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  1. am I the only one whose brain started playing the Popeye theme when Wolfgang lifted that wagon?
  2. ZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN, we're getting that sweet classic GTA workout part!
  3. Eyyy, made it onto page 8! In all seriousness, fantastic work everybody. I sure had a blast looking at each submission and observing the amounts of creativity juice flowing through each and every single of you. Same time next year?
  4. Combine a DST tune with a TBOI one, boy is it fun to meticulously try to make it sound nice while also having to compose it simultaneously
  5. Grassgator huh? Looking forward to seeing what the Survivors have to say about 'em
  6. Yeehaw if my day couldn't get any bloody better! Time to go wreck some havoc on the lunar islands once more!
  7. The snaggletooth wormhole skin truly gives me a lot of construction ideas
  8. Golly did this game need such QoL changes so badly! Intriguing mechanics and also, lovely touch on the late joining players regarding resource management
  9. There is a bug that hinders the new mushrooms from making you go asleep. All the player has to do is spam analyze something in their proximity. Doing so the player will talk instead of falling asleep, but will surely suffer from the reduced movement speed penalty. The bug won't happen every time you do so, but the probability is not very small either. Found it out after eating those new shrooms and examined the fire camp right before falling asleep. The animation got cancelled and I was able to move freely (that being with the hindered movement speed of course)
  10. Wurt is not gonna like the appearance of that cave creature...