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  1. I've taken in what my fellow consumer has said about the aforementioned issue in their wonderful forum post and I have to say; this is all complete and utter garbage. My fellow compatriot has failed to consider that KLei's time could be better spent fixing numerous other issues that plague this game, the first of which being my mod not working. Sincerely, SecretPizzaMan.
  2. They probably de-aggroed. If you were fighting them but you lost their attention then they might just fly away. It's weird I know. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. The beta has been great so far... except how is one supposed to find the monkey island? Like, what is the intended way for a player to find it? Is there anything planned (or in the game already) that'll help the player find the monkey island?
  4. How does this feature make Wes a less challenging character?
  5. What do you mean theoretically? According to the statistic above, Wheeler has a 95% chance to be added into DST. This statistic has also accounted for bias, in fact, we've added a wheel to show how BS this statistic might be, and it's 60% not BS. Rejoice, Wheeler mains, fans and enjoyers, she'll finally be added into DST. You'll get a Wheeler! He will get a Wheeler! Your grandmas will even get a Wheeler. We all will get a Wheeler, for free. If we don't then this statistic (and me) weren't lying, it's just that Klei is evil.
  6. Absolutely no lag whatsoever. I'm honestly astonished. Though I have a very good laptop. The controls suck though, but I guess that's the price you pay for geometric placement. Maybe it'll be better once I get a mouse.
  7. Mine was Wes, I last played them over 2 and half years ago and only because I had gotten them when playing random. Maybe I played them once during the rework but I'm not sure if it's a real memory or one I just fabricated.
  8. This is the moment when Wurt turned into Heisenburg.
  9. Undead monkey pirates riding a ghost boat. I'm gonna be real that's probably not going happen but boy do I want it to.
  10. Here's why Walani should never, ever get added into DST. 1. They smell. let's be real here, do you think Walani has ever took a shower in her life? Because whatever your answer is, it's probably wrong. We have solid proof that Walani has never took a shower for at least 3 months now. As I hope you can see in the statistic above, there's a huge correlation between Walani's time in the waves and lack of hygiene. I think enough has been said. 2. Is A Surfer, Not A Sailor. Walani is a surfer, not a sailor. And if I remember correctly, you sail in Do Not Starve To-Get-Her, not surf. Therefore, Woodlegs would be a better fit for Don't Starve Together instead of Walani. Woodlegs does not only have superior legs but also is capable of manning a pirate ship all by himself. They would probably work well with Woodie since they both have beards, are insane and have Wood in their names. Who would Walani work well with huh? Case closed. 3. Walani is uninteresting character. Walani is a stereotypical surfer girl. All salt and no chill (what the hell am I talking about at this point). She has no ambitions, no goal, there's no place in the constant for her. And thus why we don't see them at all in Don't Starve Together. They are content in the tropical heaven of shipwrecked. Why would she want to leave? Also how the hell is her surf board going to work in the oceans? Lmao. Conclusion I speak facts and logic. Walani shall never be added nor should she be added. No amount of braincells can ever make a sufficient counter argument to my post.
  11. I've already seen this one. Are you just reposting old memes?
  12. Top 12 refreshes (2022). My honest thoughts:
  13. I absolutely adore the idea of notebooks, they could hint towards certain bosses and could reward new player's exploration with information from these notebooks. Though personally I think it should be notes and not entire notebooks. I also want to add that with notes a failed survivor won't be necessary since you could always say the note caught wind and flew away. It would also feel better if you just stumbled on 1 lone note in the middle of the caves. It would feel so much more mysterious rather then adding a spooky skeleton next to it for the 100th time.
  14. Crib king shall never be reworked ever. I proclaim this as a klei person (100% percentages legitimately 2022).