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  1. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    - Big man in a suit of armor. Take that off, what are you? - Genius, scientist, gentleman, beardman.
  2. Wes & Balloons

    Too OP. If you can kite enemy, these tools can save from any mistake. But... Maybe when baloon tool explodes it makes Wes stunned too (and damage him at 5 hp, like normal baloon)? It makes sense, cause with this drawback Wes becomes nice glass support. Also Bosses must have resistance from stun. Maybe... boss can be stunned only one time for 5k HP? For example, Deerclop can be stunned only one time, and 1st phase Klaus 2 times. I think it could work this way.
  3. [Game Update] - 329526

    Perfect. Thanks guys!
  4. The Biggest Issue is... no Warbucks T_T
  5. Saddle with inventory slots. This will make beefalo domestication more profitable
  6. At first trusty shooter must be nerfed. 37 max dmg was enough. At second, guys, we must remember, that character needs drawback. -5 slots were very good thing, cause from release of DS two groups of players were: who always use backpack and who dont use backpack ever. This drawback can show to player how important inventory management is. But here is another way. Wheeler has really strong accomplishments right now. And what if Klei remove her chest slot? No backpacks, no armor. Only this can balance her dodge, speedboost and range specialization.
  7. I dont like her new buffes too, cause she becomed OP. But i have idea how balance it. Removing chest slot. No backpacks, no armor for her, only head slot. This can really balance her dodge, speed boost and range specialization.
  8. Maybe against Ancient Herald? Maybe, if we bait Ancient Hulk to fight Herald, smth will happened? I think it makes sense.
  9. Great idea At least i want mod with that Warbucks
  10. I think Blurred Vision is a great mechanic. It changes gameplay and makes Wagstaff specific character. Weak stomach more like Warbucks's sanity penalty for raw food, and it is'nt very disturbing. Also Wagstaff has really powerful craftable things and blurred vision balances his accomplishments. Without it Wagstaff can become OP and not such interesting character as he is now.
  11. I found one interesting thing (bug). If u teleport from SW to Hamlet first time, u catch Aporcalypse, it's true. But if u press Alt+F4 and then load game, u'll got Hamlet 1st day (no Aporcalypse).
  12. All i need it is new "insane" quotes for everything in game, while you insane It could be great
  13. Wortox Has Arrived!

    Trouble with some hats
  14. I built Cactus Spike/Dragoon heart farm in SW. Aaand... Dragoon hearts no drops if dragoon killed by Elephant Cactus (after about 40-50 tries). But when dragoon killed by me, he drop heart after 4-5 tries.
  15. I think after rework Wes will stay "a challenge character" for lone player but great support/buffer for team. And it can be great. Sanity/hp sharing, buffs, baloons with high-attract for monsters. And i saw in one topic good idea about imaginary tools. Mine/hit/cast by pantomimes, cost of sanity. I think it can work.