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Favourite mob

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I'm bored, let's talk about mobs we like/like to kill.

I like volt goats, their soulless eyes and the way they just stare at you whenever you go near them is great. Their horns also make for a pretty fun to use item in the weather pain with a lot of cool uses. Morning star is also a really nice spring weapon.

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Saladmanders are real cute. 

I also like carrats, because I love rats.

Beefalos always have a dumb expression, no matter the tendency, and I've come too really like them. 

Adorable Lavae is obviously adorable, but I never keep them long at my base. Guess why.

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10 minutes ago, Owlrus said:

I like...ah whatever, you can probably guess what I like the most.


Oh, me? I like beefalo
AHEM! Y-you read my signature b4, right? It says I love Beefs right there



credits go to Karadavre on DeviantArt for the artwork

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Tie between beefales, dustmoths and mush gnomes :mrgreen:

(and also the giant unreleased moth mob)

honorable mentions: bloomfin tuna, sea weeds, (glass) wobsters, gobblers, voltgoats,...

actually itd be easier to say which mobs i dont like: nurse spiders,  pigmen and the dumb shark :lol:

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2 hours ago, Owlrus said:

I like...ah whatever, you can probably guess what I like the most.

Is it the Small bird? Maybe the hound, an ice one maybe. Wait is it a tamo shanter?

2 hours ago, MagicalStorm said:


Unless its DS Solo bees, dear god no.

Do you think Maxwell hides in adventure mode because he's scared of what he's created?

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I like Pipspook, because they bring more personality to Wendy’s Role within the game.. and the gameplay mechanics they gave her was my favorite feature from Solo Dont Starve (using a Divining Rod to find Wooden Thing parts), Pipspook do a variety of different things: Brings more life to graveyard set pieces, can give you Mourning Glory to help make Abigail stronger, Oh yeah AND they can also be used as a completely passive way (without using food items or gear) to lower someone’s Sanity who isn’t playing Wendy.

Basically a Wendy player can Idle with a Pipspook beside her and Abigail on Riled mode with a fully powered up Sisturn long enough for the player to go take a #2 and that Wendy player will STILL be helping other players Fight enemy mobs (standing near Abigail), Raise their Sanity (standing near Sisturn), and Lower their Sanity (standing near Pipspook)

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Spider queens, her design is amazing

Saladmanders. There is always a furnace pen filled with saladmander in my bases

Pigs. I like their design and their funny mechanics

Bunnymens. I like how cute and terrifing they can be

Monkeys. They are so annoying and dangerous that i can only love them. Also is supercool their concept of interacting with the nightmere cycle

Ocean fishes. I love their designs, but my favourite ones are the corn cod and the spring one, their dumb faces make my day

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Grass Gator, Sea Striders and Wobsters - I love the amphibian mobs + their design i awesome.

Saladmanders - I love them for their own interactions and their cuteness, I especially like their sound design. + They saved me many times from hound waves on Lunar Island.

Bulbous Lightbugs - because of how usefull they are and how exaggerated their design is.

Crabby Hermit - because of how extended her interaction is with the player - more NPCs please.

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