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  1. Anyone else notice the pool of lava in the generating caves animation? [MENTION=8]Kevin[/MENTION], what are you up to
  2. So if I already bought the soundtrack when it first came out, how would I go about getting the new songs that get added?
  3. Ah-ha! What if you use the blood extracted from all different types of mobs by mosquitoes to do specific things? Also I couldn't help but remember Wilson using his own blood for the machine that lead him to this world, maybe he needs some to get back, thus using a mosquito? Maybe I'm pushing this idea too far, who knows!
  4. This thread is beautiful! Why not use a closed eyebone for a winking face?
  5. I caught one, and released it on some enemies, and as Avarice said, it aggro'd me first, but it will eventually go after whatever else its near. But they can be quite annoying, they nearly killed a koalefant though, theyre vicious!
  6. For the chests, you can just make several of them. For the backpack log suit thing, there is a mod that allows you to wear both if you really want that, and as for higher backpack storage, its been brought up frequently but adding it would take away from the challenge of limiting what you can carry at any one time.Besides that welcome!
  7. Ha, I sure hope not! Also should this be in the suggestions section? If so how do I switch it over?
  8. Now I'm sure that mushrooms are being added (and I'm quite delighted at that), as Kevin has said it and stuff, but what I saw/heard were truffles. While these are mushrooms, I was hoping that they wouldn't be the only type. Truffles however, could give pigs another use, as I've seen people ask for, as pigs in real life are used (or used to be used) to find truffles. So maybe you could rarely find one above ground or from randomly digging, then click a pig while holding it, and it would lead you to more?Now as for other mushrooms, I was thinking why not make it so that if you leave a stump of a tree un-dug for too long, it grows mushrooms. This would make it so you would have to sacrifice a log to get them, so that seems quite balanced.These are just some thoughts of mine, feel free to leave feedback or add to what I've said! Thanks.
  9. I'm gonna share my first experience with Winter, and how I felt the new patch was in terms of things added and difficulty, I'd love to hear your experiences too.Well, I just died. It was day 24, and I was killed by Mactusk (after killing one Mactusk plus a hound or two, but there just happened to be another one right next to the other). I was playing as Wilson and I feel real good about this update. I heard people saying its too hard with the decreased damage and armor, but I feel it was pretty balanced, as about 4 hits with even an axe or shovel kills a regular spider, I think that's about fair, and there are other ways of going about killing spiders too. I certainly felt there was a lot of pressure with knowing winter was coming, and I liked that a lot. Though I was in Winter for about 4 days, I only saw the ice effect on my screen once, and I just ran around as Wilson with a full beard and a winter hat (I did have a breezy vest just in case though, but I didn't seem to need it much). All in all, I'm ashamed to have died so soon into winter as I would have loved to explore more, note to self, not to take on 2 Mactusks at once, though I must say I did get relatively well prepared within the allotted time before Winter, so I definitely feel it comes at a fair time. That's enough rambling for now. :DTL;DR Love the update, how are you finding it, and if you died, how did you?