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Found 29 results

  1. Ever since fuelweaver there has been no new content, it's been like 1095 days ever since we never got a new endgame/content update but I feel like this game has reached dead corpse like tf2, I think to add actual new content is a hardmode after u beat the TRUE final boss (fuelweaver uwu) and everything becomes hard like new enemy variations/archetypes, new enemies, new boss variants, and new world regen, that would be sooo epiccc also new weapons and gear!! but pls dont make this gaem like tf2 it makes me sad :^C (I don't count characters as new content or agua surfing as new content)
  2. i am very lonely someone play dont starve with me frono and we can mbe friends i like to play webber but anybody you play is ok except winona i hate winona i hate hate hate winona but its oka if y you want to be as winona too i guess so lets have fun now and play together dont starve together!!
  3. I saw this going around in another fandom I'm in and found super fun, so thought I could bring this little game here as well. DST is a multiplayer game and naturally we find all kinds of people when we enter a server, but have any of you realized how sometimes the same kind of people play the same characters? That's what the game is about. From your experience, what are the stereotypes you met, and, to add even more fun, do you relate to any of the descriptions of your main? Be honest!! haha - Like, for example, most of the wurts i've met have went to play solo even on dedicated servers. They pop up, say nothing, and then go live their own hermit life far away from the main base xD I understand, tho, marsh base rules - Woodie mains, always on packs. I dont know what's called a group of canadian, shape-shifting lumberjacks, but everytime i played with a woodie I'd see two, sometimes three other woodies around and equaly excited to turn into moose - One of my best experiences on pub has been on a Wes only server, to be honest. I guess after all the memes, they all start to live on the memes. We all died in incredibly comic ways, no one minded that, and I'll never forget the amount of skeletons that surrounded Dragonfly that day. Brave souls. - Winonas and Warlies are usually the moms and dads on the group. They're always on the base, making food and asking if anyone needs anything repaired, and if there's a Wig nearby, they usually receive "yes" to both - Webber and Willows are usually the ones used by trolls for SOME reason, which honestly makes it hard for those who actually want to play for real as them. Sorry, fam, may yall be fairly treated someday - Nobody plays wilson (rip) - Wortoxes tend to be super pro yet super chill players? I've seen many helping newer players on long lasting servers, sometimes rescuing them even. Five minutes later they're in the ruins, ten and they've defeated fullweaver solo, three more minutes and they're near the science machine receiving their second wendy guest of honor skin
  4. hi i wamt to play smash bros nintendo ultimate please add me fdiscord frono#9141 yes we can playing it together and having lots of fun! ok bye
  5. Elemental benders - Fire/team Red: Wortox, Maxwell, Winona, Willow - Water/team Blue: Wolfgang, Wurt, Webber, Wilson - Earth/team Green: Wickerbottom, Woodie, Wormwood, Wendy - Air/team Yellow: Wx-78, Wigfrid, Warly, Wes You can't fight anyone during the first season, after the first season anything goes (steal, burn, misdirecting signs, PvP) You can set your rules on reviving (P.s. I've made this in like 30 mins, so not perfect) How would you rank each team?
  6. Introducing my very first take on inventing a forum game: The Grandiose Animal Blend-A-Thon It works like this: You name a blend of 2 real animals. For example Parrot and Mantis. Now your task is to draw the previous poster's animal-blend in a Don't-Starve-like artstyle. No need to get too artsy with it, the idea counts and everyone is welcome to join our little spectacle. Like this: Now you name your Animal. I'll call this abomination the Marrot. Lastly you choose 2 animals for the next poster to blend. Thanks in advance to anyone participating and your Animals are: Bee and Yak
  7. So, a lot of forum games have been going around lately, and recently I was inspired to start my own from a few posts in the topic: Palmtreeguards How to play: Start sentence with I declare, then say something at the end that counters the last person's post. Example: ImDaMisterL: I declare bacon. NoobModder: I declare obese bacon eaters. Now that we know how to play, I'll start off I DECLARE ENEMY TANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Three Word Game

