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Found 12 results

  1. Hey Klei, I really like the cosmetics system but I feel it could use a small quality of life improvement. A lot of the higher tier cosmetic chest shirts/outfits (Especially distinguished rarity items) despite being equipped in the torso slot also add a unique shoe when worn. Some of these shoes are really great, such as the “Quilted Outerwear’s” fur boots. However, said boots are only usable if the Quilted Outerwear is equipped despite it being a torso cosmetic and not a foot cosmetic. While it is possible to wear other shoes that are a dedicated shoe slot item with the Quilted Outerwear, such as the Canadian Boots, it is not possible to wear the Quilted Outerwear’s fur boots with other chest cosmetic items as the boots/jacket is the same item. I think it would be great if players could use boots/shoes that are part of a chest/torso cosmetic item with other torso cosmetics (I would love to use the Quilted Outerwear’s fur boots with my Canadian Jacket). Would it be possible for Klei to add a separate inventory item for shoes that are bundled with a torso cosmetic item so players could have more customization with the cosmetic system? Another suggestion related to this is to potentially make torso cosmetic items with a unique shoe/boot grant their respective footwear as an “ensemble” item. If Klei doesn’t wish to split the item into two separate items for market listing/inventory purposes it would make a lot of sense for torso items with unique shoes to grant their shoes as an “ensemble” item. The team could probably think of a better way to implement this as the Bumble Spear and Floppy Straw Hat do not grant ensemble items for other recipes using said items. (Such as a Bumble Ice Staff.) However, these items use in game equip slots whereas the cosmetic shirts/gloves/etc use cosmetic item slots. This idea could be expanded to include the leg cosmetic slot as many distinguished torso items influence nearly the whole body. (The sole exception, to my knowledge, being the hand cosmetic slot, which is only modified with the “Flouncy Dress.") While a lot of higher rarity torso cosmetic items influence the leg cosmetic region this would probably be much more difficult to implement wearing separate from the torso cosmetic than shoes. I would love to see torso cosmetics that modify other equip regions be usable without said torso item equipped as it would add more variety to the cosmetic system and align these items closer to other skins. (We can make a Bumble Ice Staff with our Bumble Spear and a “Bowlerhatator” with our Bowler hat but we can only wear the “Dainty Coatdresses” red boots when it is equipped in the torso cosmetic slot. This seems odd and slightly inconsistent with skins of other in game items.)
  2. Hello, I'm trying to trade in my wilson skin for a different skin like possibly a triumphant wendy. I have it up on sale on the steam market, but you can send me offers or add me if you want to negotiate an offer.
  3. Hello, modders and skin fanatics alike! After a very long time working on it, I'm happy to announce a brand new mod API that allows one to create their very own skins for their modded characters and items! You can find the mod on the Steam Workshop here: WARNING: This mod is only to be used to create skins for modded characters/items. Klei strongly forbids the use of modders creating skins for any official character/item. If any mod is found using code from this mod in order to skin official characters/items it will be reported on sight. How To Use: Very special thanks to: @Kzisor who's Additional Dressware mod inspired the creation of this mod! @Dudedude who helped out with the assets. @PeterA who walked me through a lot of the Dos and Don'ts so that I wasn't stepping over any lines! @Blueberrys who made the Persistant Data module that helped make this possible. Can be found here: For anyone wanting to skin their modded characters here are the skin portrait backgrounds! Some frequently asked questions: (If you have any more questions post them down below! I'll reply as soon as I can!) Can I skin Wilson or any other official character? No, Peter has told me to make sure that everybody is very aware that this is off limits... We've been given a gift so let's not squander it! How do I use it? The tutorial is up above! It has all the usable functions inside and how to use them! Please don't rip the code and put it in your mod through... Make sure that when you upload your mod you add this mod as a required item. (It is set up this way so that the same code doesn't run multiple times if someone has multiple mods that have skins!) What is an API? An API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of functions which allows you to use advanced techniques without having to write your own code or copy/paste the code in your mod... In order to use this API you must add this mod as a requirement on your mods workshop page. Can I make clothing? No, that is off limits. (and it'd also require a lot of extra code that is not supplied within the mod...) I found a mod that skins official items/characters! What should I do? If it is not the playable pets mod (They technically have the go-ahead to skin the playable mobs) then please immediately report it! We don't want to force Klei's hand and have Modded Skins shut down. What if I made a rip-off character of one of the official characters and skinned that? Still off limits because it is still Klei's character. (even after you change one letter in the name) So this is also prohibited and must be reported if anyone is found doing this! Can this be used to give myself official skins? At the moment I'm more than certain that this is impossible... However, if a way is found to do this using my mod then it's more a fault of Klei's (for leaving a hole in skin restrictions) and not mine because all I did was some UI hacking. What mods are currently using this to make skins? Check out @Chris1488's Modded Skins thread! He's going to try his best to stay on top of what mods get skins and he'll be updating his thread whenever he possibly can! Is mayonnaise an instrument? I'm... not entirely sure? I guess you could make a song using only sounds made by a tub of mayonnaise... But then again you could technically do that with almost everything! So I propose a counter-question. Does that mean that everything is an instrument?
