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  1. When you move at that right speed and glommer and your tamed beefalo do that thing on the map
  2. Anyone notice weird spore behavior? Sometimes a fresh spore will drop then sink to the floor and immediately spoil, caught one once and was instantly red and died. Weird.
  3. Two Kingly Figure Sketches from one tumble weed, what's the math on those odds
  4. Yeah they lose interest if the lightbug isn't on you, but the lightbugs don't travel far from where you dropped them so you can have some free bugs roaming around and some in a lamp and take it with you if you wanna gather a group around you. I have bugs in this lamp and some free bugs around, they've barely left where I dropped em years ago, they make for nice travel companions
  5. Distilled knowledge has no floating effect or doesn't sink properly
  6. Taking damage stops any healing, and healing stops any more damage ticking. Continuous damage cannot be healed through as Wanda.
  7. You can cancel a magic staff's casting by picking up one of Wanda's clocks from your inventory, might be a bug but its there