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  1. You can get the Catcoon to cough up something right away by moving away from it and moving back to it after feeding it. It triggers when it gets out of range from you then gets into range of your character.
  2. I just wanted to mention that rabbits take 2.5 days to respawn. Sometimes people make traps and after they catch a rabbit, they drop the trap in the same hole, but nothing will come out of it for 2.5 days. Instead of making a lot of traps and putting them down on all the holes, you can just rotate with a couple of traps and move them to other holes once you catch a rabbit. If you just want a couple of morsels per day, make 2 traps and find 6 rabbit holes. Rotate the 2 traps between the 6 holes if you want to save on grass. The faster method is by using 1 trap and approaching the rabbit from it's hole so it runs away from the hole. Place the trap between the rabbit and its home then go around and scare it towards the trap. This way you can trap any rabbit you find right away and just need 1 trap at a time.
  3. Have you tried feeding a garlic seasoned dish to the beefalo while consuming the volt goat jelly and chili seasoning?
  4. Does the Ornery Beefalo have the same attack speed as normal characters? If not, what is its attack speed? Does the movement speed penalty of wearing Marble Armor get negated when riding a Beefalo? Does the Ornery Beefalo attacks get buffed by Warly's Volt Goat Chaud-Froid and Chili Flakes seasonings? Will my friendly pigs turn into Woodies if I feed them food seasoned with Honey Crystals? Edit: The beefalo won't eat the Volt Goat Chaud-Froid, but he did eat Ratatouilli seasoned with chili flakes. Still don't know if it had any bonus. I borked up my mod installation to see damage before testing. It'll glow if you feed it Glowberry Mousse.
  5. One of my saves was updated in the last patch. It loaded once and then never again. It was just a save I tested stuff on so it's okay, but I'm glad the issue is fixed.
  6. A sea fishing rod with a twig and some berries or seeds for bait can be used to supplement your crockpot recipes if you do not feel like wandering too far from base. A Wobster from the Wobster dens comes out at evening-night and it counts as a large meat for some recipes. Wobsters must be alive to be placed in a crockpot recipe. If you play Wendy, unsummon Abigail by draging the flower on her and clicking or else she will kill your Wobsters. Pick up the Wobsters right away or they will go back into the water. It's better to fish at a spot with 2 or more dens if possible because the wobsters come out every minute and a half. Wobster + Monster Meat + Large Meat + non-ice Filler = Meaty Stew Wobster + Monster Meat + Morsel x2 = Meaty Stew Wobster + Monster Meat + 2 eggs = Bacon and Eggs Wobster + Monster Meat + 2 Honey = Honeyed Ham In addition to Wobsters, you can also catch the many small fishes that swim beside land which provide fish morsels. Meat + Monster Meat + Fish Morsel x2 = Meaty Stew Monster Meat + Fish Morsel x2 + Honey = Honeyed Ham You can also make meatballs with the Wobster or Fish Morsels. You get the idea. You can fish during winter as well. Spacing out fire pits near your fishing area can make it easier to fish during winter nights. Don't forget that Wobster + Ice + 2 filler = Wobster Bisque (heals for 60). Is this optimal? No. Do people in this game always play optimally? No. So go fish when you don't feel like leaving base. Another pro is that you might spawn more Pengulls by being close to the water during winter which means more ice. If you farm 180 ice during winter, you have enough filler to make one Meatball per day until next winter and have 15 ice left over for a Flingomatic. If you teach your noobie DST friend how to fish, he can help with food without dying. Otherwise he'll either die or just chop trees forever.
  7. I see. Thank you. This was an old world that updated. Question: I went into the caves and I did the following: Setup 3 drying racks with 3 meat. Setup 3 farms and planted seeds. Put a bee box. I then went to the surface and did the c_skip(40) console command to move the timeline 40 days. I went back in and the meat on the racks were still meat, not jerky and not rotted. The farms didn't grow any crops and are still in the planted stage. The bee box had no honey. Is this what happens normally if I let the time pass by? Extra: I tested homeless bees and flowers in the caves. The homeless bees were creating new flowers.
  8. https://imgur.com/a/xEGGuRb I'm no expert here, but this is the first time I saw this. Am I supposed to see normal wormholes in the caves?
  9. Is it normal for the Ewecus to completely ignore Abigail when playing Wendy even when I send Abigail to attack and not hit it?
  10. Do mushroom planters require flingos during summer to prevent wilting when they are in the caves? Or can you just build them as is without any other supporting structures? Do they need sunlight?
  11. From my understanding, as long as you plant flowers in the caves where natural sunlight falls, it can grow flowers.
  12. Get 120-200 light bulbs. Feed 4 monster meat to pig. Have werepig convert bulbs to poop. Build 1 farm. Plant seed, fertilize (2 poop) to fully grown, repeat until pumpkin achieved. Feed pumpkin to birb for seed. Plant pumpkin seed. Fertilize and then feed to birb again. There are also stale pumpkins so maybe you can just feed those to the birb directly. Question: Do homeless bees create flowers in the caves and do they do it if you're not down there?
  13. Wendy can use Abigail to tank tentacles. Once a tentacle hits Abigail, it will stay on her, allowing Wendy to constantly attack it until it is dead. A full health Abigail is usually good for 3-5 tentacle kills, depending on your weapon. Just cross over the tentacle and make sure Abigail is the one in range when it attacks then immediately go ham on it. You get 2 monster meat, tentacle spikes and some tentacle spots to help out your local Wickerbottom or Wurt. It is pretty easy to farm tentacles as Wendy even if you are playing at 200+ latency and you can help Wicker rush 7 spots to get a boss kill setup done before winter hits. Abigail should regenerate fully after one day and you can use potions to speed up that process. Since you are also getting monster meat and maybe killing extra spiders along the way, you are also building up the food supply in the process. If your weapon is good enough, you can even have Abigail tank 2-3 tentacles at the same time to clear clumps of them.
  14. It's fine. There will be people who complain about everything and put a negative twist on the most innocent of things. You will never please these people so eff them and you do you.