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  1. I am suffering from important item memory loss after coming back to this game after months Play Wanda, then i teleport me and all my friends to the gateway area, forgot the key or the atrium (sometimes BOTH) Forgot the star caller for the moon caller event Forgot the gems for crab king Forgot the flower salad for Pearl lastly i dropped the second chance watch from a quick inventory management session (pain) and proceed to instantly forget about it as soon as it left my inventory, couldn't revive my friends that died to monkes. I swear next time i'm gonna forget Ageless Watches exist
  2. I come back after a few months and the first thing i see is 'Free to play', got me so confused (and curious) i had to read the whole thing
  3. Oh my, didn't expect something like custom characters. This is gonna be fun to tinker with
  4. I wanted to make a ring of iron ore for fun by repeatedly mining the iron hulk ribs (playing Maxwell) Now i have over 10 stacks of iron ore (regret) with no idea what to do with all of them, what do i use all that iron for?
  5. Can you dodge Bearger's sleep effect from his yawn via Soul Hop and/or Backstep Watch?
  6. If the server is lagging, the Flingomatic's snowballs will just travel in a straight line and won't put out any fires nearby.
  7. Loyal Merm Guards simply don't leave their houses after respawning, even with the Merm King alive, i know they're respawning since they come out when you try to hammer them and attack you.