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  1. hammering/waxing giant crops still on the vine should definitely be a default feature, agreed. can't say i agree on your wormwood takes however.
  2. That's fair, I was moreso wondering because I remember the Tragic Torch becoming a Loyal rarity instead of Timeless a bit after its release. And figured this might be another rarity as well for it being dropped the second time.
  3. Every time someone mentions the rose collection and that they want it the release of it gets delayed by 1 day.
  4. Is this for entering a Shipwrecked code or something? Edit: it isn't, I tried.
  5. Bee queen? I'm quite intimidated by the idea of a lot of bees chasing me so one big bee is even worse.
  6. @DragonMage156 Thanks for tagging me, but I think I'm not that good at rping.
  7. I love how emotionless she looks, I especially love that her flower changes into a creepy pointy one.
  8. Look out! some Don't Starve players might start a theory on that!
  9. Shadow Webber and un-shadow Maxwell are the best by far.