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  1. Purely for the use of the bottles in the game, not lore related
  2. how about a good thul crown skin and a good dark sword skin?
  3. Lost track of time spent at sea, but its safe to say I spent at least a year in total at sea acquiring sunken "treasure". No clue why Klei named it sunken "treasure" when it is everything but that, Klei decided to bring Klaus's trash tier loot to the ocean. The process of searching the ocean for messages in a bottle to lead to sunken "treasures" in itself is rewarding, otherwise I would not have spent the time I did searching for them. But the feeling I got when opening the chest is equal to that of a kid asking for a gaming console for X-mas and waking up to find Google's Stadia, I would've much rather not opened them. The loot as you can see is equivalent to your average noobs inventory, barely anything of worth. I regret unboxing them. I don't understand who the rewards of the sunken "treasure" is aimed for, the time it takes to get them could've been much wiser spent focusing on one aspect of the reward, say fishing gear/ruins gear or boat gear. This paired with the fact that most experienced DST players I've played with spend as little time out at sea sailing as possible and opt for covering the map with boat bridges, meaning many people never really experience the sailing aspect of ROT which is a big loss. Therefore, in my opinion there should be more incentive for players, experienced or not to explore the ocean, e.g. better sunken "treasure" rewards, but of course, ROT is still young in it's life cycle, guess we'll have to wait and see. TL;DR- wtf are you thinking Klei, the loot for sunken "treasures" is dogshit for how much time it takes to acquire them, they are better kept as base decor. Hopefully Klei will rethink the rewards and perhaps include more ROT based loot, if not, just pretend I'm screaming at the ocean... anyways, I'll get going, the ocean needs cleaning and not just The Constant's.
  4. The lunar island was too far so I brought it to me
  5. The last sanity station I'll ever build
  6. Yeah, I saw the mod, sucks that all my hard work of doing it manually is gone now that anyone can replicate it.
  7. *cracks knuckles* These crop circles are not of alien technology. Farm placement is determined by your camera angle, and there are mods that allow you to have more rotations. Smooth Camera https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=837215354&searchtext=smooth+camera or Camera Tweaks https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1161850231&searchtext=smooth+camera Though I have tried to replicate the design, mine is nowhere near as smooth as theirs. *back to the drawing board*