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  1. Just add shadow crop tender and you're set! (and shadow weeder, and a shadow to water your plants)
  2. I'd prefer the classic Don't Starve hybrid shadow, but I guess since pvp is a thing they separated the shadows for balance reasons. Although I love the concept and ideas that were presented, as @ShadowDuelist had mentioned, I don't think I would want a "sanity time limit" for the shadow puppets, or have them disappear when reaching 0 sanity. What if for some reason you want to use shadows in a lunar biome but need to be insane to not get pummeled by gestalts, or if you needed to wear a nightmare amulet for ancient fuelweaver fight and your shadows just vanished because of that? The worker shadows are fine as they are, and a way to recall them would be helpful. The tradeoff for a more expensive cost to summon a shadow compared to solo DS is automation, which is fair in my opinion, but I would like to have an option to summon a hybrid shadow as well, which would help with well-roundedness as the OP had mentioned. I also hope to see another use/improvement to shadow diggers because of their limitation to tree stumps/graves. Hopefully there can be a way to toggle them from digging only tree stumps/graves to digging all entities that can be dug up, such as when you need to gather a bunch of grass tufts, and also make it so that multiple shadow diggers don't target the same tree stump. And although this may be just me, I'm hoping that there can be a way to create more expensive versions of shadow minions, such as with golden tools, more nightmare fuel, a dark sword instead of a spear, or purple gems (since Maxwell claims they bring power), that can either do tasks more efficiently or just survive better in general. It would also allow the stronger version of a shadow duelist be more capable of dealing with tougher enemies instead of dying instantly, but the current crafting recipe for the weaker counterpart can be kept due to the cheap cost which is more early-game friendly. As for generic shadow duelist improvements, maybe just increase their health pool or give them a natural damage resistance, and when they're low on health they'll dodge attacks and avoid combat to heal before returning to the fight, don't really have any other ideas. EDIT: I had another idea for shadow puppets, what if when hurt they teleport similar to how shadow creatures do when you attack them, instead of just tanking all the damage like they do now? I don't have too many details but it could be an idea to be implemented if you put in more thought than what I am putting in right now tl;dr: Shadow minions are fine resource-wise, need a few tweaks such as a way to toggle them on/off and their behaviors changed. I also hope to see new shadow puppet crafts that can are more reliable but are more expensive, or the return of the classic DS shadow puppet that can do multiple tasks, but disappear after a few days and doesn't require tools. (Ex: craft the current shadow duelist for 2 nightmare fuel and spear, or craft a better shadow duelist for 4 nightmare fuel, a purple gem, and a dark sword that is more reliable in damage and has more health or damage resistance). Here are some other Maxwell opinions if he had a rework but it may be off topic since it doesn't discuss much about resources put into shadows, so I put it in a spoiler: Also I hope @Hornete's shadow rower mod will be an official feature, it would be a nice addition to ocean content, and give Maxwell more variety with his shadows.
  3. Yes, you have to link your Klei account to Twitch or another supported streaming service, instructions for that can be found here. If you have any issues being unable to receive the drops from watching game streams, view this troubleshooting thread here. As a side note, if you're ever unsure if you have received the drops (such as Twitch saying you got the drop but you don't see it in the game), you can check your inventory history/transactions here. Since this post was also made about a week ago, you might have to be quick to get the drops before the new one comes in real soon since it was noted that there will be a new streaming drop every week for 12 weeks.
  4. Well here's a little run-through I like to do now and then, even better if you use an alt account:
  5. We must not let the Maxwell Memes thread sink to page 2!
  6. Willow can start a fire without her lighter in the singleplayer game when at low sanity though... Honestly, if you wanted to give Willow pyrokinetic powers, the only thing I'd think would work fine would be to create fires that don't damage structures at a cost of sanity (with a minimum sanity requirement so that you can't repetitively use it) or to add the singleplayer trait where she lights fire at low sanity except this fire doesn't have the risk of damaging structures. I would rather that Willow would be able to put out large fires without needing proper equipment (rather than just extinguishing smoldering faster). Maybe she's sad that the fire would be gone so throw in a sanity penalty for doing so too. Having fire immunity and a quick way to fight fires can be a valuable ability and can be useful in a pinch. Heck, it would be good to have this so that if a newbie Willow messes up and burns base on accident, at least there's a chance for them make up for their mistake. And maybe refuel the lighter with nightmare fuel. That's about it. But yeah, I don't think I want a healing fire, an extra damage fire, or more sanity mechanics especially since she already has Bernie. It can overcomplicate things considering that Willow is a strong starter character for new players. Personally I really enjoy playing Willow since she's a superior survivor especially if joining in Winter, Summer, or Lights-out worlds, but after the initial surviving part is done, a more resource efficient character is more appealing to me later in the game.
  7. Dead Walter or the teaser image from the May QoL update is an interesting choice:
  8. I have an extra festive stocking cap: I also have a couple other tradeable spiffy duplicates, including the Dainty Coatdress (Higgsbury Red) or the Flippers (Scribble Black) if you want those instead: And I'm looking to trade it (1:1) in exchange for overalls (unsuitably blue): Send me an offer here if interested. Thanks!
  9. Woah! Now I can spend my Klei points without having to worry about saving them up for these skins! Thanks Klei! By the way, does this mean the collection is complete, or is it just on pause for now?
  10. Looks too much like an imp for me to not do this
  11. What do the numbers of each hotfix or update represent? Is it the time, the date, maybe something to do with the total number of updates since the original game?
  12. I'm guessing you're buying the "V.2 Spider Plush" or the white version since you described it as a "new doll" and there was a notice about the scratch off code being cured too strongly when proceeding to the checkout screen: Either way, it would probably be better for you if you sent this information to the provided support email. Nobody here on the forums can exactly help much with the situation. I'm sure they'll be glad to help you with a replacement code.
  13. You can weave all kinds of items: wardrobe items (clothing and character skins), belongings (item and structure skins), beards (skins for Wilson and Webber), emotes (actions useable when playing), emoticons (images for use in the chat), portrait frames (for your in-game profile), profile icon (icon that shows when using chat or on profile), and vignettes (loading screens). All weaveable items are untradeable and include all the items you see in the skins shop and a few more such as the warhound helm (to answer your question, yes you can weave the magmatic skins). You can also see which ones can be weaveable by toggling the "weaveable" filter at the top of your inventory menus (the spool icon) or by looking to see if the icon has a "lock" on it, which indicates that it is weavable, and most likely purchasable. You can get spools from Klei rewards links, but other than unraveling, I don't know or remember of any other method of obtaining spools (big pile of spools is not available on Klei rewards). Klei rewards links typically are given out in update notes or special occasions and grant whoever who claims them either spools or Klei points which can be spent on your account page to redeem past twitch skins or any other future items that will make it's way onto there. If you want a list of reward links, you can check out this post dedicated to holding them, but be aware that some of them may be expired. Chest drops I think are only available during events such as the current Winter's Feast event where you can get a Winter's feast chest from daily log ins or simply playing the game. You may have heard of Forge and Gorge events, but their drops are no longer available since the event has ended a long while back, and until another one of those events return, then the drops will be available again. If you receive a Winter's feast chest (or any other chest) you can find it in your item collection under the "treasury" tab, and you can choose to view or open any chest(s) you may have.