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  1. Yes!! Scaled Chest Skin!! The event looks interesting too! Egg race? Maybe? I guess I will find out soon enough! Thanks for the new content! Also looking forward to hear more about the advocate program Btw. Clean Sweeper skin when?
  2. YES!!! I am so excited about this! Thank you for the opportunity and for the amazing content!!!
  3. Hello Klei, @JoeW Thank you so much again for the opportunity of having drops! I have a question that came to my mind this morning. I currently have drops for my twitch channel. However, it was mentioned that the list might be different the next time. Does this mean I need to re-apply for the drops? I just want to be extra sure that I am not missing out any information. I am sure other streamers might have the same question. Thank you in advance!
  4. Okay. So I had a night to sleep on it and also talk about this with other people so I figured I would elaborate a little bit more. First of all, Klei, thank you for offering Twitch drops! Both as a streamer and a DST player, this has definitely benefited me greatly! I started playing DST 7 months ago and I didn't have many skins which were only Twitch Drops. The encore was amazing for me and I managed to get a bunch of great skins out of it. Also, having drops enabled allowed me to really grow my community in twitch as well. For that I am really grateful! After listening the opinion of other streamers and also after watching how the drop system works for other games, now I understand why this change was required. Certainly the next drop system looks way better. I believe this change is going to be a very good thing in the long run! I am really looking forward to see what you guys come up with. Sending you lots of energy and good luck!
  5. Omg. Such a shame I would have loved a previous announcement tho. Thank you anyways! Looking forward for the next system.