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Terra B Welch    5290

Some Re-Gorge-itated shenanigans. WITH FOUR PLAYERS!!!

@Hornete Uh... The forest got deleted, just wanted you to know.


We had two gnaw favors before we got merm'd. not bad for a de-rusting run!


Second attempt, with lobby shenanigans, idk how this happened.
(Don't ask about chat, I was making a stupid wortox meme outfit and for somereason referenced a certain flanders meme.)


Anywho, second times the charm! We escaped!


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Hornete    5128
58 minutes ago, Terra M Welch said:

two gatherers with axes and a shovel happened. >.<

oh, my dumb mind thought the world actually spawned without a forest, and I just panicked in my head how this could happen. Clownery

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Parinter    8

(March 2018)

Once upon a time, I encountered Fire Hounds in the labyrinth. How? Legends say that Red Hounds ARE THE KEYS of the SECRETS of the CONSTANT.

no, really I don't know how these 2 beasts got here, Ancients must have super power and teleported Hounds from the outside Land.

And don't mind my Bingo lol

chiens de feu labyrinthe DST.jpg

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Mike23Ua    7020

Sooo uhhh, Awhile back some of you may have remembered me saying that I was going to take a long time and create a super spooky Hallowed Nights photo scene that I was working on.

 Long story short.. it Did NOT turn out the way I was hoping And before I could get the shots I needed, the world I had the set up in was erased. 

I will get back around to that Later because I’m a little heart broken that my Spooky world was demolished. 

BUT.. I refuse to let 2019 end this way and So Instead of Hallowed Nights, The photo I promised is NOW officially Winters Feast. (Will Return back to Hallowed Nights later...)

And before THIS world ends up destroyed Here Is my first ever time getting to experience Winters Feast.



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Terra B Welch    5290

Starting off 2020 with more Re-Gorge-itated shenanigans. This time with 5 players!

Lobby shenanigans, Wortox hung himself and lost his face in the process.


Beating dark mode challenge first try! Well, it was 5 players.


Draw me like one of your french plants.


This was the shadow thieves gamemode, sadly I never got to see any of the charlie hands because I was too busy being wigfrid chopping trees with her alt power.

Speaking of which, Hornete we deleted the forest again, axe OP pls nerf. >.>


Shenanigans before leaving.



And then we left.


The mod has been fun! We'll likely play more of it in the future! I'm excited to see what new gimmicks Re-Gorge-itated adds in. :)

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