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  1. Now that Klei made Wes somehow worse i don't think i can even play as Wes anymore. But anyways it was fun while it lasted.
  2. So today is April Fools day. So what are you expecting from Klei this year?
  3. I feel so disappointed at you. You guys were my favourite gaming company. I bought skins just to support you guys. I really can't believe we come to this state.
  4. "Screw you guys i am going home."
  5. I dont think Don't Starve Together needs to be a very balanced game. Anyone is free to play any character they like. But some of them needs to be a team character what i mean is Wolfgang and WX only consumes but dont give anything return. They need few mecanics to help to team just like Wigfrid with her helmets and stagecrafts. Or maybe these two needs some fun game mecanics too. That is all i got to say. Don't Starve Together is not a balanced game.
  6. Here is the new one. 1200 points. https://accounts.klei.com/account/transactions?rewardlink=wintersfeast2020
  7. When are we getting the in game sale? Still not enebled.