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  1. Apparently, the strongman has learned how to repair a burnt mighty gym by simply placing weights on it
  2. Anyone know if the trade inn drops are boosted during the Cawnival event? I want to know whether or not I should sacrifice my 1000000000 t-shirts to the alter of the trade inn guy or just unravel them (probably for weaving the next DLC character)
  3. Hey all, I came back to a dumb learning mod I made a while ago that can change Maxwell's sanity penalty for his shadow puppet crafts. That in turn can increase or decrease the number of shadows he can have out. The problem was that there was a hard limit where you can't have more than 10 shadows at once from testing it initially (somehow, it is 5 now, even though the mod was mostly unchanged). I found this when I set the sanity penalty to 0. I was wondering if there was a way to configure or remove the limit of how many shadows you can have (couldn't find anything from the last time I checked the files) Also, please note that I'm pretty noob at modding Thanks for any help
  4. I don't know if this was what you meant, but here ya go anyway
  5. Dang it Klei, you had the perfect opportunity to finally give the joystick a purpose...
  6. I think Webber is called "The Indigestible" for a reason... Speaking of which, since Webber has 175 health, does that mean he is actually as frail as Maxwell since the spider half gives him the extra 100 hp?
  7. So this isn't exactly the same as changing a food type, but rather what values it gets in the crockpot. After peeking at cooking.lua, I'm assuming that it has to be a change within the crockpot itself, rather than the prefab For example, wobster(s) have both meat and fish values in the crockpot, but the foodtype itself is considered meat If I wanted to either change (add or remove) a crockpot value to a preexisting or new ingredient, how can I do so? And also the quantity for those values if possible (like half or full value) Thanks!
  8. I think D was for holiday limited ones, like for example: waxwell_krampus_d, waxwell_krampus_p, or waxwell_krampus I usually get them mixed up so idk
  9. The Klei Account Transactions page lists the new nautical themed streaming drops as "Create An Item" instead of "Twitch Item Drop"
  10. My beautiful new profile image: Pog Maxwell Feel free to use for any memes as necessary
  11. I don't know if this is also intentional, but the inflatable vest doesn't have ripples underneath it when placed in water, unlike the balloon hat which does.
  12. We must not let the Maxwell Memes thread sink to page 2!