    If you don't know how this works: We each say 3 words at a time to create a story (they get really weird and funny), any words are allowed, but they have to make sense and don't post anything you wouldn't normally post. So no 50 Shades Of Gray fanfics. You can comment more than once, but u can't comment after you just posted, you need to wait until someone continues from your 3 words, to then add 3 more words. The full story will always be updated here on the original post. if you still don't get it: Person 1: There was an Person 2: old farmer who Person 3: lived on a Person 1: rock. He sat Person 4: in the meadows Person 5: just shaking his Person 2: fist at some Person 1: boys who were Person 5: down by the ..... and so on. If you do: Comment below! ------------ The Story So Far: ------------ I'll start: Yesterday, I saw
  9. A banner made for people like me,who HATE treeguards! Anyone can use this banner for free! (Aslong as you credit me,something like "Banner by Munixical" in your signature )
  10. Klei Forums Rpg style game

    Klei Forums Battle Rpg You can choose from various different Klei Forum members and go on “quests” in the Forums. This game would be made with RPG maker, and would be a simple-ish game. The player chooses a Klei Forum member out of a list of them and then plays as them for the game. The player can change their character any time, but the other characters must first be purchased with in-game credits. The various areas that the Rpg takes place in are visual representations of threads. For example, Willete’s some art thread could be an area. The characters would each have an unique ability or two that they can use in combat. For example: Lord battal would have “Fire magic” which allows him to shoot fireballs. Each character could also have one or two disadvantages For example: Pecival would be “Hungerless” which would not allow him to eat food to regain health (he’s a voodoo doll, and voodoo dolls cannot eat) The quests would be things such as “Rabbitfist needs your help preventing derail. Kill 20 spam bots.” “Silentdarkness needs help finding an old post. Find the old post and return it to Silentdarkness1” Each quest would reward different things, such as Armor, credits, or characters. For this project I need lots of people to help such as, Artists, Game developers, Testers, Scripters, Idea donators, sounds, and a good strong group of leaders. Current team @F3RR1S Artist @Trentominous Ideas/Artist/Developer/Leader @Strangerdanger101 Tester @Subscriber01236 Tester/ Ideas @orian34 Tester/Ideas @Blazingice26 Developer @Mack18853 Story/Ideas @DwerBomb Story @Rabbitfist Story/Quests @Luggs Story @Lord_Battal Art/Story @ThePreChewedTree Sound effects/Music @Snob. Story/Quests/Leader @MycoLogical some stuff...? I need Clarification @vingw Story/Quests/Ideas/Leader This game is not intended to make a profit, but is solely for the purpose of having a Klei Forum Game. The game will be free to anyone who wants it. Likewise, nothing in game will cost any money. If you want yourself to be in the game, please PM one of the group leaders the following A picture of your characters appearance The characters “benefits” (powers, healing, etc) The characters “Disadvantages” (can’t eat food, can’t use certain items, etc) For example Trentominous Advantage: Nightmare magic (power) Advantage: Bone healing (Can heal himself with bones) Disadvantage: Hungerless (cannot eat food to heal himself) Disadvantage: Unarmored (weaker defense) If you don’t want to be in the game, then just simply tell us. Any and all help is appreciated PROJECT PERCENTILE DONE FOR FIRST UPDATE 0% Right now we need the following to be worked upon Introduction Title Screen Characters NPC's Areas Story Quests Enemys Checklist: -Get permission for use of forumers, for the game characters -Buy RPG maker for game developers -Assign direct roles, who will develop the game, etc -Story writers need to come up with appropriate storyline, including items and weapons -Developers have to discuss the RPG mechanics, such as health, weapons, titles, quests, etc [after story is developed] -Artists have to design sprites of characters, places, items, etc [after story is developed] -Musicians have to create music [after story is developed] -Quests will be suggested and refined -Developers have to collaborate to finish the creation of the game, after all steps are done PLANNING PHASE OF GAME DEVELOPMENT IS VITAL, RUSH THIS PHASE AND THE PROJECT WILL FAIL. (sorry @Snob for stealing this) IMPORTANT: JOIN THE KLEI RPG ADVENTURE GROUP ON STEAM IF YOU ARE WORKING ON THIS PROJECT
  11. So here I have a don't starve game cover it needs a little bit of work but its my first run on making this kind of thing any ideas? Btw I have a youtube channel and it is I play don't starve and other games. But back on topic here is the jpeg form fell free to edit it and repost it below I really want to see what you guys can do thanks! Tell me what you think its my first time doing this XD
  12. What game did you have in your past that you either really wanted to play, but couldn't or a very memorable game in your life that you cherish in your memory? If you want, you can put up a picture or video of the game just so we can know more about it. I remember that when I was younger I heard of a game called "Evolution: The Game of Intelligent Life" and was really interested. I downloaded the demo and really liked the game. I tried everything to try and get the actual game, but alas everything I did was in vain. To this day I do not have the game and still long for it to be added to my collection.
  13. The all do not starve play an WANT MULTIPLAYER for this cool game please write to the ON DONT starve COOP MULTIPLAYER MODPls dont DELETE THE Threadsry for my bad english WANT A MULTIPLAYER2:I WANT NO MULTIPLAYER3: I do not care
  14. Pigs vs Merms

