easier to create this type of content and to allow developers to make changes more easily, if they decide to include any of the content provided within these mods. If you encounter any bugs, errors, exploits or overlooks as a result of these mod mechanics, or if any information given here is in any way inaccurate, please let me know. Special thanks goes to @Arkathorn and @Desblat for their help in guidance of mod coding. If you want to contribute to the way the you can post your own mechanic changes seperately. Additionally, any changes that aren't already mentioned here, which you think would do well for the game (in relation to what the mods here already cover, e.g. Willow) are welcome. Also, any constructive feedback is welcome. You can discuss this mod and anything related to it in the comments of this mod file page, or in this topic.
  10. Nigh's random roleplay

    hello, there's not really a story so...we are on The Islands, enjoy.Name:willyrace: hound doglooks: brown with white spotsadvantages: knows all languages, night visiondisadvantages: has random sparks of violent behavior
  11. Well, being completely bored out of my wits, I decided to make an art thread. Here is my first piece of "art", if it even deserves to be called that... open the following spoiler at your own risk:
  12. I wanted the same thingIt would be an angel, and the meter's color will be purple (like how health is red, hunger is yellow, and sanity is orange). When you loose naughtiness the angel will start dying (like when the heart for health meter starts cracking and breaking, the stomach shrinking and the brain withering away) and starts turning into a monster.
  13. I'm not really good at making pictures on the PC, but here it is anyways!I can take requests and suggestions if you want (anything Don't Starve or profile pictures)
  14. tthis is my first multi-part story, hope you like it! part 1: the idea Maxwell pondered and paced in his zone, a zone that he created where he could live and plot out his next deathtrap for Wilson, in there he lived with his two roommates: Spidey and Grue. Spidey was a spider warrior who served Maxwell and is more of an intern to Maxwell, Grue was a creature of the night who never reveals its true look, for it only can survive in perfect darkness, because of this, Maxwell has created a physical, shapeless form for Grue, in order for him to be mobile during the day. “how can I kill Wilson if he keeps on surviving my traps, and that blasted spirit guardian Wendman keeps me from killing Wilson directly?” said Maxwell that night “uh, sir?” said Spidey “how about instead of you killing Wilson, you let someone else do it, someone who you know will do it right, someone like a bounty hunter” a grin appeared on Maxwell and Grue’s face as they thought of it “yes, of course, a bounty hunter, Spidey that’s brilliant!” said Maxwell “that may be the best idea I’ve ever heard you say!” said Grue “Grue, you and I shall go off and search for these henchmen, once you found them and got them on our side, send them back here, Spidey, you’re in charge.”
  15. Mosquitos

    What are they for what is there purposeI've noticed when they attack the red thing gets bigger.What could this mean?When its full do we get the blood they had stored?WHat could the blood be used for?
  16. Hello the following are some Ideas that might be interesting to see developed into the game.Hair - this is an idea i was thinking of in which all characters can cut hair to create a meat effigy i.e. Willow/Wendy can shorten their hair, Wolfgang can shave his mustache, Wes can cut ear hair (for humor) etc. now although this would get rid of Wilson's special ability he could be given something in return such as faster hair growth than other characters, or takes longer for starvation etc.Bridges - this could be a new structure the character can build (like walls and can be built with different materials as well) to reach other areas not easily reached through other means (have been stuck on an island before, with only way off is to loose sanity from wormhole).This one is not a suggestion but a problem I have with walls, When trying to build a wall near edge of land (where water meets land) it seems impossible/near impossible to build the wall.I hope these are decent Suggestions/problems that you perhaps like and implement into the game and perhaps in the future i will have more suggestions to try and help the game.Night
  17. So I was thinking that since they added winter and a winter based enemies why not do all of the seasons and enemies for each. Why not take the scare crow idea and have them as things you can build and as enemies during fall. And perhaps a random spawn Halloween based monster. Even having wild growing pumpkins and pumpkin patches show up. Each pumpkin could have a chance of becoming some sort of plant based monster with a pumpkin for its head. Maybe the lower your sanity the more likely they are to spawn. A shadow or something could be seen flowing into it right before it rises up to attack. And during the spring there could b more bunnies and the king of the bunnymen could come out of a large wormhole or something of the sort.
