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  1. I think all heirloom items are already at a higher spool worth when unraveling. Although it's nice to have a distinguishing feature for heirloom skins, their price will most likely stay the same or rise on the market. The reason being is that they are collector items that will no longer be available after this Hallowed Nights, so if you wait a while, the price will inflate like those Guest of Honor Heirloom skins and you can sell them and be happy for your profit or make enough to earn back the initial cost, if that's what you're worried about.
  2. You forgot about this: and also the lunar island has some moon ronks. Which is where someone can start their sales pitch about selling the lunar island as a private island resort or something.
  3. Try checking your Klei accounts item history: If they're not there, then you might have to contact support. Chances are, you might just have a connection issue so your inventory data failed to download, unless it's just the twitch drops that are missing while the remaining part of your inventory is still present. In that case, you should also reach out to support.
  4. I don't think it would hurt to post them here, right? Here ya go if you're wondering:
  5. Maybe you didn't actually read my post thoroughly and only skimmed it, because I said that instead of pressing the button at the bottom, you can choose a different approach. Here are some visuals if you still don't understand:
  6. When you die, instead of clicking "reset now" at the bottom, you can press tab to open the playerlist and click the three dots at the top left of the menu to open server actions. From there, you can choose to regenerate the same world (if you liked that worldgen) or start a completely new one if you are the host or an admin on a dedicated server. You can also use this to start votes in a public server or rollback a world (or dice roll if that's what you like doing).
  7. That's not true! Any dead player makes a good source of bone shards! and long pig. In fact, you could say that Wes should be nerfed because this is his main upside.
  8. As awesome as that would be, I'm pretty sure Klei added the Klei rewards page as an alternative to those who didn't want to watch streams. So maybe there will be a more renewable method of earning points later down the line, but for right now, there's only links and the current streaming drops. Although not a console user myself, you can still use this link to redeem reward codes on your Klei accounts page if you're not able to in the game: I think Klei added this feature as a solution to that problem, but if that doesn't work you can always contact support.
  9. Congratulations on 1000 rep points :juggling:

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      Yay! Thank you <3 :wilson_celebrate:

  10. Then it's probably mods because I can't think of another plausible answer
  11. Haven't played recently, but maybe it's hinting something to do with Hallowed nights? By the looks of it, it doesn't seem like any mods are enabled.
  12. I actually beat you to it, mentioned it on Slagger's thread here
  13. Wilson refresh. He starts with a special compass like Wheeler that points the way to base.