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  1. maybe we needed this post for wurt to receive attention... klei pls
  2. i was sad because i wanted Halloween update but now im even sadder because sharks can't rotate the world
  3. i read comments and most state they dislike her idle animation or suggest changes but when i see what people voted i feel relieved most people liked it because i do too
  4. Will Wigfrid receive new skins along with her refresh?
  5. I had this game for almost a month but never played it. I still read the wiki for characters and other info and checked the forums before finally playing a week ago.
  6. i was scared to choose any answer there! i didnt want to give a wrong answer also i thought my decisions ended up getting myself killed lol
  7. i'm speechless. did you look into my soul? the description was both spot on and had ingame references. game was fun!
  8. Unpopular opinion: Potato Cup should be a +2 reputation point
  9. For snakes i would say depths worms altough "Year of the depths worms" seems too long lol. For tigers i think the closest thing we have is a catcoon... i mean its a feline and it has stripes right?
  10. Sorry this is not a meme but can someone please tell me how to upload bigger images? Whenever I upload something it gets resized generally into a smaller picture. Thanks!