  18. So while I enjoy the idea of adventure mode, I feel it has some serious issues, I know its in development and will be much more fleshed out in the future, and that is why I am posting this to share my ideas because I have many and I am curious to see what other people have to say too. So here is my biggest complaint- The wooden thing is WAY to easy to find, this is mainly because all the pieces are near each other and if you spend a day looking for it, chances are you will find it. This would be fine for world one and two, but for world 3 and onward I feel the pieces should be spread to being on a different island each, and in 4 or 5 some if not all the pieces are being guarded or carried by some kind of large threat, like a spider queen or something (there would be a clear indication that the mob would be holding the piece of course) This would make the adventure more eventful and longer-next is a more obvious change, I feel as worlds go on they should become more unexplored and barren. To the point where world 5 does not even have things like pig villages or lush forests. And what mobs you find there peaceful desperate and hostile, and have more hound attacks more often, Like in world 3 its every 5 days, and world 5 its every day or every other day.-I also feel spiders should get more and more feral as you continue, In early worlds they are fine the way they currently are but in later ones make spider warriors spawn 90% of the time instead of normal spiders, and then possibly in world 5 they just never sleep and remain a constant threat.-Later worlds should also have much more night time threats, Things that you have to defend your fire from (I know we got the night hand now but that's only when insane and could you imagine dealing with both hands and some kind of hostile monster? Nights would sure be much more eventful) Also make it much less safe to go off with a torch or mining light in later worlds, considering as of now there are no real threats out there-The crawling horrors are said to be from another world right? So I think it would be cool to see them spawn quicker and become more hostile in later worlds, like in world 5 make them hostile once insanity has reached less than 80% or make them hostile all the time (I think that would be a little over kill) - This is a more lesser thing but I think it could be interesting, what if say around world 3 or 4 you had to fight the wood thing is some way shape or form, I do not know if this would work out to well considering the game does not have the best combat (But that's fine considering I know that is not the main focus of the game), But I feel if done right it would be really cool and could test the player mid way through. Perhaps just have it defended by a circle of Tentacles while having a projectile attack, does not need to be to complicated if done, that thing just always looked menacing to me-And lastly I would like some kind of final showdown with Maxwell in some way shape or form, Perhaps a wave of enemies or some kind of boss fight, or one last world where its a survival game between you and him with the scales tipped in his favor, like he has a revolver if you get to close, Guard hounds and perhaps slight manipulation of the world around him. And if you beat him you could get some kind of great reward for the next new game you start (would only apply once, adventure mode would have to be completed again to start a new world with it again) Like a revolver that hits like a tentacle or spear from a distance, but requires amo that is a bit hard to craft (Like 15 charcoal and some other things to make 4 bullets)So that's what I would like to see, I am sure some of these are ideas every one has thought of but just felt like putting them out there, Love the game currently and I am sure I will love it even more with what ever choices the developers make
  19. The problem with the sarcophagus, is that the Meat Effigy is so much easier to make, and the Amulet about the same as it, but without the curse, that no-one would build a sarcophagus as it would be annoying having a random curse...
  20. Treeguards?

    Are you able to use your Treeguard as a Guard? As in after you make it neutral, can it attack any hostile mobs that are after me? Pretty much what Im saying is can they be like a Pig? But better?
