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What DST character are you?

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I'm a big fan of Personality quizzes. I know they are dumb but i guess being immerse into the world of whatever the quizz is about feels SO REWARDING. So after some days putting my ideas together, i made this game:

Basically, Its a survival themed game where your actions will determine your personality and finally, what DST character fits your personality the best. I would suggest answering the questions as if it was you trying to survive. The more honest you are the more accurate the quizz will be.

Here are some images of it:




If you would like to try it out just click on the spoiler tab above and click the link. Let me know what character you got!

Also if you have any suggestions or want to correct my spelling, grammar etc, please do so! I've been doing this for a while so probably my brain messed up at some point.

Disclaimer: i do not own any of the images i literally just googled stuff and used them. Some of them have their watermarks others don't so im sorry for that. The results in the quizz may vary so don't take this serious, it is just a game made by someone who plays this game for others who play this game too. I'm not a psychologist or anything of the kind lol. This game was made just for fun so i hope you enjoy it~ :p 


Wes Cosplay: https://twitter.com/miriam_peabody
Maxwell Art: TheOnlyHorse: https://www.deviantart.com/theonlyhorse


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1 minute ago, SinancoTheBest said:

Huh, not a character I ever play as but thank you, the description is flattering. The quiz was really fun, awesome work. I wonder what are all the results you can get- do we have all DST characters?


Thank you so much! I didn't add ALL dst characters... It would of been messy and less accurate. But i managed to add 12/17 DST characters... With one of them being kind of "rare". I'm thrilled to see if someone actually gets that character :p 

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Ironically, despite choosing every option that would help keep a group alive in real life, I got Wilson :P

Lemme try again. This time..........more selfishly.


EDIT: ok this time I got Maxwell. So I'm either a push-over or a narcissist :indecisiveness:

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6 minutes ago, Owlrus98 said:

Ironically, despite choosing every option that would help keep a group alive in real life, I got Wilson :P

Maybe Willson's will is to keep his group alive! Being succesful in doing so is a whole new story

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