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Your group photo of the Characters

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I utterly failed to get most of my people doing any kind of interesting pose, but here's mine:



(snaps fingers) Beatnik Wes.  Cool, daddy-o!
Grumpled Gentleman Maxwell
~A-per-ture sci-ence...~
Wilson is cosplaying Jack Frost in September...does he know something we don't?*
Webber is modelling our "Fall Dressy-Casual" line of clothing
Woodie is disturbingly...petting...Lucy a gentleman fur-trapper of the Canadian frontier
Wurt just woke up.  Wurt seepy.  Go 'way!
Walter decided to crossdress as a Girl Scout, for whynots**
Victorian Ice-Queen Wickerbottom
Wormwood is cosplaying as a different species of plant
Viking Wendy as the Guest of Honour you DON'T want to kick out of the party...
WX-78 thinks it's one of those wooden Cybermen from that one Doctor Who special
(Wortox is sitting this one out, but still wearing a cool chain-mail gladiator look)
Warly lookin' dapper af, in his closest-to-a-chef-outfit thing I could put together
Wigfrid the Shadow Queen--the only one here in full Triumphant gear since she's the one I didn'tactuallyreally "win" Adventure Mode with.

I wish I _did_ have more heads and specialised outfits, but I don't. As you can see here, I don't even have Wortox yet!  But I _did_ still kinda dress him up...


*It _was_ 38 degrees on the morning of only September 1, here.  IN THE THIRTIES!  And that's Fahrenheit, for those of you...everywhere-elsers.  That is NOT a very warm summer day.  That's near freezing!

**You know, except for the missing accessories (like the sash full-o'-badges and the hat & bowtie) that's pretty close to the Girl Scout uniform _I_ actually wore as a kid...

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1 minute ago, Lbphero said:

is....is that a skinned, locked wortox?

yes. as it turns out buying special skins doesn't actually unlock a character. you have to have the base skin as well

suffice to say i am _not_ going to buy a base wortox skin just so i can make a meme-y screencap and i unraveled all my dupes already to get the boy detective skin with spools(btw, did you know if you unravel a dupe it can actually send that item to the front of your 'recent discoveries' list even if it is an old item? it is super obnoxious if you use that section to keep track of new articles)

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I finally stopped being lazy and updated my family photo- The only one not wearing unique clothing is Walter- Even Wortox threw on some boots! 

But Walter, Well honestly- I like Walters default look and just haven’t found anything  to put on him that looks better than Default.


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