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  1. i actually have a sketch of my idea :P
  2. i was thinking more of a "merm guard wurt"
  3. i wanted a survivor skin for wurt but this goat skin also satisfies me
  4. i usually explore and try to find important resources, twigs, grass, flint, rocks, gold stuff like that and then look for the oasis but lately i'm trying to rush the ruins, i fail but every attempt is better than the last one
  5. yea, summer sucks it's always hot outside, and those mosquitos, oh boy... wait.... oooh you mean dst summer yea it's annoying
  6. you haven't explored this area (and df desert too) so i think you should explore them, maybe there is your second meteor field :T
  7. have you checked other biomes? since on my world, there 2 meteor rain fields so maybe yours also have 2
  8. thank you for making this post, i hope klei notice this as a problem and will do something about that, i'm playing on ~8 years old laptop and frog rains are just terror for it. I hope klei would make 64bit version of Dst, or atleast add some settings that would help with the perfomance <3
  9. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
  10. i was playing as wurt, wanted to add some sketches but the wheel doesn't accept the sketches, the character uses quote that is used for already known blueprints. Some of the sketches i have, changed into other sketches, as a proof, one of the sketches changed into antlion figure sketch but i haven't defeated antlion. I hope this bug gets fixed
  11. Just don't force yourself to play the game, it will only make it worse Play when you want. You can play other games instead until you feel you want to play some dst :P