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  1. Anyone know if the trade inn drops are boosted during the Cawnival event? I want to know whether or not I should sacrifice my 1000000000 t-shirts to the alter of the trade inn guy or just unravel them (probably for weaving the next DLC character)
  2. Hey all, I came back to a dumb learning mod I made a while ago that can change Maxwell's sanity penalty for his shadow puppet crafts. That in turn can increase or decrease the number of shadows he can have out. The problem was that there was a hard limit where you can't have more than 10 shadows at once from testing it initially (somehow, it is 5 now, even though the mod was mostly unchanged). I found this when I set the sanity penalty to 0. I was wondering if there was a way to configure or remove the limit of how many shadows you can have (couldn't find anything from the last time I checked the files) Also, please note that I'm pretty noob at modding Thanks for any help
  3. I don't know if this was what you meant, but here ya go anyway
  4. Dang it Klei, you had the perfect opportunity to finally give the joystick a purpose...
  5. DST Maxwell has a measly 6.66 sanity per minute in comparison to singleplayer Maxwell with 20 sanity per minute, pretty much a third of the original rate. I've always wondered about this change from DS to DST because Maxwell has a few main perks: -Being dapper (free sanity regen) -Shadow puppets -Being frail as a downside And since in DST, Maxwell's shadows are mainly used for resource gathering, they will eventually get overshadowed by better methods like Bearger for wood, so you might not find yourself using them as often (at least from my experience, I don't). That leaves Maxwell with two perks: his sanity regen, which was vastly reduced, and a hefty downside of being frail (don't get me wrong though, being frail is an interesting downside, but in comparison to singeplayer, it feels like the sanity regen isn't really worth it / pulling its weight). Now I can see some reasons why some would want Maxwell to have a lower sanity regen such as: -The fact that he should still need some sanity management -Being able to reap the benefits of insanity -Possibly to be less vulnerable to Lunacy -Potential lore reasons (i dunno maybe his suit got wrinkles in it? being dapper is very important to a man like Maxwell...) But considering the fact that Maxwell in DST is able to lock himself into a state of insanity, you wouldn't have to really worry about going sane. It's also easier to go insane in DST with options like a lazy deserter and mushroom planters to farm green caps, or to simply find other methods of gathering fuel (like ruins). Plus, you begin with 6 nightmare fuel from the start, so if you save it for farming fuel early on, you wouldn't need to worry about a shortage of nightmare fuel. I always felt that playing as Maxwell should revolve more around an easier sanity management at the cost of being frail, but with some extra magic perks alongside. His original sanity allowed him to excel with using a dark sword and/or night armor because of mitigated downsides and recover faster from insanity, which matches his character a lot better in my opinion as the former "shadow king." And with the addition of the Enlightened Crown, pretty much anyone can mimic being Maxwell, except that Maxwell also loses his shadow perk upon using the crown. It might be good to boost his sanity gain so that he can at least be better at utilizing the perks of the crown. Idk I might be wrong on all of this, but just wanted to hear from everyone else's thoughts.
  6. I think Webber is called "The Indigestible" for a reason... Speaking of which, since Webber has 175 health, does that mean he is actually as frail as Maxwell since the spider half gives him the extra 100 hp?
  7. So this isn't exactly the same as changing a food type, but rather what values it gets in the crockpot. After peeking at cooking.lua, I'm assuming that it has to be a change within the crockpot itself, rather than the prefab For example, wobster(s) have both meat and fish values in the crockpot, but the foodtype itself is considered meat If I wanted to either change (add or remove) a crockpot value to a preexisting or new ingredient, how can I do so? And also the quantity for those values if possible (like half or full value) Thanks!
