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  1. okey one more
  2. Preview of gorge 2: Psycochefs
  3. i noticed that the constant was a weird but interesting way to be,and i am looking for people who know about any informations that might help to understand how it's inhabitants work, i will post a few hyphothesis so we can get started. the first one is about xw,and how it might have a corpse inside of him. WX's corpse As you see, WX is a hollow machine, devoid of feelings with only blodlust and nothing more,or is it? Wx was some peculiar habilities,in special the way he heals from eating healthy food,the fact that he can heal this way could mean two things 1.He was nanomachines who can make new gears for him using the food's nutrients(but i guess it is too much even from something that came from Wagstaff) B.SHADOW MAGIC About the not-as-interesting corpse thing,that theory is sustained by the fact that wx generates a ghost after death,meaning he was a soul, another thing is that mosquitoes as well as any other parasites still having agro at him, meaning they can smell meat/blood in his insides, plus wx being haunted could explain both his inner bones and the hate for living creatures. Webber's weird digestion One of the cool things about the spider boy is that he can eat monster based food with no major consequences, but logically it does not make sense, if webber is a kid that lives inside a spider, how could a single meal feed both, as well as not hurting Webber(the boy) by eating something who is literally toxic. My theory is that webber is not a parasite inside a spider, is that webber and the spider have become a single creature trough a fusion. In the constant teleportation is very common, it is possible that webber teleported himself while with the spider, the question is, was webber eat the spider, meaning the spider is the one named webber, or the kid was eaten by the spider, meaning the kid's name is webber, that's a true mistery, the point is, webber is very likely to be a hybrid horror, just like in the fly! that's all i can remember, i hope people come to share their ideas about this weird world, also, sorry for the tipos,i am not natural to english
  4. does it fix it?Also if you're looking for the source, it's me
  5. my life was meaning again
  6. exept for me, some people simply don't see how lucky they are also i need inspiration to make more memes help
  7. wish i where there man,_,
  8. worthleeess....
  9. Do you guys remember the time don't starve was called "Tim Burton's minecraft"? good times...not really, happy minecraft birthday anyways. this picture have memery properties, hope someone get a ultility for this
  10. face swap!(kind of)