  21. Firstly I would just like to say that Don't Starve from when it came out on beta to its most recent update has been and I'm sure will continue to be what a game should be, difficult, time consuming and entertaining. I would like to put forward some ideas to be discussed and expanded upon, as Don't Starve is a game where one thing can lead to multiple. So here are my suggestions... - Wilson's Shadow: A new enemy type that has a chance of occurring at sunset. You would be notified of its coming at day break where some time during the previous night Wilson has lost his shadow. When the shadow comes during the sun set you will have to kill it like everything else. To expand upon this you could also have the players character take more damage or lose health slowly in the sun until he or she retrieves the shadow back by defeating it.-Crows and Farming: Farms in the game can be exploited to just live of them forever and not have to venture out to find other food sources. So a way to stop this from happening would be to make crows or some other animal perhaps SNAILS which can just hide away in their shells when attacked so another method would have to be used to remove them. With the farms at risk from attackers items like scarecrows and mesh can be used to prevent this from happening but to also prevent the outcome of a user creating an item that will just sit there and last forever, adding durability to this prevention system may add the extra edge.Any way that's all from me for now, still have a few more suggestions but I will end it with just the two for now. Good job on a great game, keep up the good work
  22. Update: Added items not found on my 1st post on Page1 --- Suggestions ---- Using Manure on Farms : When you use manure on a farm plot instead of always making it grow at random one might stay small even when you put in the manure.If you keep feeding it manure you get the chance of making a giant sized version of the crop grow. Its a gamble though because there is only a % chance that it will grow giant sized. ----New Special Enemy types ---- Small Foot - hH is a sasquash that must of not grown to full height because of his lack of berries and honey.He appears during sunset to try to steal honey from any near by source. He only appears in wooded areas since he is shy since he is a Sasquash of small height. However what he lacks in height,he makes up for his large apatite for honey and meat. He is pretty harmless unless you try to shoo him away from honey once he is eating.Then you better run for your life because he will chase you until you are far enough away from the honey he was eating.He will not stop eating the honey until there is none left in the hive or bee box. Jersey Devil - This crafty guy is not a myth or legend anymore.He is a pain in the butt truly to no end.He has a taste for tall bird eggs and fresh veggies.Despite the myth Jersey Devils are vegetarians but have a liking of eggs.Being a shy creature he will not show himself while your around and will wait for when you are a safe distance away to go after whichever food source for the day he is targeting.He only eats one type of food each day so trying to figure out which one he is after can be tricky.The only time he makes a sound is just before he swoops down on his prey but if you listen carefully enough you can hear the sound of him salivating the further you get away from the food source he is after. Best way to stop him from eating something you wish to protect is to stay near it,only other way is to set traps around which ever food source he has after. He only needs to feed on the day preceding a full moon so make sure your ready for him.Also unlike what you would think he is not alone.Beware if you manage to corner the Jersey Devil,though shy a Jersey Devil will turn ferocious and attack you at full force to get away until you get far enough away from where ever it is trying to flee to. Cubacawbra: This crazy looking creature with its razor sharp claws and vampire fangs can look quite unsightly to the eyes.Though it is equipped with a arsenal of natural weapons it seeks only two things, baby tall birds and beefalo.Now a Beefalo can handle its own when its with the herd or alone against it.However if the Cubacawbra keeps attacking the same beefalo every night that Beefalo will slowly but surely get weak to the point its hair falls off.If that weakened Beefalo is attacked a few more times in its malnourished state it will die. Only way to reverse the effect is to feed the Beefalo yourself some nutrient rice fruit and seeds,to put it in a holding pin to protect it,or kill the Cubacawbra to allow the Beefalo to heal on its own. The other items a Cubacawbra likes (or should I say loves) are baby tall birds and jackelops. Unlike the big size of a Beefalo neither of these can protect themselves quite well so your going to have protect your baby tall birds by either putting them in a holding pin,protect them yourself in any way you can,or kill the Cubacawbra.This keeping your