    I want YOU to join the cause. The pigs and the merms have been in a bloody war for decades. Both forces have their made their home throughout the wild and unforgiving isles. Countless casualties have met their end in battle and their heads have been mounted on pikes in each village of their counterpart. The tension has risen, troops gather, and weapons are readied. This war is coming to an end soon, but who will be the victor. It is up to YOU to decide who wins and loses. Battles will be fought and lives will be lost, so you better be ready when you sign up for the pigs or the merms.
  15. After the previous episode, we are left with barely any health and we are searching for petals and ways to restore our health. Feeling relatively confident I head through a worm hole. Was it worth it or will awful things happen?
  16. I used to play Don't Starve right when it came on Steam. Probably about 3-4 months ago. When I came back I decided to make a Youtube series. Being relatively naive I didn't expect much had changed since my last game. but now I realize I have barely scraped the surface of what there is to know. Hopefully you guys enjoy joining me on this adventure into the unknown world of Don't Starve where we explore and learn what this game has in store. Thanks so much and hope to see you around!
  17. The Story game

    So i was thinking and i saw most forums do this and I want to make a never ending story!!! So here are the rules! Rule 1.) Only one sentence per reply. (Try not to post twice in a row! But you can do this as much as you want!) Rule 2.)no profanity Rule 3.) Be creative! Rule 4.) Please try not to have a side conversation... Rule 5.) Have Fun! Rule 6.) Everyone can Particapate! Results may vary if you break the rules... So get out and think of sentences for the perfect never ending story! - - - Updated - - - (Ill start!) Once apon a time in the great outdoors.
  18. Hope you enjoy I got the face a bit wrong but overall I like it've never attempted this kind of style (Rough and tug), so bear with me
  19. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform [*]Chrome Version Number - Issue title Only Can Play Demo Steps to reproduce I bought the game, the downloaded Chrome, then I downloaded the game into Chrome, the I opened up the game, and it only lets me play the Demo. Describe your issue I bought the game for $11.99, but when I opened up the game in Chrome, it only allows me to play the Demo. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I wish to plat the full version, since I already paid for it.
  20. I have a Dont Starve Steam key and I want a Dont Starve Chrome key
  21. I am not sure if it's just the games that I'm used to, but this game does feel like it runs just a little too fast. The day and night cycles just seem like they go too quickly. As well as how quickly the food seems to go down. Again this might just be me, but i just feel that the game cycles through things too quickly and would like to see if the game could run just a little slower due to the fact that day lasts around three or four minutes IRL time. Post your comments and tell me if you see it differently, I'm more or less curious if time is just passing by too quickly with this game or not.
  22. Hey i have 2 Dont Starve keys and im looking for someone that has a giftable copy of Counter Strike:Source. My Steam is Leftout Scout (the one with the TF2 scout icon) Please send offers to my steam, but if you, for some reason cannot, you can post a comment and i'll see what i can do. Thanks !
  23. Hey what's up? It's BobSajetGaming here with a new youtube starting with a Don't Starve let's play with Wilson. The first 3 episodes, the game sound is a bit stronger than my voice, but the fourth one, which I am making, will definately be better. Tell me what you think of the channel. Also, I take suggestions, and do any challenges you might want me to do. I also take suggestions on what games to play, but mainly, Don't Starve is what I will be playing. Here is the link to the channel Check it out and tell me what you think of the intro and the videos. The editing will get better, btw. I just got a new editing program so I am getting used to it. The third episode is uploading now...
  24. I have 1 copy of don't starve to trade via steam. will consider any offer regardless of value (other then free).
  25. Well Who is maxwell? why is he there at the start of the game?