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  1. Okay... I did not imagine that my topic turned into this, but I just wanna clarify somethings First place: some people talking about it is don't starve TOGETHER, yes it is but, i have played ds since there was no sanity, coming from a singleplayer game and even does not receive updates more, some players only like play It alone or don't have friends that have the game. I'am not talking about buff the boats for alone players or change the mechanic of the bosses, only lower their health, the bosses are perfect for multiple players or one, but the battles are very long and no one wanna construct 10 armors for a only single battle XD And i know the tips, most part of the bosses i have killed with mods, but some details that i noticed playing on my console Differents opinions... please don't start bad discussions, i understand If you disagree, it's just what i think, good night
  2. Hello Guys, this is a little coment about my solo experience in Dst, and about some imbalances within the game. (Sorry for any misspellings, i'am Brazilian :p) Well, since my battle against Bee Queen and others more powerful bosses, i have noticed that is kinda Impossible some player kill those bosses only playing alone without spending the most of his resources. From that, i just used mods to balance the game. What i really mean is: please Klei balance the life of the bosses, something like the number of the players in the server or just a option to ajust it as the player wants. I know this can be kind of useless for some people, but years have passed and it did not change, a mandatory thing to me. Well, Thank you for reading my topic :D