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  1. Hello, I don't have this issue. I just launched a LAN server and everything went well. I hope you found a solution since your message !
  2. Hi there, Decraft a Trap that has a non-pickable mob inside or has been triggered by moleworm result in a crash/disconnect from the server. And coming back on the server will back you to the last save. Well, you can't see the trap but I just decrafted it with a frog inside it. The same happens with any kind of spiders. The only mobs that don't make the game crash are Rabbits and Carrats. Also when a moleworm triggers it, the game crash. But if a non-pickable mob triggers it and die, it will let its loot and decraft the Trap won't crash the server. I hope it's detailed enough. No mods involved. [05:25:10]: [Error] Dedicated server process terminated prematurely. [05:25:16]: Connection lost to ... My log file is full of information from a test server, where I tested tons of things. If I need to put more information, tell me because I don't think this log here will give you much information. And sorry if this is already a known issue. But I tried my best Thanks!
  3. (March 2018) Once upon a time, I encountered Fire Hounds in the labyrinth. How? Legends say that Red Hounds ARE THE KEYS of the SECRETS of the CONSTANT. no, really I don't know how these 2 beasts got here, Ancients must have super power and teleported Hounds from the outside Land. And don't mind my Bingo lol
  4. Hi there, I recently found this problem, I think you may have already see the problem but I just want to make sure because it's actually frustrating. Just to switch from Boat to Land by leaping over the water already shift the character (from center) but teleporting with a Lazy Explorer from the boat to the max distance (9 tiles) make a giant space between where is the character and the center of our screen. And the only way to fix the issue is to disconnect and reco which is not a good idea when you are fighting with Malbatross or quickly do something on Land. You can also jump again on a boat to fix it but when switch on land again, the character will always be slightly offset from the center and this is a lil' bit frustrating. However I hope you guys already saw the issue (even probably already posted somewhere) but I hope someone is working on See you guys, and happy end of the Year 2019 !