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  1. Hello, everybody! I'd like to play dst lately after a very long break. But i have very weak laptop and kinda-bad-but-not-that-bad internet. As you may guys guess, playing and hosting a world by myself can be quite problematic. The reason why i make this post is that i'd like to know all tips, tricks, tutorials and etc. to make low maintenance server. Also i'm aware that using various sites to host dedicated server are a thing but i don't want to spend money on that. Also i'm aware that there is offline world, but i'd like to play as wurt so i guess this won't work either :/ Sorry for bad grammar, english isn't my first language. I'll be thankful for the help, and have a nice day/night
  2. thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you
  3. i was playing as wurt, wanted to add some sketches but the wheel doesn't accept the sketches, the character uses quote that is used for already known blueprints. Some of the sketches i have, changed into other sketches, as a proof, one of the sketches changed into antlion figure sketch but i haven't defeated antlion. I hope this bug gets fixed
  4. just asking, anyway can you give me some examples of how to use it? since how i do it results in crash
  5. how to make items unprototypeable? i want to make an item in ruins tab but it's prototypable, which i don't want to happen, plz help
  6. why crab king is called "crab king" while there are no other crabs besides him and pearl? (i don't count rock crab from gorge)
  7. "he's vibin'" " "typical day in the wild world of don't starve together, yup"
  8. fake. Merm king is there, because of that, merm guards get hleathy, which didn't happen in this image.