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Mack Swell    1733
51 minutes ago, lifetheuniverse said:



Ho golly...that's...a nice ratio you've got there...

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I've been playing a lot of Rimworld lately and the mere thought of the word 'hat' makes me giggle a bit.


I thought I was the only one concerned with points on this forsaken forum.

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DavePlaysDST    2057
39 minutes ago, Terra_Zina said:

The Willowcism needs to stop!!!

Haven't slept for 32 hours I've been in a meme-y mood all day and night


Also fun fact I had to manually enter a game to get myself banned for the screen of the banned pop. Mfw I actually had to work to make a meme.


Hey I do work to make MY memes

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-Variant    6366
1 hour ago, Geeris said:


All the Warbucks memes aren't really that good, but this is the first one to really tug at me. 

This one hurts. I shall now spread it. Thank you.

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Mack Swell    1733
16 hours ago, Viktor234 said:

If you post only memes, you'll get a 10-20 reputation per post ratio.

*fles away*

They do not only post memes, they did a few posts on different topics that got like 3 points, making their Maxwell meme ratio higher. When that was first posted it was at 17:1.

EDIT: Just did the math, on Maxwell meme posts alone they have a 19.25:1 ratio, on all posts it's 17.44 repeating.

Edited by Mack Swell
Math is good for you

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