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  1. Tbh, I'm disappointed. The short didn't show anything about Woodie's past
  2. The hectic state of DS's continuity.

    I still think that Winona and Wagstaff entered Constant before DST, but theye were kidnapped/trapped in some way. Maybe Maxwell or Charlie wanted to use Wagstaff's knowledge to create some things (bioengineery like Goose/Goose, Bearger etc. or creating clockworks. Who knows) and Winona was his trusted emploee and was helping. The fact that Wagstaff doesn't appear in DST may mean that he is still imprisoned, and Winona escaped. Unfortunatelly she doesn't say anything about that.
  3. But... but... I like political memes
  4. Yes! I was thinking exactly the same. Events in DST happen after DS, so if new character is added to regular game he must appears also in DST. Can Klei confirm?
  5. I still hope that we'll see at least one completely new character