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whats your favorite enemy in the don't starve franchise

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heyo everybody its your favorite schlatty boy here(am i your favorite tho?)

so the question is in the title 

whats your favorite enemy in the don't starve franchise?(so its not just DST you can mention enemys from shipwrecked or hamlet)

my personal favorite enemys in the don't starve franchise are the species known as POG

why do i like POGS you might ask?its because they're called POG(thats basically the only reason other than the fact that they look cute.also im not joking they actually are my favorite)

so hope you have a wonderful day or night wherever you are in the world 

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Favorite? Like to fight?? Uhm I don’t know I guess Spiders? Favorite to laugh at when people die to them in DST? Probably Swamp Tentacle, I’m playing Solo DS Chapter 5:5 Darkness and Swamp Tentacle has nearly gotten me several times.

Also since you like Pog Enjoy! 





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Dragonfly for me due to our long and storied history together.

During Reign of Giants, it was the only boss I could not beat legitimately because it could survive any amount of rock lobsters I sent at it. It also could not be hit by the Ice Staff + Old Bell combo or gunpowder, so I fought it head-on several times and finally won using Wickerbottom, a stale ham bat, log suits and football helmets.

Then DST came along and then Dragonfly became a raid boss that one could surmount alone. And, after many tries and failed wall placements and enraged stomps destroying walls and a notorious attempt to kill it with frog rain (my first forum topic lol) I finally bested it using Wendy and a wall cage.

Even now she remains a challenger worthy of my dwindling attention in DST, whether if I'm fighting it desperately in my now-untouched no rollback worlds, or when im testing out the Rosalina Mod's shields on it.

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