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  1. I'm really happy with how the farming revamp turned out nice frozen stache wolfgang hah
  2. nice quick update translucent ice hair for Mr. Freeze! rip chestception it was nice while it lasted
  3. would sure be nice if it was refuelable would probably use it a lot more guess the main use is for the cave holes which can provide some nice loot but I would use it much more if it was refuelable to pick up materials in mass
  4. YES! thank you finally I have the lantern of my dreams finally! also what's with Snowfallen WX I still like the skin don't get me wrong but it's different.
  5. I have no idea why but this feels like it was good choice
  6. I'd still rather use gardeneer hat than the premier version haha compost wrap buff though being safe from wildfires while soil is wet is cool