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ENCORE Streaming Drops Available Now! (The Metamorphosed Flame)

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Just now, DerpyButDeadly said:

I would assume such it would be weird if they were Marketable/Weavable 


That's fair, I was moreso wondering because I remember the Tragic Torch becoming a Loyal rarity instead of Timeless a bit after its release. And figured this might be another rarity as well for it being dropped the second time.

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1 hour ago, JoeW said:

encore round for each of the items in the Crystalline Collection; one each week for the next 12 weeks.

Woah! Now I can spend my Klei points without having to worry about saving them up for these skins! Thanks Klei!


By the way, does this mean the collection is complete, or is it just on pause for now?

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