baby tall birds safe until the next time a Cubacawbra spawns. The Cubacawbra makes no nose at all,the only way you will know one is around is if you see it feeding or spot it fleeing or heading toward its prey.Unlike the Jersey devil these spawn during the day or night of a New Moon.If they spawn at night you will know your seeing one from the red glowing eyes they have. ------ New Craft & Gather items ------- from rocks or naturally found in arid areas. Sun Dry Box - used to dry things,veggies,meats,grass,etc Smoke Box - used to smoke veggies and or meats for preservation Cook Book - used to remember the recipes you learn as you discover them. Holding Pin-made using lumber,grass or rope.Primary use is to keep tamed beefalo from wondering off.However if you do not keep the Beefalo tamed,or they can come under attack they can break out and tamed beefalo will follow the ones that became untamed out to freedom. Achievable if you use stone walls to enclose them,if only we had a gate/door we could use...... Hay- Made by drying grass in the Sun Dry box.This serves two different purposes one to tame beefalo and to keep them feed which keeps them tamed.They need to be feed daily otherwise they will being to become untamed and even hostile toward you. Seasonings : Made out of dried veggies dried in the sun dry box. They help to preserve raw or cooked meat help preserve it or even make something edible.Only certain types of veggies would be able to be sun dried and combined into seasoning.Seasoned cooked food also adds additional + sanity compared to their non seasoned counterpart. Salt : Pretty much main use would be to preserve raw meat and veggies but unlike seasons cannot be made. Must be mined ----New World Gen Biomes ----- Desert- This would be the location to which you would find a area that has salt flats that you can dig or pick for to get raw salt that can be used for preserving raw or cooked meat and for other uses. Creatures found here:Scorpions,giant "Spice" worms,"tremors"(which would serve the purpose as baby spice worms),Vultures,and scarab beetles would roam these sands. Food sources: Various dried veggies and fruits that can grow on flora that can survive these hot sands. Flora: Various Don't starve versions of real life flora that can grow with a few with a dark demon twist.Some say the flora have eyes in this biome and can talk to each other through the sands. ----Additional Game Mechanics ------- Food Spoilage-.Pretty much simply food should have a decay rate. Depending on the food type,and storage used.Raw meat should spoil faster than cooked meat if not kept in a cold place.Fruits and veggies should spoil at same rate in there raw state. Cooked versions will spoil faster than raw stored. Happy to say in the game now ^_^. ----- New Food Types ---- Jerky- made via smoking meat in a smoke hut or sun drying meat in a sun dry box.The Jerky will last much longer then raw food and cooked versions. Happy to say jerky is in the game now ^_^.
  23. So, I settled my base in an awesome island with beefalos, tallbirds, graveyards and spiders. Spiders. They seem to get stronger and stronger every single time I pay a visit to them. Currently there are 6 dens, 3 tier 3 and 3 tier 2. I wanted to get rid of those once and for all but without losing the resources and such. I do not dispose of fire darts/pigs (there are 2 pig houses near them and they kill the pigs as Soon as thry spawn). Thank you! ( this game is awesome)
  24. 3 things i like the most: 1) Rivers. Here is why: Also i think that you shouldnt be able to trespass rivers.2) Caves. Everybody love dungeons! (And dragons...) Also dark caves fit this game's creepy atmosphere. 3) Bridges. No gates on them though. Also i think that the following terrain generation mechanics would be good: Rivers are not trespassable, but they have narrow sections (requres less stones to build a bridge, but you still can buld a stone bridge in any part). This will make player make decision on where he wants to put the bridge and not just put it at random spot of the river. Narrow sections shouldn't be too far from naturally generated bridges to not let player easily cut huge corners in the early game. You can build wooden/stone bridge across narrow section, no difference in functionality (or maybe wooden bridges should be flammable?) and you only can build stone bridge across wide section. Logic behind this - wooden bridge is not durable enough so you cant stretch it across too wide area, but stone bridge is. Balance behind this - stone is harder to get in a big number so player will have to work hard to be able to build even a single bridge but will also be rewarded by ability to cut any corner he wants.
  25. When I get on chrome and play the game, it asks me to play the demo, when I already bought the full game and entered the product key. Then I realized that it changed e-mail accounts and it won't change back. I've tried everything I can and it's not changing back to my e-mail, anyone know how it can be fixed?