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  1. Don't feel bad for valuing your real life time over being called a cheater. Play however you think is better for you.
  2. Yeah I have 1 question. Who is responsible for making all these awful puns?
  3. Thanks for debunking! I was really confused why walrus always spawns after 3 days even tho people say its 2.5. I donno, finding all biomes seems natural to me. I guess some people are okay with 1 walrus, but personally i never am if I'm Wanda.
  4. I'd say the most important tip would be to not die. You can do this by wearing armor at all times. If your low on hp and all your heal clocks are on cooldown, then calm down and stop fighting. don't push yourself and you will never die. Marble or night armors have 95% defence meaning they are twice as good as thulevite armor and 4 times as good as football helmet. What that means is at the age of 75 she can still tank 12 hound bites with these armors. Just carry them on yourself and use in a pinch. Very OP. Touch stones give 2 marble so you can kill yourself to get alarm clock or heal clocks in a world where marble is stolen. Or lure ghost players to it. I don't know if that's true or not but my friend told me walrus respawns in 2 and a half days or in 3 if you kill his child. So don't kill kids, because tusks matter. Also, I suggest not to play on worlds without 4 walruses in them as Wanda unless you intend to be there for a short while. Backstep watch can be used to reset Charlie agression if you care. Also, it's a very good clock against dragonfly. Just dodge her early and make her chase you. It will be a lot easier to time the dodge if she attacks you while moving. Now for my personal teleport experience (I don't talk to people nor watch guides or wiki so there might be better way to manage travel. I'm clueless): Teleport watch from tusks can be deconstructed with wanda tools to get you all resources back for free and change portal position. You can carry one that takes you to base where you store the rest of your teleports. You can carry one "clean" clock (that has no teleport point) on yourself to activate anywhere and thus do a back and forth trip to the base in an instant. You can store these clocks in chests to activate them but not take them with you. "Base" and "clean" should have at least 1 replica each. So here is how I do it: I am walking somewhere and realize I wanna go to base just to grab something. I activate my "clean" clock, teleport with my "base" clock, immediately put them both in chest, do whatever I need at base, then I grab my second "base" clock instead of the one on cooldown, and I also grab another "clean" clock, and teleport to where I was at the beginning with the not clean anymore clock while keeping it in the chest. Then I'll repeat this process whenever I want, by making a new clean clock out of the not so clean one by reassembling it. I like to have at least 4 "base" clocks and i also store additional clocks at base that take me to important locations. I do not deconstruct them usually. I hope this made some sence.
  5. Mush gnome loot won't turn into ash if he dies while on fire. This means you can hit them with torch to make all spores burn away before they blow up. There is a chance that the loot will start smoldering from spores being on fire, so bring a water can.
  6. Swapping characters with moon portal resets Christmas tree gift, allowing you to get multiple big gifts per 1 night. Very nice for Wanda since you can farm time pieces and canes for deconstructing at the same time.
  7. Is there a way to tweak perks? Like, I wanna change working speed, damage multiplier and stats of a character. Do I need to make a mod or can I just edit some file? How hard is it?
  8. My point is downsides are a joke. All of them. Some are fun, some are not, but not a single downside added to the game so far deserves to be considered a counter weight to upsides. Klei have no guts, all the downsides they make a half hearted. Wanda the glass cannon - still can use 95% armor. Wormwood the incapable of healing - still can use the best healing food (jellybeans) and gets heals from rot. Warly the picky eater - lives off of meatballs alone. Wurt the vegan - gains more hunger from food, uses meat as filler in crockpot. Wigfrid the meat eater - probably forgot that this is a thing due to all good food being a meat type. Wes the challange charcater - same as everyone when on a beef. To say that Wolfgang dosen't deserve a good upside because he dosen't have a downside is just folly. Noone has downsides.
  9. There is a little trick you can use to counter this downside in winter. When you are freezing - try using a hot thermal stone. Not only will you stop taking damage, but you will also warm up. Neat! And there is also a little trick to counter this downside in summer. When you are overheating - try using a cold thermal stone. Not only will you cool off, but you will also stop taking damage. Cool! I have more great tips for you to counter this awfully hard (and very impactful on the game) downside. For exsample, fire deals damage - so don't stand in it. Instead, try moving your character away from fire. There is also a food meter in the game, and if it drops to zero you will start taking damage. To counter it - try eating food! I hope this helps you.
  10. A custom adventure map I made using simple map editor. The idea is to travel islands that represent cave layers and look for wormholes to go "deeper". Unfortunately I don't know how to code, so if anyone would want to play this without me hosting, I'd had to send them my cluster files and instructions.
  11. Why do people think farms are good? I need help understanding what am I missing. You need to tilt the ground, water plants, manually plant them, use a singing thing and then harvest them one by one. If you do megas you also need to hammer and pick them up. That's just 1 harvest cycle. This is so tedious, annoying, boring and slow. And your reward is food - the same stuff you find on the go litteraly anywhere. Potatoes and such have high healing value, but so are shrooms, jellybeans, butterfly's and pierogies. I just don't get it. I've done some slurper challenges in the past for fun, where I would spawn a slurper at the start and let him suck my hunger forever. It's like having hunger drain of 11 people at all times. If i didn't need farms then, then I can't see a single reason to use them with normal hunger drain. If this challange taught me anything, it's that meaty stew and meatballs (made from whatever) are the best food sources. It's the only thing that carried me in these agonizing times of pointless self-torture.
  12. That. Then the tentacle book safe zone glitch fixed as it is glitch and klei fix glitches. Then the lightning book gets deleted as it kills players. That's 3 out of 5.
  13. Apperanetly you can cook shrooms twice but the second time they are just used as campfire fuel. Is this unknown? I didn't know it for years because I never thought to try and fry shroom twice.
  14. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH Klei!!! This animated short was phenomenal. I nearly cried from how good it was! I don't care about the nerf anymore, a small price to pay for such a fantastic origin story. And the lore!!! (SPOILER WARNING!!! if someone hasn't watched yet!) Wolfgang is a nightmare fuel shapeshifter!? Wolfgang came to constant willingly!? Does this mean whimpy form is a curse, and Wolfgang is actually being drained of his life force by fuel??? The only nitpick I have is that incoming train scene should have played before the elephant being dragged out scene, to make it less confusing on what exsactly is happening. You guys are the best indie developers ever!