  4. Long time I don't come to those forums, interesting to see stuff changed! But to the point, has anyone experienced an issue where you cannot access your collection? asking because it is apparently happening to me but my friends have no issue. Yet my steam has a bunch of skin items Thing I noted too is that apparently my game is taking a quite odd long to connect in the login and the oddest, I waited one hour or so on world, and not a single skin dropped to me. And nope, I'm not offline at all, I'm online at all times. So much so that I can join worlds. I'm assuming the problem is on my end but if so, I have no idea how to fix it.
  5. why can't We have Rose skins I don't want maybe guesses I want an actual answer if the Dev's don't want to port the skins or ever want to port the skins I'm fine with it my problem with it is that they have said nothing really on the issue except maybe and now it's been close to a year and a half since they released and we still don't have and Tencent still doesn't have the guest of honor skins
  6. Although I haven't been able to play myself yet, I decided to already post this. Come on, share along, what has Charlie bestowed upon you so far? Those snarky old Commons or a glistening new Elegant?
  7. I felt the need to remake the dead topic revealing all skins as of now since skins are coming soon, feel free to leave your suggestions below I'm sorry that the pictures aren't the same sizes, I'll try my best to keep this thread active with skin reveals! WIlson: Willow: Wolfgang: Wendy: WX-78: Wickerbottom: Woodie: Wes: Maxwell: Wigfrid: Webber: Misc.
  8. All welcome! You can click here to see my Non-DS artworks.
  9. My friend @Zeklo got me the Snowy Glom Glom skin for Christmas, so to celebrate I drew the adorable little puff ball with my new art supplies! Admittedly I don't draw much DS art, but if I ever do get around to making more I'll change the thread's title and post it here. Edit: I can't decide if I like it unedited or not so have both lel
  10. Or Don't Watch? Dunno. There we go! Junkson "Science? Did somebody just say 'science'?" Willowmaker "<insert a quote about fire in French>" WEN.D "I'd die to win!"
  11. Chester can't move. This makes Chester sad. All Chester wanted to do was to play and bound and pant and... But no. Chester can't. So Chester is sad. Maybe someone will pick up the eyebone, his link to the world where he can play. But for now Chester must wait and hope. Always hope
  12. Ok before I begin I will address all the characters and ages Wilson age = 30 Willow age = 16 Wolfgang age = 45 Wendy age = 13 Wes age = 27 Woodie age = 38 Maxwell age = 56 Wickerbottom age = 65 WX-78 age = no age And Me! Bilfy age = 13 Let's begin! Chapter 1 :Purgatory "Say Pal, You Don't Look So Good." "You Better Find Something To Eat Before Night Comes!" I wake up in a forest in a daze."Where am I"? I stand up."Hm" I could have sworn that plane crash killed me. And it Did Notcrash in a forest. Suddenly, I hear a loud screech. "RAAWWWK!" Then I see a giant one-eyed bird coming towards me. I am staring at it in disbelief, then it pecks my arm. "Agh!!!!!" I think "So it appears I am not dreaming." It pecks the same arm again and leaves a huge bloody gash in it. "Oh my god!" I start to run from the beast,Screaming"Help!Somebody help me!!!". Then I run into a grave, trip over it, flip in the air, and bang my head on another grave and faint. In my head I hear a man's evil laughter "Muahahahaha! Fool. It appears you have already died. Meh, I am feeling kind of generous today. I will give you a second chance". I try to speak but I open my mouth and all that comes out is a hiss. Then I wake up. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tell me what you think. If enough people like it i will make another one. Here's a hint on what the 2nd one is about. Chapter 2: The Girl