  8. I think D was for holiday limited ones, like for example: waxwell_krampus_d, waxwell_krampus_p, or waxwell_krampus I usually get them mixed up so idk
  9. The Klei Account Transactions page lists the new nautical themed streaming drops as "Create An Item" instead of "Twitch Item Drop"
  10. Using the power of creativity, here's some ideas for Klei to hopefully implement: -A Spyglass (similar to Shipwrecked) made out of moon glass since it not only seems logical, but it promotes more exploration in the ocean or makes some of it a little easier. Bonus points if there was a special spyglass using an enlightened crown shard that would have increased viewing range and worked in caves or the dark (possibly refillable or infinite durability, idk). -Moon Glass Ammo for Walter which can put targets to sleep, or function like the cursed rounds/enlightened crown to summon mini gestalts that deal extra damage to the target. -Some sort of Moon Glass Armor (probably made from charged moonglass or moongleam) that protects you based on the percentage of your sanity/enlightenment, probably at a cap of 95% damage reduction all the way to 0% if you're insane. It would be really strong against certain mobs that lack a sanity drain (such as pigs) but grow weak against high sanity draining creatures (unless paired with a bee queen crown). It loses less durability the lower the protection because of lowered absorption. -Moon Glass Staff: A staff similar to the ice and fire staff, except it deals ranged damage based on Sanity percentage. The staff has the same damage as a blow dart (100, but reduces based on sanity level), and consumes sanity on each use. The bonus perk is that if a target is hit by the projectile, the target will gain a decent sanity aura for a short duration and has a chance to mutate creatures if applicable. -Moon Glass Amulet: A special amulet that functions similar to the Brain of Thought, but it only allows you to craft a single item that is "socketed" into it like a cratered moonrock. Once socketed, the item can't be removed, but the socketed item can be crafted again from any location, with each craft lowering the durability of the amulet. This solves issues like lack of usability for certain items and can allow you to bring the crafting recipes from the celestial tab into the caves. Maybe as a bonus on full moons, the amulet lets you craft any recipe from any station, essentially acting like the default Brain of Thought. Or, the full moon bonus could be that it lets you craft without losing durability on the amulet. Either that or the amulet acts as an "invisibility" shield, which just prevents mobs from gaining aggro onto you. It would basically be a mobile bush hat but with limited duration.
  11. My beautiful new profile image: Pog Maxwell Feel free to use for any memes as necessary
  12. So I was wondering if Glommer is tied to the moon in any way besides spawning from the statue on a full moon. Glommer seems to not really fit into the lunar theme that was introduced in Return of Them, but maybe I missed some other details. For example, Glommer goop lowers sanity unlike most Lunar-themed stuff that increases it. I mean, there's also that sanity aura, but that doesn't seem to do something about Lunar magic based on character quotes. The goop also acts as a healing source and fertilizer, and the appearance of Glommer seems to be a lot different from other Lunar mutated creatures. Glommer's wings were used for the Old Bell in the singleplayer game. Speaking of which, does Bigfoot have any significant lore implications? And what about that flower of Glommer's? Who built Glommer's statue? Some character quotes suggest that it is a petrified Glommer, but the statue drops marble and a blueprint which seems a little odd for a petrified creature (then again, certain other mobs and bosses drop blueprints anyway) And considering that Glommer reappears at the statue every full moon if it dies, does that mean Glommer is a single entity (such as dying and respawning) or are there a bunch of other Glommers out there somewhere? The Glomglom pet suggests that there may be more Glommers located elsewhere in the constant, but that's just my thought on that. Maybe a future Return of Them update will tie it all together?
  13. Fresh world generation and playstyle. I think there comes a point where the forest world that we all are used to will get boring, no matter how much you keep adding to it. The early game procedures are more or less the same except for world generation. But once you've located all the places of interest, then a world is just like any other world. Shipwrecked in my view is almost like a giant reskin of the original game, giving the core of the game a fresh view. Hamlet incorporates a vastly different playstyle which is why I liked it a little better. That said, both DLC's in their own way added a fresh environment with a different challenge offered at the early game. Hamlet worked with survival in a pig economy, Shipwrecked promoted a nomadic survival experience. DST currently has only one world to work with, which can get repetitive after a while. Not only that, but world hopping and linking allowed you to always have a changing environment, look, and feel. Bored of living in some bleak desolate forest? It's time for you to take a vacation in a "tropical paradise." While world hopping and linkage will probably never be a thing in DST, and neither Shipwrecked or Hamlet, I still think offering some new world generation options other than "Together" and "Classic" is more than enough to keep the early game fresh. In essence, I just think it be cool to hop into a random world not really knowing what to expect out of all the different world generation presets. The default forest experience seems pretty bland after a while because of the same playstyle and environmental look.